The Emerging Form of Social TV Advertising

Paul Smith (mPulse Media)
Marketing 2002
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This year, TV and Interactive came together… again.

After content selection, people use this interactive channel to socialize around the TV content. Meanwhile, content providers eagerly explore new forms of advertising. What form will new ad units take within this Social TV context? This session will introduce social TV and explore advertising opportunities in the medium.

From the perspective of a small start-up that provides social TV software and synchronized TV/mobile ads for network giants like Viacom, NBC and CBS, Paul D Smith will share what has worked, what has failed, and what is likely to occur next in the Social TV advertising arena.

For example, people have used SMS, Twitter, Facebook and various start-up applications as both ad hoc and formalized venues for social activity. For example, BravoTV runs cross-media “Viewing Parties” for the Real Housewives series. How have Networks encouraged and harnessed these environments? What has worked and what has failed?

Social activities may occur in real-time with TV, such as chat, betting and games; but also occur asynchronously, with the sharing of likes, comments and ratings. How will these two different modes influence the definition of new ad units?

Network TV and Internet ad sales teams are often separate, and despite “integrated 360” aspirations, often compete for ad dollars. Likewise at agencies, the two media buying teams are often separate, and a dollar spent on interactive is considered a dollar taken from the TV budget. Will the higher fidelity of measurement possible with interactive TV drive an alignment of these buying and selling efforts?

In this candid talk, Paul will share both bloody lessons learned from the past, and inspired prognostications for the future.

Photo of Paul Smith

Paul Smith

mPulse Media

Paul Smith is founder of mPulse Media in San Francisco. mPulse runs Social TV programs on mobile devices with MTV, VH1, Comedy Central, NBC Bravo, CBS CW, and others. Advertisers, such as Sprint, use mPulse to show mobile ads synchronized with TV commercials to extend engagement and drive local direct response. Prior to mPulse, Paul founded and sold other web start-ups, was Director of Technology at a top interactive agency acquired by Omnicom, and developed educational software. He has spoken multiple times at SXSW, CTIA (annual mobile conference), and many other conferences.

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Nina Alastruey
04/05/2011 6:00am PDT

Good to have a track about Social TV. There are many different themes to discuss about the matter and about the way TV is and will be.

Picture of Frank Morris
Frank Morris
03/31/2011 2:07pm PDT

The supply/value chain is not yet in place to help me say “I’ve already got one of those, you haven’t; I’m cool …” but it is coming, possibly faster in UK than US

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