When Actions Speak Louder than Tweets: Using Behavioral Data for Decision-making on the Web

Jaidev Shergill (Bundle.com)
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There are more websites than ever before to research what to buy and
where to go. With this proliferation of reviews and recommendations,
how can you be sure you’re making the best spending decisions? How do
you know who to listen to—who is most like you? Does gender, income,
age, location or some other factor matter the most?

Bundle has taken a crack at these questions. This session looks at how
they built a series of data-driven comparison engines…and then built a
business model on top of it. From segmenting 20 million American’s
credit card transactions to creating a visually rich user experience,
the talk will cover how they’ve dealt with data overload, how they’ve
improved quality of predictions and computation speeds. Whether you’re
a developer or designer or businessperson, and whether you work with
public or private data, you’ll learn how to better navigate the
process of productizing huge sets of information.

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Jaidev Shergill


Founder and CEO of Bundle.com. Bundle is a Socially Informed Money Management company allowing users to see how others like them make financial decisions. Prior to Bundle, Jaidev held several roles at Citigroup and was most recently the President of Citi Ventures. Jaidev was also EVP of Growth Venture and Innovation and a VP in the North America Retail Bank.

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