Schedule: Speakers

Omar Abdelwahed
Omar Abdelwahed (Ubisoft Entertainment), @appleweed

Omar Abdelwahed is a producer at Ubisoft. Based in Ubisoft’s San Francisco office, Abdelwahed is focused on leading Ubisoft’s online games strategy. He is currently in charge of the development of online and social games, including managing industry relationships with social media sites like Facebook and Google. In addition, Abdelwahed has helped launch five Ubisoft titles for the Nintendo DS. They include Imagine Artist, Imagine Jewelry Designer, Petz Nursery, Petz Dogz Talent Show, and Petz Hamsterz Superstarz.

Abdelwahed started down the digital path 20 years ago with a piece of software called “Mosaic,” the first web browser. He continued his journey with a little-known file format called “MP3,” and in 1996 he developed his own independent music site. In 2000, Abdelwahed joined Best Buy... Read More.

John Adams
John Adams (Twitter)

John Adams (Twitter Operations) has worked in computer security, operations, and systems engineering for over 15 years. Prior to Twitter, he has worked at Apple, Inktomi, c|net, and a major video-on-demand site, improving security, performance, and reliability at large scale.

Tamara Adlin
Tamara Adlin (adlin, inc.), @tamaraadlin

Tamara Adlin is the president of adlin, inc., a user experience strategy company in Seattle. She started adlin, inc., to try to solve the real problems companies face when they try to create products people love. Her focus is on…focus! She believes that teams who can develop and stick with a crystal-clear focus on their users are in the best position to create really great products and meet their business objectives. She co-authored The Persona Lifecycle: Keeping People in Mind Throughout Product Design with Microsoftie John Pruitt, and The Essential Persona Lifecycle is hitting the shelves in May 2010. Previously, Tamara co-founded Fell Swoop, and she was a Customer Experience Specialist at, and before that she did user experience work at a series... Read More.

Brian Aker

Brian has spent his life working on the details of how to build and scale out
systems. He is currently working on a new MicroKernel designed MySQL
called Drizzle and is building the plumbing required for a new generation of
large scale computer deployment. He also spends time working on Apache
Modules, Memcached, and Gearman.

In the past, he has been involved with projects for the Army Engineer Corps, The VirtualHospital, Splunk, MySQL, Slashdot, and was a Distinguished Engineer at Sun Microsystems. He calls Seattle his home since that is where his dog Rosalynd is.

Brian Albers
Brian Albers (Kaazing )

Brian Albers is the Vice President of Research and Development at Kaazing, and a co-author of the Apress book “Pro HTML5 Programming”. Previously, Brian spent ten years at Oracle learning the ropes of enterprise software, first as a developer and later as a senior manager in the user interface technology group.

Dion Almaer
Dion Almaer (Set Direction), @dalmaer

Dion Almaer is the founder of a brand new company named Set Direction where he has the pleasure of working with Ben Galbraith. The pair co-founded together and they are now focused on helping developers deliver fantastic experiences and working to set the direction of the software industry as a whole.

Dion has been a technologist and a developer writing Web applications since it took over from Gopher. He has been fortunate enough to speak around the world, has published many articles, a book, and of course covers life the universe and everything on his blog at

He has been called a human aggregator, and you can see that in full force if you follow him on Twitter @dalmaer.

Jesper Andersen
Jesper Andersen (Bloom Studios), @jandersen

Jesper develops experimental online services designed to introduce emotional contexts into online relationships, creating more authentic experiences. He is the co-founder of Bloom Studios, developing novel data interface applications for web and tablet platforms. He is also an accomplished data scientist, working on problems including home valuations for Trulia, credit card fraud for Visa, and social network analysis for Visible Path. Jesper speaks frequently at international technology and design conferences and has appeared in print and broadcast media for projects like Avoidr, Freerisk, and his Foursquare privacy hack. He holds a B.Sc. in Physics from Haverford College and an M.B.A. in Econometrics from University of Chicago.

Chris Anderson
Chris Anderson (3D Robotics)

I’m the CEO of 3D Robotics and founder of DIY Drones. From 2001 through 2012 I was the Editor in Chief of Wired Magazine. Before Wired I was with The Economist for seven years in London, Hong Kong and New York in various positions, ranging from Technology Editor to US Business Editor.

I’m the author of the New York Times bestselling books The Long Tail and Free as well as the new Makers: The New Industrial Revolution.

Awards include: Editor of the Year by Ad Age (2005). Named to the “Time 100,” the newsmagazine’s list of the 100 most influential people in the world (2007). Loeb Award for Business Book of the Year (2007). Wired named Magazine of the Decade by AdWeek for... Read More.

Alexa Andrzejewski
Alexa Andrzejewski (Foodspotting), @ladylexy

Alexa Andrzejewski is the founder of Foodspotting, a visual local guide that makes finding and sharing food recommendations as easy as snapping a photo. Foodspotting, an angel-backed startup, has received attention from the Techcrunch, Mashable, The Wall Street Journal and CNN blogs and was named one of Time Magazine’s 50 Best Websites of 2010.

Before launching Foodspotting in January 2010, Alexa was a User Experience Designer for Adaptive Path, where she helped both startups and established companies create great experiences that improve people’s lives. From redesigning MySpace to conducting the research that underlies the Palm Pre, Alexa has helped clients reimagine products from the ground up.

Following in the footsteps of Adaptive Path colleagues who’ve started their own UX-driven ventures, Alexa looks forward to... Read More.

Ivan Askwith (Big Spaceship)

Ivan Askwith leads Big Spaceship’s strategic practice, where he works to help clients navigate the digital landscape and understand emerging behaviors. Building upon his time as a media analyst in MIT’s Convergence Culture Consortium, Ivan specializes in generating deep cross-platform audience engagement and helping brands build meaningful, relevant relationships with consumers. Recent projects include work for NBC, USA Networks, A&E, Second Life, General Electric, Wrigley and Activision.

He holds a Master’s degree from MIT’s Program in Comparative Media Studies, where his work focused on modern television’s increasing emphasis on transmedia narrative in creating and sustaining audience engagement. In addition, Ivan has published chapters on audience behavior and franchise development in several books and encyclopedias. He is a frequent speaker and lecturer on digital... Read More.

Edward Balassanian (

With more than 15 years of experience in the technology industry, Edward Balassanian, founder and CEO of, Inc., is a prosumer that is passionate about leveraging technology in order to deliver the consummate user experiences. Edward has dedicated the better part of the last two years establishing as the first social tracking and filtering platform for consumers and brands.

Prior to, Mr. Balassanian founded BeComm Corporation which pioneered key inventions in distributed operating systems and the digital home. He began his career working as a software engineer at Microsoft.

Edward is a graduate of the University of Washington with a degree in Computer Science.

Anamitra Banerji
Anamitra Banerji (Twitter)

Anamitra Banerji is part of the product management team at Twitter with a focus on advertising products. Before joining Twitter in March 2009, Banerji was the Director of Product Marketing and Management at Yahoo! Inc. working on a variety of search and display ad offerings. He started his internet career at Overture working on search distribution strategy and planning. Banerji holds an MBA from Cornell University and a bachelor’s degree in engineering from the National Institute of Technology, Jamshedpur.

Alex Barkaloff
Alex Barkaloff (Lionsgate)

Alex Barkaloff is a cross between the new media Hollywood producer at Lionsgate, as Executive Producer of Digital Media, and the tech gadget dealmaker. He started his career at JPL/NASA in the 80’s.

During the early 90’s Alex spent much of his time in central/east Europe, making deals with the Polish government for new technology ventures and also representing British, Dutch and American companies. He also was Managing Director of LB ICON, the interactive company behind Endemol’s reality hit show Big Brother.

While living in San Francisco in the later 90’s he worked for Oracle as a Director for New Business Development and specialized in entertainment technology. As a venture capitalist from 1998 to 2001, in his own GlobalNet Ventures, he... Read More.

Simon Batistoni (Yahoo! Inc (Flickr))

Simon is still surprised that he’s a software engineer, despite the fact that he’s been doing it for a decade now.

After a varied career involving Estate Agents, internet radio, amateur writers, fine art, international websearch and babelfish, Simon joined Flickr in late 2006 as the site’s lead internationalisation engineer.

You may know him from such Flickr features as the site’s invites system, and “People in Photos”. He now leads Flickr’s Application Engineering team, and still spends a lot of time dreaming up new and inventive ways to combat spam.

Gene Becker

Gene Becker is founder and managing director of Lightning Laboratories, a consultancy focusing on strategy and action for the Connected World of ubiquitous computing, augmented reality, social media & the internet of things. At Hewlett-Packard’s technology research unit HP Labs, Gene led advanced research and business development for Cooltown, a web-based platform for mobile and ubiquitous computing that was a key part of HP’s turn-of-the-century technical vision. Also at HP Labs, Gene led the creation of utility computing services used in the production of DreamWorks Animation’s feature films Shrek 2 and Madagascar, and co-founded a new cloud services business unit within HP’s Services business sector. Gene was worldwide Director of Product Development for extreme performance and mobility brand Voodoo PC, where he built the engineering... Read More.

Fred Beecher
Fred Beecher (Evantage Consulting)

Fred Beecher is a Lead User Experience Consultant at Evantage Consulting in Minneapolis. Fred has been working in the user experience design field for 12 years, doing research, information architecture, interaction design, and usability evaluation for a diverse array of clients like Medtronic, UnitedHealthcare, 3M, RBC Dain Rauscher, General Mills, Thomson Reuters, and the National Marrow Donor Program.
A recognized expert in rapid prototyping, Fred speaks frequently on the topic at national professional conferences and local user experience group meetings. In 2007, Fred developed the official training program for the Axure RP Pro rapid prototyping tool at the request of the makers. He has since expanded the training program at Evantage to include an additional Axure trainer, a course on prototyping for... Read More.

Jen Bekman
Jen Bekman (20x200 | Jen Bekman Projects, Inc.)

Jen Bekman is an art-dealer, curator, writer, and entrepreneur whose inventive approach to the art world has created new models for connecting artists and collectors. Her experience as an internet media executive informs a multi-faceted enterprise, including her eponymous Manhattan gallery (which pioneered the Lower East Side art scene upon its opening in 2003), the online endeavor 20×200 (a place to buy limited-edition fine-art prints at ridiculously affordable prices), and the international photography competition Hey, Hot Shot!

