The Future of User Interfaces: Designing for the Small Screen

Madhava Enros (Mozilla)
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Mobile phone technologies are evolving at an accelerated pace. With the introduction of touch screen devices the mobile user experience was dramatically changed. Device user interfaces are continuing to evolve and in the future, we will see improvements to devices that satisfy the user experience.

Touch screens allow devices to be blank slates, reconfigurable by software. In the future, rather than having multiple touch screen devices we will see the user’s one or two devices take on the capabilities of many, currently separate consumer devices. When devices are personalizable, contain your data, and have rich reconfigurable controls, they will become the preferred way for people to interact with other systems in their lives, like televisions, music systems, and cars. On devices where typing is difficult (like mobile phones) alternate input will become more important. Device capabilities will continue to change as users will need to have the ability to talk to or show things directly to the Web. Direct interaction with the Internet through voice and object recognition, without a keyboard, will become much more convenient and relevant.

Join Madhava Enros as he talks about the future of the mobile user interface and discusses the challenges of designing a browser for the small screen. Madhava will also discuss the lessons he has learned from designing Firefox on mobile devices and how the user experience on devices is impacting user’s overall Web experience.

Attendees will learn:
• About the future of the mobile user interface on devices and how that will impact user’s overall Web experience for the better.
• About lessons for designing a browser for the small screen and optimizing features like scrolling and pinch-to-zoom create a better experience for the user.
• The overall challenges for designing a mobile application for small screen devices.

Photo of Madhava  Enros

Madhava Enros


As Mozilla’s resident designer at small, Madhava Enros spearheads the design effort to adapt Firefox’s user-experience to mobile devices. With more than 10 years in interaction design, Madhava has helped design everything from IBM’s database configuration tools to the Firefox Add-ons manager. He is a frequent speaker on issues of mobile interface and interaction design, particularly around the unique challenges of building for the mobile Web. Madhava earned his degree in cognitive human factors engineering at the University of Toronto. He lives in Toronto where he is an influential member of the city’s Indo-Finno-Franco-Canadian community.

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Picture of Madhava  Enros
Madhava Enros
03/31/2011 1:15am PDT

I’ve posted my slides on slideshare here:

Thanks for attending!

Picture of Michael Krupit
Michael Krupit
03/29/2011 8:47am PDT

Another good 20 min session. Clear message, good examples, nice presentation.

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