The Game Always Wins: Gamify or Be Gamified by Gamification

Buster Benson (Health Month)
Product 2009
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Games simplify experiences for us. The recent gamification of life trend, by extension, simplifies LIFE for us. They push us through specific experiences that have been specially tailored for our entertainment. Lately, however, game designers have been pushing their luck to see how much they can craft games to their benefit, even if it sometimes conflicts with the players’ best interests. Learn how to make sure you are using games to your own advantage, and not the other way around.

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Buster Benson

Health Month

CEO/Founder of Health Month. Previously co-founder of Robot Co-op (, and McLeod Residence (tech art gallery and bar in Seattle). Also creator of the Locavore iPhone app and

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Erin Nantell
04/05/2011 2:56am PDT

I thought this was a fantastic presentation. Very thought provoking. Thank you for making your slides available. They were slick!

Picture of Buster Benson
Buster Benson
04/02/2011 3:33am PDT

Slides from this talk are posted here:

Thanks everyone for coming, and for the feedback!

Picture of Mark J. Levitt
Mark J. Levitt
03/31/2011 4:58am PDT

Thx for catching that @Michael. This is fixed—rate away!

Picture of Michael Krupit
Michael Krupit
03/31/2011 4:38am PDT

Why no star ratings widget for this session? Well-thought through and some pretty good content and perspective, but slow and not particularly engaging.

Picture of Buster Benson
Buster Benson
03/18/2011 6:31am PDT

Marcel – It will be more about game mechanics that have been applied to web sites, services, and products. More than just badges though.

Picture of Marcel Uhlemann
Marcel Uhlemann
03/17/2011 9:13pm PDT

Is this session more about “real” games or about gamified tools like badges etc. that benefit a sites user experience?

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