Harnessing Social Media to Build Brands

Andy Smith (Vonavona Ventures)
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Many workshops teach the mechanics of using Facebook, Twitter,
LinkedIn and YouTube to compete in business. But few dive into the
psychological insights that explain which social media strategies work
and which don’t. In this session, we’ll pull back the curtain and help
you understand the subtle elements of social media success. We’ll
discuss the science of social persuasion, the strategies and tactics
used by companies and causes that have successfully harnessed social
media toward a specific goal, and we’ll explore:

  • how the impact of a goal – when connected to happiness and
    meaning – can serve to create a resource that is often untapped
  • how the power of human-centered design and rapid prototyping
    can be used to fuel branded initiatives and experiences
  • how any individual can achieve unprecedented results –
    whether finding an almost impossible bone marrow match for a friend,
    building a brand inside-out, or electing the current President of the
    United States.
The workshop provides a roadmap for infectious action.
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Andy Smith

Vonavona Ventures

An experienced tech marketer, Andy Smith is a Principal of Vonavona Ventures where he advises and bootstraps technical and social ventures with guidance in marketing, customer strategy and operations. Over the past 20 years, he has served as an executive in the high tech industry leading teams at Dolby Labs, BIGWORDS, LiquidWit, Intel, Analysis Group, Polaroid, Integral Inc. and PriceWaterhouseCoopers.

As a guest lecturer at Stanford’s Graduate School of Business, Andy speaks on social technology, engineering virality, and brand building, with a focus on applying technology to address real problems. He is a contributor to GOOD Magazine, where he writes on businesses that embrace and integrate a social mission. He has also spoken at World 50, Marketing Week, Intel, TechCore and Interbrand, and is on the boards of 140 Proof, ProFounder, LIF Brands, EveryWun, and One Family One Meal.

A permanent transplant to the Bay Area from New Jersey, Andy has studied in The Parthenon, lived in a converted South African prison, and counts a regiment of Windsor Castle’s Scots Guards among his friends. Andy’s a gardener, gadgeteer and a serious tech geek and also the creator of “The No Cookie Diet” which he’s still on two years later. Once bumped from a flight that tragically crashed, he has since learned to accept travel mishaps, and most everything else, with equanimity.

Andy earned his MBA at UCLA’s Anderson School and holds an Economics degree from Pomona College.

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Pankaj Agarwal
04/01/2011 6:30am PDT

Andy’s presentation was valuable at several levels – it provided strategies for engaging social networks and getting them mobilized to take appropriate actions. He was also generous with his time and spoke with me after his presentation about using his model in a B2B situation, and also about applying it to my not-for-profit mission of creating long and short-term food sustainability for the world’s people.

Ben Hess
03/31/2011 9:45am PDT

Maybe unfair disadvantage going in that I’d read The Dragonfly Effect, but I’ve found the concepts and cases Andy and co-author / wife Jennifer to be invaluable in looking at caused based campaigns and marketing. Excellent info in this talk!

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