The Re-Marketing Revolution: Best Practices in Ad Targeting

Nancy Marzouk (Netmining)
Marketing 2002
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Every advertiser is talking about re-marketing – but what exactly does that mean? This session will cut through the hype and present practical re-marketing tactics advertisers can use to boost customer acquisition and sales. With advances in semantic, behavioral, and geo-location technologies, re-marketing has gone beyond just re-targeting site visitors with relevant ads as they surf around the web. Today’s re-marketing technologies leverage artificial intelligence and profiling technologies to actually find and serve ads to web users who have never been to your site. Come learn how to combine web analytics, CRM, social, and search data to target specific ads to highly-accurate audience segments. This approach enables marketers to “see the actual consumer through the cookies”.

In this session, marketers will learn:

  • What is ‘remarketing’ and what different types of re-marketing are there?
  • The differences between behavioral, geo-location, and semantic re-marketing technologies and how to implement them for maximum effectiveness.
  • How to leverage web analytics, CRM, social, and search data to define hundreds of highly-specific audience profiles – down to micro-segments such as such as “most likely to buy X brand rain boots for men during the next four days” instead of “male shopper in New York City”.
  • How to work with re-marketing technology companies, ad networks, and publishers to ensure ads are targeted to the right audiences at every step of the purchase process (initial keyword search, site visits, web browsing, further keyword searches, final purchase etc.)
  • A case study in how TiVo used next-generation re-marketing to boost customer acquisition and sales – resulting in the highest clickthrough rate and the highest impression-to-conversion ratio of all of TiVo’s online advertising campaigns that year.
  • Next advances in re-marketing: re-targeting video ads; real-time, on-site re-targeting; re-targeting for branding; and advanced prospect scoring.
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Nancy Marzouk


Nancy Marzouk is VP of Strategic Partnerships at Netmining, a global provider of audience targeting solutions. For more than a decade, Marzouk has been recognized as a thought leader in Internet marketing. As a sales and marketing expert, her strategy and tactics have helped many digital companies grow into major acquisition targets.

Marzouk joined Netmining from online targeting platform [x+1], where she oversaw all agency and client direct sales initiatives and accelerated growth and development of the National sales organization. Prior to [x+1], she served as Senior Director at DRIVEpm – a role in which she led all business expansion and guided the company to become one of Microsoft’s most successful acquisitions. Marzouk has also held senior-level positions at several other Internet firms, including IAC/InterActiveCorp, AskJeeves, L90 and MaxOnline.

In addition to her work in the trenches at several leading advertising companies, Marzouk is an established thought leader in the digital space and has garnered speaking engagements at a number of key industry events, such as the annual Online Marketing Summit and OMMA Global conferences. Her writings and thoughts on the industry have appeared in numerous publications including Adweek, MediaPost and iMedia Connection.

Nancy received a BA in Environmental Studies and Studio Art from Pitzer College in Claremont, Calif. She lives in Greenwich, Conn. with her husband and two children.

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