Don't Listen to Yourself: Succesfully Re-designing Latin America's Leading eCommerce Platform

Daniel Rabinovich (MercadoLibre)
Product 2009
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Daniel Rabinovich, VP of Product Development at MercadoLibre, the leading e-commerce platform in Latin America, walks the audience through te complete website re-design that the company undertook over the past 18 months.

In the presentation he covers the mistakes committed during the company’s succesful growth, and how these lead to ill-conceived design notions that he calls “design anti-patterns.” These desing anti-patterns typically responded to either business driven design notions, or feature driven desing notions, instead of user driven design notions.

Daniel then goes on to give concrete examples of each on of the 8 desing anti-patterns he outlines and how they came about within the organization.

Finally he walks the audience through the key steps undertaken during the site re-design to correct the desing mistakes, putting these changes within a broader contect than simply web-desing. To correct these mistakes it was necessary to re-think the business from it’s revenue model through to its guiding design principles.

Key takeaways include common design mistakes committed by web retailers, common organizational flaws that impact site desing and UX, and innovative ways to think of web design to overcome these. Particular attention is made to how good design must be driven by core business decisions and guiding principles in order to be effective.

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Daniel Rabinovich


Daniel Rabinovich is a Vice President and Head of Product Development at MercadoLibre. He has been with the company in different capacities related to product development for over 10 years since joining in March of 2000. He currently oversees all product development and software engineering efforts at MercadoLibre.

Prior to working at MercadoLibre, Daniel served as a Staff Developer at PeopleSoft.

He holds a BSc in Information Systems from the University of Buenos Aires and a Masters in Technology Management from Universidad de San Andres, Argentina.

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Elijah Degen
03/31/2011 5:53pm PDT

Great presentation. Really liked the key point, that major strategic & biz model changes can’t always be predicted by data. You have to remain entrepreneurial.

Picture of Daniel Rabinovich
Daniel Rabinovich
03/23/2011 3:55am PDT
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