Jen Bekman’s projects have been featured in numerous international publications including, The New York Times, Art in America, Der Spiegel, Martha Stewart Living, and Wired. She frequently lectures and participates in panels about art, technology, media and marketing and is a popular portfolio reviewer... Read More.

John Belanger
John Belanger (Yahoo! Inc.)

John brings 15 years of online experience design, high-level user quality management, business analysis, and enterprise information architecture experience to his role as Senior Business Architect for Yahoo!’s new Customer Advocacy group. He seeks to create a holistic framework of customer experiences, the Yahoo! brand promise, and core business operations to create an end-to-end Yahoo! services architecture. Though he often uses the term “social business”, he secretly believes that “social” is the current label for the ever-growing technological transparency in massively complex, semantically-oriented, user-centered services design.

From 1996 to 1999 John developed systems and processes for both Apple’s Customer Quality Feedback and Integration Quality groups, providing in-depth user-level quality feedback for all Apple products. From 1999 to 2007 he led the Experience Framework Architecture at... Read More.

Armen Berjikly (Experience Project), @ExperienceProj

An honors graduate of Stanford University with a bachelor’s in computer science, Armen’s primary research focus was human-computer interaction, where he worked closely with professor Clifford Nass, author of the groundbreaking HCI work, The Media Equation. Later, Armen went on to obtain a master’s degree in management science and engineering, also at Stanford, with an emphasis on organizations, technology and entrepreneurship. Armen was also a Mayfield Fellow, a prestigious fellowship that provides intensive training in entrepreneurship in the field of engineering. Armen’s idea for Experience Project came about in response to his support of a friend who was diagnosed with the life changing illness of multiple sclerosis; he designed an online support community that would empower MS patients by sharing knowledge and experiences... Read More.

Christopher Bevel (FedEx Services)

Chris is part of a new user experience team formed to measurably improve digital user experiences in the FedEx software and e-commerce offerings. Our Digital User Experience team’s mission is to be a change agent for creating a UX-orientated culture among our stakeholders through repeatable processes and strong advocacy, while reducing cost of user interface research and design throughout the organization.

Chris is an HFI Certified Usability Analyst and has experience in user-centered design strategy, user research and usability testing methodologies, process/task analysis, market and analytics research, and competitive benchmarking.

Lukas Biewald
Lukas Biewald (Weights & Biases), @l2k

Lukas Biewald is the founder and chief data scientist of Weights & Biases, a data enrichment platform that taps into an on-demand workforce to help companies collect training data and do human-in-the-loop machine learning. Previously, he led the Search Relevance team for Yahoo Japan and worked as a senior data scientist at Powerset. Lukas was recognized by Inc. magazine as a 30 under 30. Lukas holds a BS in mathematics and an MS in computer science from Stanford University. He is also an expert Go player.

steve blank
steve blank (Stanford/Berkeley/Columbia)

Put to a vote I might have been chosen “least likely to succeed” in my New York City high school class.  My path has taken me from repairing fighter planes during the Vietnam War in Thailand, to spook stuff in undisclosed location(s), and I was lucky enough to arrive at the beginning of the boom times of Silicon Valley in 1978.

After 21 years in 8 high technology companies I retired in 1999.  My last company, E.piphany, started in my living room in 1996. My other startups include two semiconductor companies (Zilog and MIPS Computers), a workstation company (Convergent Technologies), a consulting stint for a graphics hardware/software spinout (Pixar), a supercomputer firm (Ardent), a computer peripheral... Read More.

Adam Blum
Adam Blum (Rhomobile), @rhomobile

Adam Blum is CEO of Rhomobile, the open mobile framework company, and a seasoned speaker. He is a longtime CTO/VP of Engineering of several successful startups in the web services and mobile spaces (Commerce One, Systinet, Good, Mobio). He is also an adjunct professor at Carnegie Mellon and advisor to several other
software companies.

Adam Blum
Adam Blum (Rhomobile)

Rhomobile is the open mobile framework company, providing the Rhodes platform for building crossplatform native mobile apps for all smartphone operating systems

Kevin Boyle (Microsoft), @kevinmsft

Kevin is Microsoft’s Platform Strategy Advisor in Southern California. In this role, he creates strategic partnerships with the most promising local startups and Microsoft’s Enterprise customers. Kevin analyzes a company’s goals, strategies, and capabilities to figure out what Microsoft partnerships and technology might accelerate its business goals. When an opportunity which will benefit both Microsoft and the client company surfaces, Kevin advocates for the customer inside of Microsoft to develop the appropriate business relationship and/or fund a jump-start using Microsoft’s bleeding-end technology. In 2005, Kevin struck a partnership with MySpace to provide direct access to the team creating Microsoft’s next generation Web technology. This relationship allowed MySpace to add 500,000 new users each week and earned Kevin Microsoft’s ‘Worldwide Architect Evangelist of the Year’... Read More.

Matt Brezina is the founder of Xobni, an email software startup based in San Francisco. Matt is interested in metrics driven user acquisition, monetization, and customer development. Matt has served as the entrepreneur in residence at Penn State University and is an angel investor and advisor to several startups.

Andrew Bridges
Andrew Bridges (Winston & Strawn, LLP)

Andrew Bridges is a partner in Winston & Strawn’s San Francisco office who litigates and counsels clients in high-stakes and complex commercial matters relating primarily to trademark, copyright, advertising, consumer protection, unfair competition, trade secrets, media, Internet regulation, and e-commerce law. He is vice chair of the firm’s intellectual property practice and leads the firm’s nonpatent intellectual property efforts.

Christopher Brown

Christopher Brown is VP of Engineering at Opscode and previously of
Microsoft, where he was a director of engineering for the Edge Computing
Network within Global Foundation Services. Prior to Microsoft,
Christopher was a founding member, architect, and lead developer for’s Elastic Compute Cloud (“EC2”). He holds several patents in
the areas of internet routing, VM/runtime hosting, content delivery and
cloud computing.

Paul Buchheit
Paul Buchheit (Facebook)

Paul Buchheit is a founder of FriendFeed, which was recently aquired by Facebook, and also an active angel investor. He was also one of the first engineers at Google, where he started Gmail, suggested the “Don’t be evil” motto, and created the first AdSense prototype. Paul has a degree in Computer Science from Case Western Reserve University.

Lars Burgess (Rhomobile)

Co-Founder & Software Engineer for Rhomobile, Inc.:

The Open Mobile Framework

Adam Burrell
Adam Burrell (Navy Federal Credit Union), @cyclonus

Adam Burrell is the Sr. Innovations Technologist, Delivery Channels at Navy Federal Credit Union. With $39 billion in assets and 3.4 million members, Navy Federal is the world’s largest credit union with branch offices located worldwide. At Navy Federal, Adam has been one of the principal strategists behind the Credit Union’s recently launched mobile banking initiative. He is also the lead UX Architect on a team that is tasked with the redesign of the entire Navy Federal online experience. Before joining Navy Federal, he worked as a software engineer/architect in support of the US Navy designing and implementing collaborative solutions. Adam’s current role includes the design and socialization of numerous initiatives including social media and gen-Y channel strategy. As part of the channel strategy group,... Read More.

Stewart Butterfield

Stewart Butterfield is the co-founder and CEO of Slack, the platform for team communication which hundreds of thousands of professionals rely upon everyday. Its customer list ranges from well-known startups like Buzzfeed, Stripe and AirBnb to established giants like Adobe and PayPal.

Prior to Slack, Stewart co-founded and lead Flickr from its inception in late 2003 through its 2005 acquisition by Yahoo! and until 2008 by which point it was one of the largest web services in the world with over 50 million users and billions of photos.

In nearly two decades working on the web, Stewart has had a distinguished career as a designer, entrepreneur, and technologist. He has been named one of the 100 Most Influential People in the World by Time... Read More.

Christy Canida
Christy Canida (

Christy Canida is the Community and Marketing Director at She earned her BS in Biology from MIT, and previously worked in big biotech, transgenic mouse labs, and an aquarium.

Jessica Faye Carter

Jessica Faye Carter is president of Heta Corporation, a consulting firm. In this role, she advises organizations on issues related to cultural and gender diversity, and on engaging these demographics with social technology.

Jessica is the author of an upcoming article, The Coming Wave—Exploring Women, Innovation, and Social Technology and is a guest writer for Mashable. Her work has been cited in the Associated Press, Working Mother Magazine, and Essence, and she has appeared on PBS and TVO.

Jessica recently founded Toour, a social travel application where users create and share tours of their favorite places around the world.

Jessica speaks frequently at conferences and corporate events on topics related to social technology, women, and diverse consumers and employees. Her previous... Read More.

Lili Cheng
Lili Cheng (Microsoft), @lilich

Lili Cheng is a corporate vice president of Microsoft’s AI and Research Division, where she is responsible for the AI developer platform, which includes Cognitive Services, a collection of powerful cognitive AI APIs for vision, speech, language understanding, knowledge and search that enables developers to easily add AI to their apps and services, and the Bot Framework, which makes it easy for developers to build and connect intelligent conversational AI to their customer experiences and deploy these in their own custom UI and embed them in Skype, Microsoft Teams, Cortana, Bing, Facebook, Slack, etc. Prior to Microsoft, Lili worked in Apple’s advanced technology group on the user interface research team, where she focused on Quicktime conferencing and Quicktime VR. Lili is a... Read More.

David Chou
David Chou (Microsoft)

David Chou is an architect at Microsoft, focused on collaborating with enterprises and organizations in areas such as cloud computing, SOA, Web, RIA, distributed systems, security, etc., and supporting decision makers on defining evolutionary strategies in architecture. Drawing on experiences from his previous jobs at Sun Microsystems and Accenture, David enjoys helping customers create value from using pragmatic approaches to define IT strategies and architectures. David maintains a blog at

Jeff Clavier
Jeff Clavier (Softtech VC)

Based in Palo Alto, California, Jean-Francois “Jeff” Clavier is the Founder and Managing Partner of SoftTech VC, one of the most active seed stage investors in Web 2.0 startups. Since 2004, Jeff has invested in more than 70 consumer Internet companies in areas like social media, communities, search, gaming or consumer infrastructure, almost exclusively in Silicon Valley. With over 20 years of operational, entrepreneurial and venture capital experience, Jeff is able to add relevant perspective and value to his companies as they grow from inception to maturity, and hopefully, success.

