Mobile Persuasion: Designing Mobile Tools that Influence Behavior

Kendra Markle (Stanford Prevention Research Center)
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We’ll describe a number of persuasive techniques that are perfect for mobile applications, explain their psychology and show you how to use them properly. We’ll go through case studies of popular mobile apps, discussing which persuade users to change their behavior, which are fundamentally flawed and the top changes ineffective apps could make to improve their impact. We’ll explain the 3 best persuasive communication styles to use in mobile apps and cover the science of how your brain makes decisions so you can persuade both rational and emotional sides of the brain.

We’ll end with some inspiring and thought provoking discussion, including examples like:

  • 50% of AIDs patients in the US don’t take their medication regularly, even though their lives are at stake. This is not a problem of motivation. What will a mobile app that influences their behavior look like
  • Virtual coaching can be a cost-effective way to guide users through new behaviors. What persuasive techniques are most important for learning new behaviors from a digital coach? What 3 technology improvements do we need before this can be done well?
Photo of Kendra Markle

Kendra Markle

Stanford Prevention Research Center

As an entrepreneur and founder/CEO of, Kendra builds persuasive technology tools for healthy behavior change. Her tools combine the latest research in neuroscience and the psychology of persuasion with mobile and social technology to help and influence people to change their behavior for the better. Her techniques produce lasting changes in lifestyle in people struggling with obesity, anxiety, chronic conditions and emotional health issues.

Kendra’s background includes bio-medical engineering degrees from MIT, 6 years at Kaiser Permanente working with clinical care teams on technology tools for patients and ongoing research with the Stanford Persuasive Technology Lab on innovative ways to use mobile and social media to improve health outcomes.

A popular and dynamic industry conference speaker, she’s presented at Persuasive, Mobile Health, Healthcare Unbound, Games for Health, Web 2.0 Expo and others.

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Chad Neilson
04/14/2011 1:44am PDT

Yes, please post something. Great job!

Picture of Kendra Markle
Kendra Markle
04/03/2011 2:20pm PDT

This time I tried something new – I asked a lot of questions and presented the answers verbally, which means the slides won’t do too much for you without the presentation that goes with them. But if you follow @kendramarkle, I’ll let you know when I post documents that stand on their own. I also tweet a lot of research and commentary related to mobile persuasion and healthy behavior change.

Picture of Adam Burrell
Adam Burrell
04/03/2011 12:01pm PDT

Would definitely like a link to the slides. Thanks!

Picture of David Greenholtz
David Greenholtz
04/01/2011 2:20am PDT

Will there be a shared link for this presentation?

Picture of Marcelo Albagli
Marcelo Albagli
03/30/2011 11:43am PDT

Really nice to watch design thinking in action, especially in a Web 2.0 event. Learned a lot.

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