Why, When and How to Use Customer Data

David Michaels (Intuit), Aaron Forth (Intuit )
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In an era when people are comfortable putting personal information online, companies can uncover market trends and consumer behaviors by strategically aggregating and analyzing massive sets of customer data. This session will teach attendees how to effectively collect and break down data, and how to utilize this information for marketing and product development initiatives.

This session will cover:

  • A brief introduction to data mining for business leaders, product managers and marketers
  • Most frequently used analytic techniques, tests and methodologies: what’s working and what’s not
  • The latest trends in data warehousing, business intelligence and analytics
  • Privacy concerns and solutions when dealing with private customer information

Co-presented by Mint.com’s director of online engineering and its director of product, the session will bring perspectives from the data miners and their internal customers.

Photo of David Michaels

David Michaels


David Michaels is a 14-year veteran of Silicon Valley startups and an expert in designing and building secure, distributed systems capable of Internet scale. David was the first VP at Mint.com and the chief architect behind Mint’s security and scalability. Mint, the web’s largest free personal finance application, was acquired by Intuit for $170 million in November 2009. David enjoys the challenges and exhilaration of early-stage companies, having been among the first employees at seven venture-backed startups since 1996: starting with GeoCities where he built one of the first ad servers on the net. GeoCities became the third most popular destination on the web and was ultimately acquired by Yahoo for $5 billion. David implemented performance and scalability features for NetDynamics, the first Java-based application server (acquired by Sun), and most recently was at PGP Corporation where he managed the engineering teams behind the company’s flagship encryption products. Originally from New Jersey, David came to California in 1994 joining Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, where he worked on distributed systems and the (then nascent) WWW. David graduated magna cum laude from the New Jersey Institute of Technology and holds an M.S. in Computer Science with honors from Stanford.

Photo of Aaron Forth

Aaron Forth


Aaron brings more than 10 years’ of product development and product management experience to Mint. Prior to joining Mint, Aaron held several leadership positions at eBay and Half.com (acquired by eBay Inc.). Most recently, as Director of Advertising, Aaron was responsible for product strategy, design and product development. Aaron has a background in multivariate testing used to drive analytically based decisions around product design, improved user experience and strategic partnerships. Prior to working in advertising, Aaron managed Internet marketing and product management teams, focused on search engine marketing, search engine optimization and affiliate marketing. Aaron’s career in software was established at Kana Communications, Inc., a CRM software start-up. He holds a bachelor’s degree in Earth Sciences from University of California, Berkeley.

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