The Architecture of a Robust Realtime Site

Steve Huffman (Hipmunk)
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This is a session for developers who are interested in learning about
the Tornado framework for Python and event-driven programming in
general. We’ll talk about the benefits of Tornado and how we use it
and other libraries at Hipmunk to write robust software and to ease
scaling. We’ll also talk about the ZeroMQ messaging framework,
MongoDB, and how all these technologies can be fit together to form
powerful web architectures.

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Steve Huffman


Steve Huffman co-founded the social news site in 2005 with
his college roommate. has grown into the largest social
news site and one of the largest communities on the Internet. In 2010,
he co-founded Hipmunk, a travel meta-search site trying to take the
agony out of searching for plane tickets online. As lead engineer at
both these companies, he’s had many technologies adventures and hopes
to share his experiences.

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Nate Bowler
04/01/2011 1:40am PDT

Hipmunk, back story, and content was great. The presentation was a little scattered.

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