Webfonts: Why Bother?

Greg Veen (Typekit)
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This talk will discuss why anyone should bother using webfonts at all.

We’ll start by examining the exciting implications of the fact that it’s now possible to choose from thousands of fonts for your website design. You can finally go beyond the handful of websafe fonts we’ve been limited to for so many years. You may even be able to use that special font that’s such an important part of your brand’s identity.

Already using non-standard fonts by applying them to text you then save as an image, or through some other workaround? We’ll take a look at why doing this could in fact by hurting your business by unintentionally making your site harder to find, by unnecessarily adding to your production costs, and more. Thankfully, webfonts can solve all these kinds of problems, and we’ll discuss how.

Using webfonts can be challening, though. We’ll look at why: browser support, various font formats, licensing headaches.

Finally, more good news: a webfont service can take care of all of those issues for you, making it simple to use webfonts. We’ll look at how they work, and how they can save you time.

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Greg Veen


I’m a co-founder of Typekit, where I’m working to enable beautiful and effective typography on the web. I specialize in product design and front-end web development.

Earlier, I developed Measure Map, a blog analytics application acquired by Google in 2006. While at Google, I redesigned Google Analytics and designed and developed new features in Gmail and other apps.

Even earlier, I led a front-end development team at Tickle Inc, building a suite of social media products acquired by Monster in 2004.

I’ve consulted for Twitter, Adaptive Path, Mule Design Studio, and the Corporation for Public Broadcasting.

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