From Product Zero to Product Hero: How to Build a Great Web 2.0 Product

Dan Olsen (The Lean Product Playbook)
Product 2009
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What separates successful products from unsuccessful ones? As the Web 2.0 product bar is continuously raised over time, best practices in product management, development and UI design have emerged to make it much more of a science than an art. Leading Web 2.0 companies use these tools to get to market faster, create more value for their customers, and build competitive advantage. This session will cover best pracites in understanding customer needs, product strategy, product design, usability testing, parsing user feedback, feature prioritization, and using metrics to optimize your product.

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Dan Olsen

The Lean Product Playbook

“Dan Olsen <img src=‘’”: is CEO and Founder of YourVersion, a real-time discovery engine startup. Dan is a Web 2.0 entrepreneur and consultant with 19 years of high-tech experience. At Intuit, Dan led Quicken product management and launched an online brokerage. He also led product management at Friendster. Dan’s areas of expertise are product management/development, UI design, marketing, and measuring /optimizing key metrics.

Dan founded YourVersion in 2007 to build “Pandora for your real-time web content”: a real-time discovery engine that discovers the latest relevant web content tailored to your specific interests across news, blogs, Twitter, and videos. YourVersion also offers a free iPhone app so you can stay on top of your interests on the go. YourVersion launched at the TechCrunch50 Conference where it won the People’s Choice Award.

Dan started Olsen Solutions LLC in 2005 and has consulted to many start-ups including, YouSendIt, MoodLogic, Epocrates, Xing, Angie’s List, and Attensa.

Dan has a BSEE from Northwestern, a Master’s in Industrial Engineering from Virginia Tech, and an MBA from Stanford.

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Emily Ricketts
03/30/2011 10:50am PDT

I really enjoyed the presentation. In fact, it was my favorite of the conference so far. Highly recommend going through the slideshow and also checking out some of his other presentation on slideshare. Very insightful and useful.

Picture of Dan Olsen
Dan Olsen
03/29/2011 7:16am PDT

I just posted my slides to:

Picture of Dan Olsen
Dan Olsen
03/29/2011 6:52am PDT

Yes, I will post my slides to Slideshare. Once I upload the file, it will be accessible at Thanks! Dan

Picture of David Greenholtz
David Greenholtz
03/29/2011 5:23am PDT

Hello, will there be a slideshare link for this presentation?

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