Effective Facebook Ads and Applications

Dennis Yu (BlitzLocal), Justin Kistner (Webtrends)
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The key to successful Facebook marketing is to drive user engagement—to equip your power users to market on your behalf. Thus, smart advertisers leverage Facebook’s ad and application platform to create endorsements that are kickstarted with advertising and then spread virally. Learn how to drive both branding and defensible ROI from your Facebook efforts.

In this hands-on workshop, we’ll walk through the process via a three-part framework of ads, apps, and analytics.

  • Ads
    Competitive research: How many people are in each demographic or interest category, how many fans do competitors have and why?
    Segment users into fans, friends of fans, and potential targets—tying in appropriate messages to each group.
    Image selection: Which images work and why.
    Bidding: When to use CPC vs CPM targeting and the strategy for “walking down bids” to lower traffic costs over time.
    How to combat ad burnout and create an ad testing framework.
    Using connection targeting to grow the fan base quickly.

How to use reveal tabs and social widgets to drive fans on and off the Facebook page, with and without ads.
Facebook contest rules: what is allowed and not allowed, plus which strategies drive sharing.
Building your email list with Facebook Connect: collect user information without any forms.
Other engagement apps: scoring, quizzes, nomination, badging, spin the wheel, face off, and others. In which situations do each of these apps perform best?

What is the value of your Facebook fan page?
How to use Facebook Insights and the Post Quality Score metric to measure engagement and troubleshoot problems.
Facebook marketing in tandem with other marketing channels: how to attribute credit when there are multiple touches.
Determining who are the the most influential fans and how to adjust campaigns to get more of them.

Photo of Dennis Yu

Dennis Yu


Dennis Yu is CEO of BlitzLocal, which does local advertising for professional service firms and franchised companies.

Prior to BlitzLocal, Dennis spent 4 years at Yahoo! doing analytics and Pay-Per-Click advertising, as well as 3 years at American Airlines performing internet marketing. He has degrees in Finance and Economics from Southern Methodist University and the London School of Economics.

Justin Kistner


Justin Kistner leads the development of Webtrends Facebook Analytics and is the public face for Webtrends’ social media initiatives. Kistner joined Webtrends from Voce Communications, where he helped architect social strategy for clients such as Intel and Oracle. He previously spent time as a Social Engagement Coordinator at Jive Software, and was the owner of Metafluence, Inc. – an independent web presence consultancy.

In addition to his role at Webtrends, Kistner organizes Beer and Blog – a blogging meet up hosted in 18 cities from Portland to Tokyo. Kistner also holds a bachelor degree in advertising from the University of Oregon.

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Steve Graham
04/10/2011 2:56pm PDT

Great insights thanks for the session…how can I get a copy of the deck?

Kody Wilcox
04/03/2011 8:07am PDT

Loved the presentation!!

Robert Wang
03/31/2011 6:38am PDT

Really great presentation! Dennis, if you have time, could you update your fans of the slice? Thanks! :-P

John Juurinen
03/30/2011 5:29am PDT

Great presentation! Lots of take-aways. Thanks.

Picture of David Greenholtz
David Greenholtz
03/29/2011 2:52am PDT

Hey, is there a slideshare link for this presentation? Thanks!

Picture of Suzanne Axtell
Suzanne Axtell
03/29/2011 1:36am PDT

I too got a lot of food for thought from this tutorial. Dennis and Justin were thorough and prepared—great job, guys! Also looking forward to reviewing the slides.

Rudy Robles
03/28/2011 6:52am PDT

great workshop. I left just before it ended. you were going to provide a link of resources from your talk. can you provide me that link? thanks.

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