In 2007, Jeff was recognized as one of the 13 Web 2.0 King Makers by (late) Business 2.0, and in 2008, BusinessWeek named him one of The 25 Most Influential People... Read More.

Tom Coates
Tom Coates (Thington Inc.), @tomcoates

Tom Coates is the co-founder of Thington Inc. – a new Internet of Things start-up launching soon. Before that he was co-founder of small agency Product Club and Head of Product for the Yahoo incubator Brickhouse where he developed the pioneering location sharing project Fire Eagle. He writes, talks and thinks about many areas of technology, including the web of data, social software and network-enabled physical objects.

June Cohen
June Cohen (TED Conferences), @junecohen

As Executive Producer of TED Media, I’m focused on extending TED in new directions — particularly those that help spread ideas. I led the charge to bring the conference online, launching TEDTalks in 2006, and the new in 2007. I also co-produce and co-host the annual conference, and manage our talented media team. Before TED: I developed one of the world’s first multimedia magazines in 1991, at Stanford; helped launch in 1994; launched in 1996; and served as Wired Digital’s VP of Content through 2000.

Adrian Cole
Adrian Cole (jclouds), @jclouds

Adrian founded the open source project jclouds in March 2009, and is
actively engaged in cloud interoperability and devops circles. Recent
efforts include vCloud ecosystem engineering at VMware, Java
integration at Opscode, and cloud portability efforts at Cloudsoft.
Adrian’s currently consulting under Cloud Conscious LLC.

Stephen Coles
Stephen Coles (FontShop/Typographica)

Stephen’s obsession with type and lettering wreaks havoc in his daily life where he is routinely tripped by fire hydrants while admiring vintage signs. Fortunately, his esoteric knowledge found a home at FontShop where he writes about their collection and advises clients on typeface choices. Recently, Stephen has helped lead FontShop’s web strategy, making FontFont the first major foundry to join Typekit and the first to release fonts specifically for the web in WOFF format. His commentary about typography and graphic design can be found at and The FontFeed.

Christian Coly
Christian Coly (Parrot)

As Vice President of Sales for Parrot North America since February 2009, Christian Coly is responsible for growing the core business in North America and gaining market share across Parrot’s innovative product lines. Since 2002, Christian played a major role in Parrot’s global growth as a Sales Manager for Southern Europe, including involvement in the Spanish, Portuguese and Italian markets. In June 2006, Christian put his expertise to work in the North America market as a Technical Marketing Director for North America. He led Parrot’s launch the Certified Installer Program in the United States in October 2008, developing a national network of automotive retailers and installers throughout the U.S. Today, Christian is responsible for the North American launch of the Parrot AR.Drone leading the... Read More.

Josh Crandall
Josh Crandall (Netpop Research, LLC)

Josh has worked in the interactive media and technology industries for over 18 years, serving in numerous senior business and product development roles. He founded Netpop and Netpop Research to capitalize on consumer intelligence and the increasingly important intersection of social media, online marketing and consumer opinion research. He has designed and managed global market studies for companies like Google, Facebook and Creative Commons. Prior to Netpop Research, he served as Director of Online Media and Applications for Electronic Arts and held positions in the New Media and Interactive Department of DIRECTV. He holds a Master of Arts degree in Motion Picture Producing from the University of Southern California and a Bachelor of Arts degree with an emphasis in Economics and Business Administration... Read More.

Douglas Crockford

Douglas Crockford is best known for having discovered that there are good parts in JavaScript—an important and unexpected development. He also discovered the JSON data-interchange format, the world’s best-loved data format, and various JavaScript tools, such as JSLint and JSMin. He works at PayPal.

Alistair Croll
Alistair Croll (Solve For Interesting), @acroll

Alistair Croll is an entrepreneur with a background in web performance, analytics, cloud computing, and business strategy. In 2001, he cofounded Coradiant (acquired by BMC in 2011) and has since helped launch Rednod, CloudOps, Bitcurrent, Year One Labs, and several other early-stage companies. He works with startups on business acceleration and advises a number of larger companies on innovation and technology. A sought-after public speaker on data-driven innovation and the impact of technology on society, Alistair has founded and run a variety of conferences, including Cloud Connect, Bitnorth, and the International Startup Festival, and is the chair of O’Reilly’s Strata Data Conference. He has written several books on technology and business, including the best-selling Lean Analytics. Alistair tries to mitigate his chronic ADD by writing... Read More.

Tom Croucher

Tom Hughes-Croucher is an Evangelist and Senior Developer in Yahoo’s Open Strategy Group, focusing on Yahoo’s Web Services and Cloud Platform. Tom has contributed to a number of Web standards for the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) and the British Standards Institute (BSI). Previously he helped build the online music stores for some of the UK’s largest brands including Tesco, Three Telecom and Channel 4.

Christian Crumlish

Christian Crumlish is the curator of the Yahoo! Design Pattern Library and has been designing and writing about online user experiences since 1994. He is a director of the Information Architecture Institute and co-chair of the monthly BayCHI program.

He is the author of The Power of Many (Wiley) and co-author of Designing Social Interfaces (O’Reilly Media).

He studied philosophy at Princeton and painting at the San Francisco School of Art, and lives in Oakland, California, with his wife, Briggs, and his cat, Fraidy.

Darren David
Darren David (Stimulant), @stimulant

For over 15 years, Darren has traversed the blurry edges at the intersection of technology and design, exploring nearly every conceivable project role as both client and contributor. His rich and storied career has wound from paper to pixels to people, across a myriad of companies and ventures that ultimately led to several “world’s firsts” and awards. At Stimulant, he provides business, vision and experience design leadership for an inspiring team of like-minded compatriots and pioneers, from whom he learns something new every day.

John Davison (GamePro Media)

Former 1UP Editorial Director and founder of What They Play. Currently, leading GamePro’s editorial team as Executive Vice President of Content. English guy. Beard. Podcasts.

Christopher Dean

Christopher Dean, Skype’s CSO, has 20 years of experience in business and corporate development, strategy consulting and advising startups. He specializes in deals to grow revenue, create new distribution channels and develop and launch new products.

Christopher has led several business development and strategy teams that have defined and prioritized strategic partner targets and identified, negotiated and closed partnerships. He was most recently the co-founder of Texada Capital and responsible for new business development. Earlier, he spent four years as the senior vice president of marketing and business development at Face Time communications, a leading vendor of security, management and control solutions for enterprise-oriented instant messaging.

Christopher also was an executive in business development at Epoch Partners,, Worlds, Inc. and a consultant... Read More.

Ernest Delgado
Ernest Delgado (Google, Inc.)

Ernest is an engineer at Google working with the communities around Google Chrome, Google Chrome Extensions and Google Chrome OS. He loves playing with HTML5 features and solving web performance related issues. Prior to Google, he was working as a Front End Engineer at Yahoo! trying to become a JavaScript guru. Ernest is originally from Barcelona and currently resides in San Francisco.

Nicole DeMeo
Nicole DeMeo (SachManya LLC)

Nicole DeMeo is a relentless and serial entrepreneur practicing business development and marketing for almost 20 years. An accomplished business launch and turnaround expert, Nicole has extensive experience developing business case strategies, actualizing business plans and guiding companies and organizations through multiple phases of their lifecycle.

From digital agency Organic to her comics and pop culture venture Kamikaze POP to today with mobile applications platform YAPPER – Your APP MakER, Nicole has launched, sold and guided 5 of her own companies.

Nicole was a pioneer in growing the commercial Internet launching WebObjects and was on the team that sold NeXT to Apple. With the mobile marketplace being reminiscent of the dot com boom, she is right at home as an innovator... Read More.

Alok Deshpande

Alok heads up mobile product development at Loopt. Equal parts developer and product thinker, Alok’s responsibility is creating a fun to use product that is well engineered.

Prior to co-founding Loopt, Alok studied computer science at Stanford University. He worked in several design and development capacities with various startups and student organizations.

Paul Dix
Paul Dix (InfluxDB), @pauldix

Paul Dix is the author of the upcoming book “Service Oriented Design with Ruby and Rails” to be published by Addison Wesley. In the past he has worked at Google, Microsoft, McAffee, Air Force Space Command, and various startups filling positions as a programmer, software tester, and network engineer. He has been a speaker at RubyConf and multiple regional Ruby conferences on the subjects of machine learning, collaborative filtering, service oriented design. He is the author of the open source Ruby libraries SAXMachine, Feedzirra, and Typhoues. Paul has a degree in computer science from Columbia University.

Adam DuVander
Adam DuVander (ProgrammableWeb), @adamd

Adam DuVander writes about APIs and mashups for Programmable Web. His location-related work for has been seen on MSN, Yahoo and the Wall Street Journal. No Starch Press will publish his how-to book about mapping and location in 2010.

Jeremy Edberg

Jeremy Edberg, the CEO and Founder of MinOps, which makes using the cloud stupid easy. He is an angel investor and advisor for various incubators and startups. Previously, Jeremy was the founding reliability engineer for Netflix. Before that, he ran Ops for Reddit, which at the time had more than five billion pageviews a month. Jeremy’s expertise is in distributed computing, availability, rapid scaling, and cloud computing. He also edited the highly acclaimed AWS for Dummies.

Brendan Eich
Brendan Eich (JavaScript), @BrendanEich

Brendan Eich was founder and long-term CTO at Mozilla. He also served as SVP of engineering and briefly as CEO. Brendan is widely recognized for his enduring contributions to the Internet revolution. In 1995, he invented JavaScript (ECMAScript), the Internet’s most widely used programming language. He cofounded the project in 1998, serving as chief architect, and has been a board member of the Mozilla Foundation since its inception in 2003. Brendan helped launch the award-winning Firefox web browser in November 2004 and Thunderbird email client in December 2004.

Brendan holds a BS in math and computer science from Santa Clara University and an MS in computer science from the University of Illinois.

Sean Ellis

Sean Ellis led marketing from launch through NASDAQ IPO filings at both LogMeIn and Uproar and later helped bring Xobni (Khosla Ventures, First Round Capital) to market as Interim VP Marketing.

