The Open Graph Protocol

Paul Tarjan (Facebook)
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Facebook launched the [Open Graph Protocol]( nearly 1 year
ago to power the Like button. On average 10% of all web search results have Open Graph markup,
with [many](!topic/open-graph-protocol/NW1yKr9wAB0) [other](!topic/open-graph-protocol/d_NNHb5h1AM) [companies]( consuming it, in addition to Facebook.
Not bad for a 1 year old protocol.

Join the lead developer, Paul Tarjan, for a discussion about the design
decisions, tips and tricks, and where the future of the Open Graph
Protocol is headed.

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Paul Tarjan


Paul Tarjan is a Web Hacker at Facebook. He is a big proponent of open
web standards with his work on the Open Graph Protocol, OAuth2,
microformats, etc. Previously, Paul worked for Yahoo! co-founding Search
Monkey – one of the first major changes to the search result page in 9
years. He has a Master’s degree from Stanford and two bachelors degrees in
Pure Math and Computer Science. You’ll often see him riding a ripstick or
unicycle while juggling.

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Picture of Frank Morris
Frank Morris
03/30/2011 12:12pm PDT

Pretty clear/helpful exposure of the objectives and challenges followed by a pretty open discussion

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