Measuring the Future: New Metrics for New Media

Margaret Francis (Exact Target/ CoTweet)
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New media has made new ways of measurement possible, but many organizations are still using legacy metrics such as impressions and clicks to understand their place in the social web. To make matters more complex, today’s online media landscape is fluid; history is being edited on the fly, and consumers behave differently—and have different expectations—depending on where they interact with brands on the web.

Join Margaret Francis, VP of Products, Scout Labs for a conversation about how social media metrics are evolving, how leading brands are approaching the many challenges of social media measurement and what “synthesized” metrics—which blend quantitative/qualitative data with traditional analytics—can illuminate about online relationships.

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Margaret Francis

Exact Target/ CoTweet

Margaret Francis is the acting Product Manager for CoTweet at ExactTarget and the former Vice President of Product at Lithium Technologies/Scout Labs, where she led development of the social media insight and analytics platform. As former Director of Strategy at Razorfish, Ms. Francis developed marketing and technology strategies for Fortune 500 companies and led cross-functional teams to deliver cutting edge web sites and digital marketing programs. Ms Francis’ clients have included major brands such as Netflix, Coca-Cola, Visa, Nike, Apple, Citibank and Disney. She is a graduate of Yale University and SFAI and a frequent speaker on the topic of social media metrics and their integration into marketing program measurement.

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Picture of Paul Zimmerman
Paul Zimmerman
03/31/2011 3:56am PDT

I got a lot out of your preso, more that most of the others I saw. I look forward to your preso being posted!

Matias Casanova
03/29/2011 4:39am PDT

wher we can get your presentation?

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