He is now founder and principal at 12in6 Inc., a firm that has helped startups such as Dropbox (Sequoia), Eventbrite (Sequoia) and Lookout (Khosla Ventures) transition to high growth companies.

12in6’s low burn, metrics driven approach uncovers a startup’s unique user perceived value, surfaces it in optimized messaging/flows and builds growth and monetization strategies around this core value.

Eric Enge (Stone Temple Consulting), 

Eric Enge is the President of Stone Temple Consulting, an SEO consulting firm with offices in Boston and Northern California. Eric is a regular speaker at search industry conferences, such as Search Engine Strategies and Search Marketing Expo. Eric also makes regular contributions on the topic of SEO to Search Engine Land and Search Engine Watch, SEOmoz, and his own blogs. Eric is particularly known for his in depth interviews of major players in the search engine industry including dozens of people who work in senior capacities at the search engines. Eric is also asked to make guest contributions to Website Magazine, other SEO related blogs and news web sites, and is a senior editor for the SEO section of the... Read More.

John Fan
John Fan (Cardinal Blue Software)

John is co-founder of Cardinal Blue Software, which builds social applications hosted on Heroku (a cloud hosting platform), including Facebook apps such as Travel Balloon, Friend Stock Market, and quizzes. Cardinal Blue has a branch office in Taipei, Taiwan and targets English and Chinese language markets. Previously, John worked on wireless systems at Qualcomm Flarion Technologies, and graduated from Princeton and Stanford (Ph.D in Electrical Engineering).

Randy Farmer
Randy Farmer (MSB Associates), @frandallfarmer

F. Randall “Randy” Farmer is the co-author of the new O’Reilly/Yahoo! Press
book: Building Web Reputation Systems. He has been creating online community
systems for over 30 years, and has co-invented many of the basic structures
for both virtual worlds and social software. His accomplishments include
numerous industry firsts (such as the first virtual world, the first
avatars, and the first online marketplace). Randy worked as the community
strategic analyst for Yahoo!, advising Yahoo properties on construction of
their online communities. Randy was the principal designer of Yahoo’s global
reputation platform and the reputation models that were deployed on it which
provided the core lessons detailed in the new book.

Eric Feinberg
Eric Feinberg (ForeSee Results)

Eric Feinberg is an Industry Director at ForeSee Results, the leading customer satisfaction management company with solutions based on the American Customer Satisfaction Index (ACSI). Eric’s background includes roles as web marketing analyst at financial services company Gruntal & Co., multi-channel strategy consultant at Wheelhouse, usability specialist at Vividence (Keynote Systems) and focus group moderator at Kelton Research. His current relationships include companies like StubHub, Shutterfly, Chase, Adobe, Levi Strauss & Co., McKesson, and CBS Interactive. As technologies and trends change and evolve, Eric maintains his awareness and command of how best to understand and motivate the online consumer on behalf of his clients.

Elena Fersman
Elena Fersman (Ericsson)

Elena is a product manager at Ericsson working with eStore, bringing mobile operators and mobile developers together. Elena has a master’s degree in economics and a doctor’s degree in computer science. Her current interests include combined web and telecom technologies, and tools for mobile application development.

Rand Fishkin

Rand Fishkin is the CEO & Co-Founder of the web's most popular SEO Software provider; SEOmoz. He co-authored the Art of SEO from O'Reilly Media and was named on the 40 Under 40 List and 30 Best Young Tech Entrepreneurs Under 30. Rand has been written about in The Seattle Times, Newsweek and PC World among others and keynoted conferences on search around the world. He's particularly passionate about the SEOmoz blog, read by tens of thousands of search professionals each day. In his minuscule spare time, Rand enjoys the company of his amazing wife, whose serendipitous travel blog chronicles their journeys.

Brady Forrest
Brady Forrest (O'Reilly Media, Inc.), @brady
Brady Forrest is Program Chair for O’Reilly’s Where and co-chair for Android Open . Additionally, he co-chaired the Web 2.0 Expo in San Francisco and NYC. Brady writes for O’Reilly Radar tracking changes in technology. He previously worked at Microsoft on Live Search (he came to Microsoft when it acquired MongoMusic). Brady lives in Seattle, where he builds cars for Burning Man and runs Ignite. You can track his web travels at Truffle Honey.
Vanessa Fox
Vanessa Fox (Nine By Blue)

Vanessa Fox, called a “cyberspace visionary” by Seattle Business Monthly, is an expert in understanding customer acquisition from organic search. She shares her perspective on how this impacts marketing and user experience and how all business silos (including developers and marketers) can work together towards greater search visibility at

She’s also an entrepreneur-in-residence with Ignition Partners and Features Editor at Search Engine Land. She previously created Google’s Webmaster Central, which provides both tools and community to help website owners improve their sites to gain more customers from search. Her book, Marketing in the Age of Google, provides a blueprint for incorporating search strategy into organizations of all levels.

Anthony Franco
Anthony Franco (EffectiveUI)

Anthony Franco is the president of EffectiveUI, the leading provider of rich Internet, desktop and mobile applications for Fortune 1000 companies. He has an extensive background in providing award-winning RIAs and user experience consulting to enterprise companies. An industry veteran with more than 10 years of experience, Anthony began developing RIAs for Warner Brothers in 1998. He has also authored several industry white papers and articles, including an Adobe Flex business guide published by O’Reilly Media. EffectiveUI’s client portfolio includes Ford Motor Company, GE, Adobe, United Airlines, NBC Universal and Discovery Networks.

Jared Friedman
Jared Friedman (Scribd)

Jared Friedman is Chief Technology Officer and Co-founder of Scribd. Jared started to build Scribd during his junior year at Harvard University by converting a dorm room closet into a data center and coding for months straight. Today, Scribd is the world’s largest social publishing and reading site with over 80 million unique readers every month. Prior to Scribd, Jared worked at Cycorp, Inc., a leader in the semantic software space specializing in artificial intelligence, and studied Computer Science at Harvard University.

Ben Galbraith

Ben Galbraith is the head of product and developer relations for Google’s Developer Product group. Prior to Google, Ben has alternated between entrepreneurial and executive roles across companies in many industries, such as Mozilla, Palm/HP, and Walmart. He lives in Palo Alto with his wife and eight children.

Matt Galligan
Matt Galligan (SimpleGeo)

Matt Galligan, 25, is the CEO and Co-Founder of SimpleGeo, based out of Boulder, CO that provides a ready-to-use location infrastructure for app developers. He previously founded Socialthing, a company that was chosen to be part of the inaugural year of TechStars. went into private beta in March, 2008 at South by Southwest in Austin, Texas. The company was acquired five months later by AOL. Socialthing was later rebranded as AOL Lifestream.

Matt currently resides in Boulder, CO and is an active member of the startup community there.

Angelika Geiger
Angelika Geiger (Germany Trade and Invest GmbH), @AngelikaGeiger

Angelika Geiger has headed the West Coast office of Germany Trade and Invest, GmbH, the trade and inward investment promotion agency of the German Federal Government, since 2004. In this role, she provides information and services to high-tech companies interested in establishing business operations in Germany. She specializes in advising Clean-tech and Information Technology companies. Before joining Invest in Germany, Angelika served as CFO/COO of various Bay Area high-tech companies, including most recently, software company, SL Corporation, and e-commerce company, Entango. In her career as a corporate finance professional, she steered companies through various transitions including M&A, venture capital financing and the opening of overseas subsidiaries. In her role as COO, Angelika managed overall company operations, including departments such as Sales... Read More.

Lauren Gelman
Lauren Gelman (Blurry Edge Strategies)

Lauren Gelman has been a leader in the field of cyberlaw and policy since 1995. Working in Washington DC and in Silicon Valley she played a part in many of the most important issues the Internet community has faced since its early development, specializing in privacy and surveillance, speech, intellectual property, social media and virtual worlds. She founded BlurryEdge Strategies in January 2010 to assist companies and institutions as they navigate the complex legal, policy and business strategy landscape of the social web.

Bernard Gershon
Bernard Gershon (GershonMedia, LLC), @bgershon

Bernard Gershon is currently the President, Gershon Media, a digital media strategy practice with a focus on the convergence of information and entertainment. Mr. Gershon is advising several early stage companies. He is on the Advisory Boards of Boxee, Fwix, Panvidea, Junobaby and several other companies in the mobile and online video space.

Bernard Gershon was formally Senior Vice President and General Manager, Corporate Strategy, Business Development and Technology, at The Walt Disney Company. In this role, he was responsible for developing new digital businesses for The Walt Disney Company. In addition, he developed new digital revenue opportunities for all Disney/ABC content including broadband, wireless, cable, IPTV and VOD.
Most recently, Mr. Gershon was instrumental in delivering Disney/ABC... Read More.

Elad Gil
Elad Gil (Twitter), @eladgil

Elad is the co-founder and CEO of Mixer Labs, which operates provides location as a service for mobile developers and enterprises with geo-information needs (e.g. location broadcast social apps, geo-annotation of Tweets, etc.)

Elad has a long history in mobile local services. Prior to Mixer Labs, Elad started Google’s mobile wireless team. In this capacity he helped to buy 3 companies including Android and was the original PM on Google Mobile Maps. Elad also launched Google’s first location/GPS enabled service – Google Ride Finder on Google Labs.

Prior to Google, Elad was at multiple venture backed startups and at McKinsey & Company.

Elad is an investor or advisor to a number of silicon valley mobile and social media startups.

He recieved... Read More.

Maria Giudice (Autodesk), @mgiudice

Innovator, artist, protagonist, and positive provocateur, Maria has pursued a vision of intelligent, elegant, people-centered design throughout her professional life. Her grasp of the pragmatic, the authentic, and the essential have kept her at the forefront of design and business for over 25 years.

Under Maria’s leadership, Hot Studio, the experience design firm she founded in 1997, grew into a full-service creative agency with an impressive list of Fortune 500 clients. In March 2013, Facebook acquired the talent behind Hot Studio. In 2015, she joined Autodesk as VP, Experience Design. Her latest book, Rise of the DEO: Leadership by Design, is published by New Riders. Maria is an AIGA Design Fellow. She has spoken at conferences all over the world and currently serves... Read More.

Bryce Glass
Bryce Glass (Manta Media, Inc.)

