HTML5, Flash and AJAX to the Year 2020

Duane Nickull (Adobe Systems)
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This session will take a deep and pragmatic look at the complete architectural capabilities and suitability of HTML5, Flash and AJAX related technologies in an attempt to separate the fact from fiction. While the media has sometimes pitched headlines such as “HTML5 vs. Flash”, the reality is that almost 100% of Flash relies on HTML and JavaScript today. Flash is not even directly comparable to HTML5 whereas the SWF file format might be a closer comparison. Do not dismiss this session as an Adobe push for Flash, the reality is that Adobe is very excited about helping drive HTML5 and the advancement of the W3C standard is going to have a significant impact on Adobe CS products such as Dreamweaver, video tools and Photoshop.

What HTML5 brings to the table is “choices” for those who are implementing future applications on the web and in order to make decisions, an understanding of the forces working against their desired outcome needs to be facilitated. The speaker will look at several specific areas such as video and simple animations and show benchmarks and optimizations that can be done to create an overall good user experience. Data will be shared as well as hypothesis about when one technology may offer an advantage over another.

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Duane Nickull

Adobe Systems

As Senior Technical Evangelist for Adobe Systems, Duane Nickull is responsible for Adobe’s messaging around Enterprise Architecture in the Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) and Web Services spaces plus Web 2.0. Previously Mr. Nickull co-founded Yellow Dragon Software Corporation, a privately held developer of XML messaging and metadata management software, acquired by Adobe in 2003. He previously served as CTO and President of XML Global Technologies, a publicly traded company acquired by Xenos Group in early 2003 where he co-architected several key technologies including XTRACT, an intelligence gathering and Bayesian theorem inference engine to flag persons of interest to law enforcement officials and recover stolen property.

Mr. Nickull has been called Mr. SOA by his peers during introductions to speak on the subject due to his overwhelming experience writing and contributing to the major Service Oriented Architectures (SOA’s). Between 1995 and 2008, he spoke at over 750 venues in various countries around the world.

Duane Nickull is the author of Web 2.0 Architectures .

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Picture of Eliot Graff
Eliot Graff
04/04/2011 4:55am PDT

Hi Duane.

I apologize. I didn’t want it to but I realize that comment sounds negative. The demos were FANTASTIC. It’s extremely important to hear how Flash (and also other plug-ins you mentioned) are part of a balanced web developer’s portfolio moving forward. You did maintain a fair perspective in the talk, and I found it most informative. Thank you for an engaging and balanced session!!!

Picture of Duane Nickull
Duane Nickull
04/01/2011 8:57am PDT

Thank you! I really enjoyed being there and having such a great group of people in the room.

Roger Hampton
04/01/2011 4:54am PDT

Good presentation of a hard to predict topic. I thought Duane did a good job of not forcing the Adobe cool-aide too much and was able to focus on the interaction between JavaScript, AJAX, HTML, and Flash. (He does work for Adobe, you know…)

Picture of Duane Nickull
Duane Nickull
03/31/2011 6:34am PDT


I realized as I gave the talk that perhaps there was a lot of Flash but some of the demos were essential. I hope I came across as agnostic though. That was certainly the intent.

Picture of Eliot Graff
Eliot Graff
03/31/2011 5:52am PDT

Good information, but a bit much of an ad for Flash. OK, the Molehill demos were cool tho….

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