Bryce Glass is a Principal Interaction Designer at Manta Media, Inc. and has worked on Internet community products and platforms for more than 10 years, with some of the Internet’s best-known brands (Netscape, America Online and Yahoo!). Bryce is the co-author, with F. Randall Farmer, of Building Web Reputation Systems (O’Reilly 2010).

Kelly Goto
Kelly Goto (gotomedia, LLC), @go2girl

As an evangelist for design ethnography, Kelly Goto is dedicated to understanding how real people integrate products and services into their daily lives.Goto is a sought-after international keynote lecturer and author on the topics of web and mobile strategies, usability, and design ethnography. Her book, Web Redesign 2.0: Workflow that Works has been translated into 14 languages and is an established standard for workflow methodologies and user-centered design principles worldwide.

Kelly is principal of gotomedia, LLC, a global leader in research-driven, people-friendly interface design for web, mobile and product solutions for clients including Seiko Epson Japan, Adobe, VeriSign, Nokia, WebEx and CNET. For the past 20 years, she has worked in the digital media industry launching brands and initiatives for Toyota, Paramount, Infiniti,... Read More.

Mike Gotta (Burton Group), @mikeg514

Mr. Gotta is a Principal Analyst at Burton Group. His research agenda focuses on strategies and technologies related to collaboration and social networking. Mr. Gotta has been in the IT industry since 1980. He has over 13 years experience as an industry analyst advising global organizations on best practices related to informal learning, teaming and community-building initiatives and has published hundreds of articles on collaboration and social computing trends. He is a recognized subject-matter expert and a frequent speaker at industry events. Mike is also an avid blogger.

Chris Griffith
Chris Griffith (Nortek Security & Control), @chrisgriffith

Chris Griffith is the user experience lead at home automation and security company Nortek Security & Control as well as an instructor at the University of California, San Diego Extension, where he teaches mobile application development. Chris is the author of Mobile App Development with Ionic 2, from O’Reilly, has served as a technical reviewer for several publications, and has written for UX Magazine. He is an Adobe Community Professional specializing in PhoneGap/Cordova and experience design and has developed several mobile applications, a variety of code hinters, and ConfiGAP for PhoneGap Build. You can follow him on Twitter as @chrisgriffith or at

Jason Grigsby
Jason Grigsby (Cloud Four), @grigs

Jason Grigsby is cofounder of Cloud Four, a small web agency in lovely Portland, Oregon. Jason was part of the team that worked on the Obama ‘08 iPhone app, founded Mobile Portland and the first open device lab, and was a signatory to the Future Friendly Web Manifesto. When he was young, Jason whistled at 1,200 baud, was utterly unimpressed when first introduced to Mosaic, and was bit by the mobile bug in 2000, when WAP was crap. Jason coauthored Head First Mobile Web for O’Reilly. He participated in the Responsive Images Community Group and has written numerous articles on how to use responsive images. He is currently obsessed with the potential of progressive web apps.

Allan Haley
Allan Haley (Monotype Imaging)

Allan Haley is Director of Words & Letters at Monotype Imaging. Here he is responsible for strategic planning and creative implementation of just about everything related to typeface designs. He is also responsible for editorial content for the company’s type libraries and Web sites.

Prior working for Monotype Imaging, Mr. Haley was Principal of Resolution, a consulting firm with expertise in fonts, font technology, type and typographic communication. He was also executive vice president of International Typeface Corporation.

Mr. Haley is ex officio Chairman of the Board of the Society of Typographic Aficionados, and past President of the New York Type Directors Club. He is highly regarded as an educator and is a frequently requested speaker at national computer and design conferences.

Mr. Haley... Read More.

Kristina Halvorson
Kristina Halvorson (Brain Traffic), @halvorson

Kristina Halvorson is the founder and president of Brain Traffic, a nationally-renowned agency specializing in content strategy and writing for websites.

Widely recognized as one of the country’s leading content strategists, Kristina speaks regularly to audiences around the world about how to deliver useful, usable content online, where and when your customers need it most. She is the author of Content Strategy for the Web (New Riders, August 2009), the first book to be published defining content strategy and its value.

In 2009, Kristina curated the first Content Strategy Consortium to facilitate a national dialogue about this emerging discipline. She has appeared as a featured speaker at Web 2.0 Expo, IA Summit, Future of Web Apps, Future of Web Design, An Event Apart, Voices That... Read More.

Mark Halvorson
Mark Halvorson (Atlassian)

Mark Halvorson is the Chief Imagineer and OpenSocial Evangelist at Atlassian Software – the makers of JIRA and Confluence. He has a long history working with portals and social enterprise software having worked in various capacities from software developer to technical marketer for Firepond, Plumtree, BEA and Oracle.

Tristan Harris
Tristan Harris (Apture)

Tristan stopped out of the Stanford Computer Science Masters program to start Apture. A Mayfield Fellow with the Stanford Technology Ventures Program in entrepreneurship, Tristan is an alumnus of Wikia. When not evangelizing Apture, he spends his time playing Yann Tiersen music on the piano and dancing Argentine Tango in San Francisco. Tristan holds a BS in Computer Science from Stanford, with a focus in Human Computer Interaction.

Cal Henderson
Cal Henderson (Flickr)

Originally from England, Cal is the VP of Engineering for Tiny Speck. Until recently he worked at Yahoo! Inc, as the Director of Engineering for Flickr, in San Francisco, California. He worked on Flickr from the day it started development (on his laptop) until April 2009 (when it was the “Official website of the Internet”).

Before Flickr, he was the technical director of Special Web Projects at Emap, a UK media company. By night he works for a whole slew of web sites and communities, including the creative community B3TA and his personal site, iamcal. In his spare time, he writes windows software, develops web publishing tools, and writes occasional articles about web application development and security.

In 2006 he... Read More.

Jack Herrick
Jack Herrick (wikiHow)

Jack started wikiHow, a wiki based how-to guide. With over 23 million unique visitors, wikiHow is one of the most popular sites on the web. As wikiHow’s steward, Jack works with a community of thousands of volunteers who create, edit and maintain wikiHow’s 75,000 how-to articles.

Prior to starting wikiHow, Jack was co-owner and co-CEO of Under Jack’s leadership, eHow became the world’s most popular how-to manual. Jack sold to Demand Media in 2006. Previous companies Jack co-founded include Luminescent Technologies, a leading provider of computational semiconductor lithography technology and, the largest online vendor of restaurant equipment and supplies. Earlier in his career Jack worked at McKinsey & Company.

Jack currently serves on the board of directors for StatusNet, an... Read More.

Michael Higgins
Michael Higgins (Rhiza Labs)

Mike oversees Rhiza Labs’ technology research and product development. He combines his experience in product design and development with his research background to make sure the most cutting-edge technology is available in our Information Commons-based products. The best way to do this is to lead by example, so Mike spends much of his time programming, adding new features and improving existing ones in Rhiza’s portfolio.

Before starting Rhiza Labs, Mike worked for MAYA Design. He has published papers in pervasive computing, distributed systems, information visualization, and user experience design. He has contributed to the design and development of numerous products.

When not hacking or pondering the future of information technology, Mike likes to travel to offbeat places. He also enjoys feeling guilty about... Read More.

Heather Hilleren
Heather Hilleren (Local Dirt) is a national logistics & marketing SaaS for local food. Funded by National Science Foundation and OATV. Think it’s easy working with gov, techs, corp, foodies and farmers? Try it.

Bess Ho
Bess Ho (Archimedes Ventures), @bess

Bess Ho is the Mobile Architect (EIR) at Archimedes Ventures. She gesture lectures at well-established universities and teaches mobile design and development privately and online at She is also an active mobile publisher and hacker. The team she led won “Best Healthcare” category at iPhone Dev Camp in 2009 and 2011 and receive “Honorable Mention” at iPad Dev Camp 2010. She won top prizes in iOS app at Muther! Hackathon in 2011. She is also a winner recipient of Nokia Open Screen Project Fund in 2010.

Bess has presented at major tech conferences and events in Web20 Expo SF, Where20 Conference, Plug and Play Mobile Play conference, Silicon Valley Code Camp (SVCC), Techcrunch Disrupt Hackathon, Silicon Valley China Wireless Conference (SVCW)... Read More.

Jason Hoffman
Jason Hoffman (Joyent, Inc.), @jasonh

Jason is the Founder and Chief Scientist at Joyent, and served as it’s CTO for the company’s first 6 years. Having moved on from direct management of our product, engineering, operations and support groups, Jason’s group is responsible for research and advanced development, technical outreach, evangelism, consultative efforts for partners and business units, and manages Joyent’s intellectual property portfolio including involvement in open source projects, licensing, technology transfer, assessments of potential partnerships, mergers and acquisitions. He was once referred to as a “Renaissance engineer” by ZFS creator Jeff Bonwick, and has always used “computers” to solve real problems: Starting with ab initio molecular orbital calculations using VAX/VMS machines, and moving on to small molecule design and protein docking while earning a... Read More.

Matt Holitza
Matt Holitza (IBM Rational), @holitza

Matt has over 10 years of experience as a software development professional. His current role focuses on helping customers succeed in their implementations of collaborative application lifecycle management solutions. Before joining IBM Rational, Matt served in many IT roles from developing mainframe applications to deploying enterprise change management processes and tools. Most recently Matt was the QA Manager for a Fortune 500 company.

Ryan Holmes
Ryan Holmes (HootSuite), @invoker

Ryan Holmes is the CEO of HootSuite Media, Inc. and also co-founded Invoke Media in 2000. Ryan’s experience combines diverse management skills with solid industry and technical knowledge in addition to academic knowledge through the University of Victoria School of Business and Okanagan College plus hands-on entrepreneurial experience through several start-up ventures including a restaurant chain, a tourist adventure business, and an e-commerce store with 3m+/year revenues. Holmes frequently appears in media interviews, speaks at conferences and participates in industry panels about the future of the social web.

  • Photo courtesy of Kris Krug
David Hornik
David Hornik (August Capital)

David Hornik is a general partner with August Capital. He has spent the last decade investing broadly in information technology companies, with a focus on enterprise application and infrastructure software, as well as consumer software and services. David is an investor in StumbleUpon, Splunk, LiveOps, SAY Media, Gravity, WePay, PayNearMe, Ebates, among others, and has previously invested in the likes of Evite, Tickle and PayCycle. Prior to joining August Capital, David was a litigator, IP and corporate attorney at Cravath, VLG and Perkins Coie.

David holds an AB in Computer Music from Stanford University, an M.Phil in Criminology from Cambridge University and a JD from Harvard Law School. He is a lecturer at Stanford’s Graduate School of Business, where he teaches Intellectual Property,... Read More.

Drew is the cofounder and CEO of Dropbox, the leading way to store and share files online. Dropbox lets you get to your important files from any of your computers or the web. The company launched at the TechCrunch50 conference in 2008 and is backed by Sequoia Capital and Y Combinator.

Drew was named one of the top “Twentysomething Entrepreneurs” by BusinessWeek in April 2008. Before founding Dropbox, he was a lead software engineer at Bit9, a venture-backed network security company, cofounded a profitable online SAT prep company called Accolade, and held engineering roles in various startups since the age of 14. He received his S.B. in computer science from MIT.

Kevin Hoyt (Adobe Systems, Inc.)

Kevin Hoyt is a Platform Evangelist with Adobe Systems, Inc. Passionate about engaging user experiences, you’ll most often find him meeting with customers, speaking at conferences, presenting online seminars, or just enjoying the chance to share ideas and brainstorm with other developers. When not on the road, Kevin enjoys spending time with his family, photography and general aviation.

Ben Huh
Ben Huh (I Can Has Cheezburger)

Ben is a former journalist turned dot com entrepreneur who has a knack for
nailing the zeitgeist. He has been credited with bringing Internet memes to
the mainstream and popularizing Internet culture. The success of his
business is attributed to his knowledge of memes, viral content, and crowd
sourcing. Ben graduated with a BSJ from Northwestern University’s Medill
School of Journalism.

Erin Hunter
Erin Hunter (comScore, Inc.)

Erin Hunter runs the Media, Retail and Technology Practices for comScore, overseeing all aspects of these businesses for the company. In this role, Erin manages the business units responsible for delivering marketplace insights and marketing intelligence for comScore’s blue-chip clients including Microsoft, Google, Yahoo!, Platform A, Sears, Best Buy, Intel, Apple, and hundreds of others. Erin joined comScore in 1999 and has served on comScore’s Executive Committee since 2006. She is a seasoned industry analyst, with a background in marketing, marketing research, statistical modeling, and media consulting.

Prior to joining comScore, Ms. Hunter spent eight years at MMA, a media consultancy in Westport, Connecticut where she used the company’s proprietary regression-based methodology to quantify the return on clients on investment in traditional marketing vehicles.... Read More.

Paul Irish
Paul Irish (Google Chrome), @paul_irish

Paul Irish is a front-end developer who loves the web. He works on Google Chrome, its performance and devtools.

Chris Jaffe
Chris Jaffe (Yahoo! Inc.)

Chris Jaffe leads design and research for Yahoo!’s advanced ad products in social, mobile, video, rich media, and interactive TV. His recent work includes leading design for Yahoo!’s emerging social ad products, design of numerous leading video ad formats including some now accepted as industry standards, and leading design for mobile and tablet ad experiences. Previous to his work at Yahoo!, he spent eight years as user experience consultant to diverse brands, agencies, and technology companies. He holds degrees from Cornell and the University of Arizona and lives in the San Francisco bay area.

Richard Jalichandra
Richard Jalichandra (Technorati)

Mr. Jalichandra is a veteran Internet executive whose media experience includes leadership roles across the media spectrum: as a client, at an agency, as a publisher, and with an advertising network. Currently, he is the President and CEO of Technorati Media, the largest blog and social media ad network. Prior to Technorati, he worked as an M&A and strategy consultant for several Internet properties and investment firms, and served as SVP of Corporate Development for Exponential Interactive, Tribal Fusion’s parent company. Previously, Mr. Jalichandra was SVP of Business Development for Fox Interactive Media, and was the Vice President of Business & Corporate Development at IGN Entertainment (acquired by Fox Interactive), where he led the company’s M&A, business development and international activities.... Read More.

Brad Jefferson

As CEO of Animoto, Brad leads the charge in driving Animoto to be the global standard for consumers and businesses to automatically create professional-looking video from images, video clips and music. Prior to co-founding Animoto in 2006, Brad spent eight years with Onyx Software where he saw the company grow from a 17-person start-up to an 800-person public company and eventually through an acquisition. At Onyx, Brad managed Sales Operations and the Professional Services team and customer base in the western US. Brad graduated from Dartmouth College and currently resides in Oakland, CA.

Simon Jeffrey (ngmoco:))

Simon Jeffery brings 22 years of games industry experience to ngmoco after more than four years as president and COO of Sega of America, where he oversaw all publishing and product development activities for the top ten publisher. Prior to Sega, Jeffery was president and COO of LucasArts. Jeffery moved to LucasArts in 1998 after working in a number of marketing, business, and development roles for Virgin Interactive and Electronic Arts, both in the United States and Europe.

BRIAN Jenius
BRIAN Jenius (IBM Rational), @RationalTester

At IBM Rational, Brian Bryson is a member of the quality management team that plans and delivers IBM Rational’s software quality toolset. Prior to joining the IBM Rational group in 1995, Brian spent several years in Quality Assurance. Holding various positions from Tester to QA Manager, Brian studied and developed the best practices required to implement effective quality automation. A certified management accountant and former instructor at Carleton University in Ottawa, Canada, Brian has delivered IBM Rational’s message of quality driven software delivery to both students and quality assurance professionals. Brian blogs at The Rational Tester and tweets at

Melissa  Jordan
Melissa Jordan (Bay Area Rapid Transit), @sfbart

Melissa Jordan has worked at BART as senior marketing representative since June 2008. Her areas of responsibility include content management for the website and development of BART’s social web strategy. She produces BART’s Twitter feed at and blogs at Before joining BART, she spent two decades as a reporter and editor for news organizations including The Associated Press and the San Jose Mercury News. She is a graduate of Columbia University Graduate School of Journalism and the University of Georgia.

Joe Kennedy
Joe Kennedy (Pandora)

Joe Kennedy joined Pandora in 2004 following a five-year stint at E-LOAN, where he was President and Chief Operating Officer. From 1995 to 1999, he was the Vice President of Sales, Service and Marketing for Saturn Corporation, which he grew to over $4 billion in revenue and established as the top brand for customer satisfaction in the auto industry. Joe joined the initial start-up team at Saturn, four months after its founding, as a marketing manager and held positions of increasing marketing responsibility over the course of his 11-year tenure there.

Joe holds an M.B.A. from Harvard Business School and a B.S. degree in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science from Princeton University, where he dabbled in music theory and learned to compose his... Read More.

Raman Khanna
Raman Khanna (ONSET Ventures)

Raman Khanna has 20 years of operating experience and 15 years of investment experience in information technology. Raman was named on the Forbes Midas List as a top 100 dealmaker in 2008 and 2009. He has been involved in many start-ups that had exits valued at over $1 Billion. At ONSET, Raman is focused on software, internet infrastructure and digital media sectors. He currently serves on boards of Permuto, Serus, FirstRain and Nitronex.

Prior to becoming a managing director of ONSET, Raman co-founded Diamondhead Ventures in June 2000 where he led the firm’s investments in Cavium Networks (IPO: CAVM), Reactivity (acquired by Cisco Systems), PassMark Security (acquired by RSA Security/EMC), Orative (acquired by Cisco Systems), Intraspect (acquired by... Read More.

Charlie Kim
Charlie Kim (Next Jump, Inc. )

Charlie Kim serves as Chief Executive Officer and Chairman of Next Jump, Inc. Mr. Kim founded Next Jump in 1994. He worked in the Information Technology and Human Resources groups of Morgan Stanley in New York, Hong Kong and Tokyo from 1995 to 1997. He returned to Boston in April 1997 to grow the business full-time. To grow Next Jump from a one-person operation to a multi-layered corporation, he raised millions in independent investments from Wall Street’s most influential players. He graduated with Honors from Tufts University in 1995, where he earned a B.S. in Computer Science and a B.A. in Quantitative Economics.

Marshall Kirkpatrick
Marshall Kirkpatrick (Little Bird)

Seven years ago, presenter Marshall Kirkpatrick worked at a
convenience store in a small town in Oregon, today he’s become one of
the most successful tech industry bloggers online (formerly lead
writer at both TechCrunch and ReadWriteWeb) and is now the CEO of a
venture-backed company called Little Bird. Little Bird helps anyone
do the kind of work that Marshall did to make his career in the social
web: to find the right people, to discover key information, to act
fast and raise your voice by adding value to conversations on a global

Brian Knapp
Brian Knapp (Loopt)

Brian is Loopt’s Chief Operating Officer responsible for leading the execution of day-to-day company activities and operations, as well as corporate development, legal affairs, and privacy matters.

Previously an associate at Wilson Sonsini Goodrich & Rosati with a focus on intellectual property technology transactions. Counseled clients regarding Digital Millennium Copyright Act compliance, data privacy practices, and intellectual property portfolio strategies. Prior to joining WSGR, served as an extern to Justice Ming W. Chin of the Supreme Court of California.

Additionally, before law school, held senior positions in business development with Barnes &, Dun & Bradstreet,, and Penguin Publishing Group. Graduated with a J.D. cum laude, in 2005 from University of San Francisco School of Law; Law Review staff member and elected... Read More.

Josh Kopelman
Josh Kopelman (First Round Capital)

Josh has been an active entrepreneur and investor in the Internet industry since its commercialization. He currently is Managing Partner of First Round Capital, a seed-stage venture fund focused on technology investments.

In 1992, while he was a student at the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania, Josh co-founded Infonautics Corporation – an Internet information company. In 1996, Infonautics went public on the NASDAQ stock exchange.

Josh founded in July of 1999, and led it to become one of the largest sellers of used books, movies and music in the world. was acquired by eBay in July 2000 — and Josh remained with eBay for three years, running the business unit and growing eBay’s Media marketplace to almost half a... Read More.

Ryan Kuder
Ryan Kuder (Biz360)

Ryan is responsible for driving awareness of Biz360 products and services and helping the company expand into the small and medium size businesses market. He is also responsible for product marketing as the company unfolds a single platform to measure both traditional and social media. He brings to Biz360 diverse experience, having worked with small business startups, including leading one himself, as well as marketing for major online brands.

Prior to Biz360 Ryan worked with early stage high-tech startups at Koombea Interactive where he helped entrepreneurs develop product, marketing and business strategies and advised them on the uses of social technology. Prior to that Ryan led international marketing for Yahoo! Mail and led a team focused on audience marketing. Before Yahoo, Ryan managed the... Read More.

Ranjith Kumaran (YouSendIt, Inc.)

Ranjith Kumaran is the founder and CTO of YouSendIt, a leader in web-based digital content delivery. In this role, he is responsible for overseeing the company’s product roadmap and conducting competitive analysis and has actively contributed to launching YouSendIt’s paid subscription services.
Prior to YouSendIt, Kumaran worked with Verisity Design, a key provider of verification process automation (VPA) solutions, where he managed product marketing for the software tools of Access Systems. Previously, he was the director of sales engineering at Celoxica, a leading provider of C-based design and behavioral synthesis tools, where he built the company’s sales applications and established its engineering team.
Kumaran also was a software systems engineer at Red Hat, one of the largest and most recognized... Read More.

Scott Kveton
Scott Kveton (Urban Airship, Inc.)

Scott brings 15 years of experience building technology, developing business strategy and leading engineering teams with companies like, Rulespace, JanRain and now Urban Airship. Urban Airship works with thousands of brands using their leading mobile messaging and monetization platform. Scott was the co-founder of the Open Source Lab helping open source projects like Mozilla, Linux, Apache, Drupal grow into mainstream usage. Scott was an active supporter of open web standards having co-founded the OpenID and Open Web Foundations. He currently lives in Portland, OR.

Jaeme Laczkowski
Jaeme Laczkowski (LeapFrog Enterprises, Inc.)

A seasoned communications professional who has quickly embraced and pioneered social media best practices, Jaeme Laczkowski in 2008 firmly ushered LeapFrog into the online space, building both a Parents Community and Facebook channel from the ground up. In 2009, membership in LeapFrog’s social channels increased by more than 600 per cent, due to Jaeme’s strategic development initiatives and low-cost engagement practices. More than ten years spent in public relations, crisis and corporate communications, and brand positioning, for clients such as Horizon Organic, Mattel Interactive, and Intuit have informed Jaeme’s ability to tightly integrate social media outreach with traditional marketing and CRM, for highly leveraged campaigns company-wide.

Francois Lagunas (Stupeflix), @madlag

Chief Scientist at Exalead & Dailymotion.

CTO & Founder at Stupeflix

Jenny Lam
Jenny Lam (Jackson Fish Market), @helveticagirl

Jenny co-founded Jackson Fish Market in 2007 with partners Hillel Cooperman and Walter Smith. Since its inception JFM has shipped 12 hand-crafted consumer software experiences, including Thrilled for You, They’re Beautiful!, Invitastic, and What a Lovely Name. Their latest product is A Story Before Bed, a service that marries e-books with online video to bring far away relatives closer to the children they love.

Before striking out on her own with Jackson Fish Market, Jenny was Creative Director of the Windows User Experience team at Microsoft. Jenny also teaches and serves on the advisory board for Portfolio Center School for Design in Atlanta, and is actively involved with both local and national organizations to foster the next generation of... Read More.

8 years
Media & Internet, sociology
BCG, Sr. project mgr.

Since 2008
Founder and CEO of pearltrees

Matthew Langie
Matthew Langie (Omniture, An Adobe Company)

Matthew Langie is Director of Product Marketing for the Omniture Business Unit, Adobe Systems Incorporated, where he spearheads product marketing for the industry-leading web analytics solutions including Omniture SiteCatalyst and Omniture Discover.

Langie has extensive software marketing management experience including leadership roles at WebTrends, Infor Global Solutions, Datastream, and Hewlett-Packard. Previously, he built the marketing team for the entertainment software company founded by best-selling author Michael Crichton, and led marketing and business development efforts for the software technology research lab at Intel.

He holds a BBA in marketing from the University of Notre Dame and an MBA from the University of Texas at Austin, where he was recognized with the Texas Business Hall of Fame foundation award and scholarship. He is... Read More.

Andy Lapin (Kelley Blue Book), @andylapin

Andy is responsible for overseeing product and enterprise architecture for all of Kelley Blue Book’s SaaS products and backend data systems. His focus is on creating an agile enterprise that can take full advantage of emerging trends in technology and development methods as a competitive advantage. Andy also has been the leader for research and development and has been instrumental in several new products. He has extensive background as a developer for both product and enterprise development. Prior to Kelley Blue Book, Andy spent time working for Deloitte and for a small internet startup. He holds a M.S. from UCLA.

Elizabeth Lawley (Rochester Institute of Technology)

Elizabeth Lane Lawley is the director of the Lab for Social Computing at the Rochester Institute of Technology, where she is also an associate professor of Interactive Games & Media. Her current teaching and research interests focus on social computing technologies such as weblogs, wikis, virtual worlds, collaborative information retrieval, and gender imbalances in technology and education.

Marcel LeBrun
Marcel LeBrun (Radian6), @lebrun

Marcel LeBrun is a serial entrepreneur, media philosopher, and the CEO of Radian6, the social media monitoring company that is used by leading brands such as Dell, Microsoft, Comcast, Kodak, and Pepsi to listen, measure and engage with their customers across the social web.

Marcel believes that “your brand is now the sum of conversations about it”. He loves to talk about the transformative effect of social media on how businesses communicate with their customers (see him riff on the subject in this video), and he has been known to geek out on the topic of social media metrics and measurement.

Marcel @lebrun is active on Twitter and invites you to connect and say hello.

Steve Lee (Google)

Steve Lee has global responsibility for all Google geo-related mobile products, which include Google Maps, Google Latitude, and Google’s location service platform.

He has 14 years industry experience, ranging from entrepreneurship to software development to product management. Before coming to Google, he worked at IBM, Yahoo, and 2 startup endeavors, NewMonics and Verdada. He has an MBA from UC Berkeley Haas and a double major in Computer Engineering and Computer Science from Iowa State University. He has been known to play poker and enjoys cycling, traveling, and reading.

Paul Levine (National Geographic)

Paul Levine heads up National Geographic’s Global Media’s Interactive Platforms division, which includes the company’s mobile, games, maps and interactive publishing businesses. Paul is also responsible for Global Media’s corporate strategy and business development organization, which encompasses digital media, entertainment and film, kids, travel, mobile, music, maps, magazines, books and television. He also drives and manages M&A and strategic alliance activities. An industry veteran with 20 years of experience, Paul has extensive knowledge of traditional and new media and video and content distribution across all platforms. Paul is an expert on branding strategy and implementation and has successfully spearheaded numerous branding campaigns for organization such as National Geographic and AOL.

Charlene Li
Charlene Li (Altimeter Group), @charleneli

Charlene Li is the founding partner of Altimeter Group, which provide strategic consulting on how organizations can work with disruptive technologies. She has a blog, “The Altimeter” that discusses these topics at

She is also the co-author of the business bestseller, “Groundswell: Winning In A World Transformed By Social Technologies”, published by Harvard Business Press in May 2008.

Charlene is one of the most frequently-quoted industry analysts and has appeared on 60 Minutes, The McNeil NewsHour, ABC News, CNN, and CNBC. She is also frequently quoted by The Wall Street Journal, The New York Times, USAToday, Reuters, and The Associated Press. She is a much-sought after public speaker and has presented frequently at top technology conferences such as Web 2.0 Expo,... Read More.

Brett Lider
Brett Lider (Google, Inc.)

Brett is a user experience designer on Google’s Mobile Team, leading the design efforts for Gmail and Google Buzz. In this role, he faces a variety of product design challenges: both web and native app UI, cross-app integration and consistency, and designing to push the limits of current mobile browser technology. He has been at the company for five years and has been part of teams that received Google’s Founders Award, the company’s highest internal prize. Brett is also credited with discovering the ideal bicycling commuting route from San Francisco to Mountain View.

Brett has a bachelor’s degree in cognitive science from the University of Virginia.

Mike Linksvayer
Mike Linksvayer (Creative Commons), @mlinksva

Linksvayer manages Creative Commons, which he joined as its CTO in 2003, where he has been a leader in scaling innovation and creativity through Creative Commons’ legal and technical infrastructure that enable the realization of the potential of digital networks to increase collaboration for business, institutions, and individuals. In 2000 Linksvayer co-founded Bitzi, an early semantic web, open content, open data, and mass collaboration service for annotation of all types of files which was integrated into many leading peer to peer applications. Previously he worked as a web and enterprise software developer and consultant. Linksvayer holds a degree from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign in economics, a field which continues to strongly inform his approach to optimizing the social benefits of creativity and... Read More.

Angela LoSasso
Angela LoSasso (Hewlett-Packard, Co.), @AngelaAtHP

Angela LoSasso is Global Social Media Strategist for HP’s Imaging and Printing Group. In this role, Angela collaborates with HP’s executives, digital strategists, customers and fans to extend HP’s brand, technology and service leadership into thriving social and digital experiences. Angela has specialized in digital and social strategy for more than a decade.

Prior to joining HP, she contributed to the successful launches of digital brands such as Netflix, where she was the Director of Editorial, and CNET, where Angela was the Executive Editor of Reviews. Angela began her career as a journalist, including stints with the Los Angeles Times and Entrepreneur Magazine. She’s a graduate of the Walter Cronkite School of Journalism and Broadcasting at Arizona State University.

You can find her most... Read More.

John Lovett
John Lovett (Web Analytics Demystified)

John Lovett is widely recognized as a web analytics industry luminary who has impacted the analytics community through his research and thought leadership. As a veteran industry analyst, Mr. Lovett is often called upon to present at events and frequently quoted in mainstream media because of his deep knowledge of web analytics issues and intimate familiarity with measurement technologies.

Daniel Lu
Daniel Lu (SlideShare), @slideshare_dan

Daniel Lu is a self-described Swiss Army knife at SlideShare. His responsibilities span metrics, advertising operations, search engine optimization, user experience and community. Daniel is constantly turning knobs and tinkering with formulas to optimize performance. Recently he worked on large campaigns with Adobe Acrobat 9 and Microsoft Office as well as helping launch SlideShare’s own LeadShare, AdShare and the recent Channels product.

Before SlideShare, Daniel explored virtual worlds at RocketOn and had a brief stint in the automotive industry that included time at Jaguar Cars & Fisker Coachbuild. Daniel graduated Magna Cum Laude from the Haas School of Business at UC Berkeley.

Peter Lubbers
Peter Lubbers (Kaazing )

Peter Lubbers is the director of documentation and training at Kaazing. He is the co-author of the Apress book Pro HTML5 Programming and teaches HTML5 training courses all over the world.

Prior to joining Kaazing, Peter worked as an information architect at Oracle, where he wrote many books, such as the award-winning Oracle Application Server Portal Configuration Guide. Peter also develops documentation automation solutions and two of his inventions are patented.

Kevin Lynch

As chief technology officer and senior vice president, Experience & Technology Organization, Kevin Lynch oversees Adobe’s experience design and core technology across business units. This role includes driving Adobe’s technology platform for designers and developers across desktops and devices, including Adobe® Flash® Player, Portable Document Format (PDF), Adobe Flex® and Adobe AIR™, the cross-operating system application runtime that bridges the computing power and data capabilities of the desktop with the real-time dynamic capabilities of the web. He also oversees Adobe’s developer relations program, including the integration of customers and partners in the development process through Adobe Labs and customer advisory councils.

Prior to being named CTO in 2008, Lynch served as senior vice president and chief software architect for Adobe’s Platform Business Unit.... Read More.

Amitt Mahajan

Currently a lead developer at Zynga, Amitt Mahajan began his career in the games industry at Electronic Arts developing Sims 2 for the PS2, Xbox, and GameCube. After that, he joined Epic Games and received programmer credits on Gears of War and Unreal Tournament 3. Post-Epic he co-founded a social gaming startup called MyMiniLife where he lead development efforts. The MyMiniLife team and technology were acquired by Zynga in June 2009. Amitt joined Zynga with the acquisition and was a core developer and designer of FarmVille from conception to launch and beyond.

Fran Maier (TRUSTe)

Fran Maier is the Executive Director and President of TRUSTe, the leading brand in online privacy. Ms. Maier brings 15+ years of experience building consumer brands and enhancing consumer trust.

Since Ms. Maier joined TRUSTe in 2001, the independent, non-profit has evolved to expand consumer choice from websites to email and most recently consumer downloadable software. TRUSTe has strengthened its monitoring and dispute resolution activities while certifying more than 2000 websites including leading brands such as Yahoo!, MSN, eBay, AOL, Intuit, Nestle, Symantec, the NFL, and Intercontinental Hotel Group. TRUSTe has experienced consistent annual double-digit budget growth under her leadership.

Ms. Maier speaks widely on the issues of privacy, security, and trust, has appeared before the Federal Trade Commission and the... Read More.

Erin Malone
Erin Malone (Tangible UX), @emalone

Erin Malone, Principal with Tangible ux, has over 20 years of experience leading design teams and developing social experiences for web and software. Prior to Tangible, she spent 4+ years at Yahoo! leading the Platform User Experience Design team where they were responsible for Community products and platforms, for helping develop the Yahoo! Open Strategy, including its social offerings, building the Yahoo! Design Pattern Library and for providing design expertise to the popular YUI (Yahoo! User Interface Library). Additionally, she led the redesign of the Yahoo! Developer Network, oversaw the redesign of Yahoo!’s registration system, and worked on cross-company initiatives. Before Yahoo!, she was a Design Director at AOL responsible for community applications, Creative Director at AltaVista and chief Information Architect for Zip2.... Read More.

Joshua Marinacci

Josh Marinacci is a blogger and co-author of Swing Hacks and Building Mobile Apps with Java for O’Reilly Media. He is currently the technical marketing manager for PubNub. He previously was a researcher for Nokia, worked on WebOS at Palm, and JavaFX, Swing, NetBeans, and the Java Store at Sun Microsystems. Josh lives in Eugene, Oregon and is passionate about open source technology and great user experiences. Ask Josh about HTML Canvas, mobile apps, and visual design. Or 3D printing and wearable computing. Or just ask him to rant about Java.

Kendra Markle
Kendra Markle (Stanford Prevention Research Center), @kendramarkle

Kendra builds persuasive technology tools for healthy behavior change. She works with the Persuasive Technology Lab at Stanford University on mobile persuasion, the psychology of Facebook, and social networking for health. She does research at Kaiser Permanente using technology tools to help patients manage obesity and chronic conditions. Her company produces tools for mental health, including recovering from depression, learning mindfulness, synthesizing happiness and building willpower. You can sign up to play with her new tools when they get released into the wild as pilots at Check out to learn more about brain science and persuasive behavior change.

Dan Martell
Dan Martell (Flowtown), @danmartell

Dan Martell is the co-founder of Flowtown, a social marketing platform for small businesses. An award-winning Canadian entrepreneur, at 25, Dan formed his first start-up, Spheric Technologies Inc., and watched it grow by an average of 152% per year before he sold the company 4 years later in mid-2008.

Now living in San Francisco, Martell spends the majority of his time looking at ways to build a bridge between Silicon Valley and his home province of New Brunswick, CA. As an informal angel investor, he is active in advising entrepreneurs using metric-based marketing tactics to gain market adoption.

Martell is passionately involved in facilitating micro-lending to entrepreneurs in developing countries through the non-profit,

Chelsea Marti

With a passion for the cross-section between digital strategy and community relations, Chelsea Marti is currently PR & Social Media Manager for TurboTax – part of Intuit Inc.’s consumer products division, which includes TurboTax, Quicken, and

As a member of Intuit Inc.’s consumer products division since 2008, Marti has worked on PR and social media strategy for both the Quicken line of products and TurboTax. As PR & Social Media Manager, she is focused on building engaging and informative product blogs by executing social content strategies that drive SEO and PR results, and continually leverages social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter to help acquire and engage customers. In addition to managing TurboTax’s building social media presence, Marti also conducts media relations... Read More.

Hilary Mason
Hilary Mason (Cloudera Fast Forward Labs), @hmason

Hilary Mason is vice president of research at Cloudera Fast Forward Labs and data scientist in residence at Accel Partners. Previously, Hilary was chief scientist at Bitly. She cohosts DataGotham, a conference for New York’s homegrown data community, and cofounded HackNY, a nonprofit that helps engineering students find opportunities in New York’s creative technical economy. She’s on the board of the Anita Borg Institute and an advisor to several companies, including SparkFun Electronics, Wildcard, and Wonder. Hilary served on Mayor Bloomberg’s Technology Advisory Board and is a member of Brooklyn hacker collective NYC Resistor.

Martin May
Martin May (Brightkite), @brightkite

Martin is a co-founder of Brightkite, a location-based social networking company founded as part of the 2007 TechStars program, and acquired by Limbo Inc. in 2009. His primary areas of interest are geospatial services and mobile location technology. Martin has worked in R&D and engineering positions at various high-profile technology companies and holds a BS in Computer Science from the University of Aberdeen in Scotland. In 2009, Martin was named one of BusinessWeek’s Best Young Tech Entrepreneurs.

Lev Mazin (

Lev is the CEO and co-founder of, the first self-service target market research Web application designed for small business.

Lev also is the founder and Art Director of Levasha active design studio, a graphic designer & UI expert who believes that any solid brand is a projection of its consumer’s experience.

Charles McCathieNevile (Opera Software), @chaals

Charles McCathieNevile (better known to the world as “chaals”) has been Chief Standards Officer at Opera since 2005, and is responsible for Opera’s leading role in ensuring that the best of Web development is available to the world in the form of open standards. With more than two decades of experience in both commercial and academic hypertext systems, his personal interests are broad but include accessibility of the web to all people from all devices, and better ways to make information help people reach more of their goals more easily. He is co-chair of the W3C WebApps working group, and involved personally in several W3C working groups. Before joining Opera Charles worked on the Staff of W3C. In his spare time he is Vice... Read More.

Dave McClure
Dave McClure (500 Hats)

Dave McClure has been geeking out in Silicon Valley for almost twenty years as a software developer, entrepreneur, startup advisor, angel investor, blogger, & internet marketing nerd. He is an advisor or investor for Mint, Mashery, Simply Hired, TeachStreet, Oortle, CrazyEgg, SlideShare, Eventvue, RichRelevance, HealthUnity, & Canopy Financial.

Dave is the conference chair for, and runs a monthly dinner series for entrepreneurs called He has been a guest lecturer at Stanford University for the nation’s first-ever course on building Facebook Apps. Dave is a board member for microfinance accelerator Unitus, advisor to microfinance lender, and a co-founder of the Silicon Valley Microfinance Network.

From 2005 to 2006, Dave launched and ran marketing for job search engine Simply... Read More.

Scott McIlnay
Scott McIlnay (Department of the Navy), @smcilnay

Commander Scott McIlnay, U.S. Navy, graduated from Boston University in 1995 with bachelor’s degrees in journalism and political science. During his initial tours of duty, he served as the communications officer and main propulsion assistant on board the destroyer USS Arthur W. Radford (DD 968) and as navigator aboard the destroyer USS Mitscher (DDG 57). He then moved to the public affairs career field in 1999. CDR McIlnay served as an action officer at Public Affairs Center Norfolk. He subsequently worked in the community relations and media relations departments at the U.S. Atlantic Fleet/Fleet Forces Command where he completed the Naval War College Fleet Seminar Program and attended Joint Forces Staff College, completing a master’s degree in security studies from... Read More.

Erin McKean
Erin McKean (Google | Wordnik), @emckean

Erin McKean is the founder of the newly not-for-profit, the world’s biggest online dictionary, and developer relations program manager at Google. Previously, she was the editor-in-chief of American Dictionaries for Oxford University Press. Before JavaScript, she dabbled in HyperCard, Perl, and Omnimark. (If you’ve ever written anything in Omnimark, she’ll buy you a drink.) Erin’s the author of the Weird and Wonderful Words books, the best-selling novel The Secret Lives of Dresses, and, most recently, The Hundred Dresses, a field guide to dresses. She blogs at When you meet her, please tell her your favorite word.

Michael McKenna
Michael McKenna (Yahoo! Inc.)

Software internationalization architect, working on web 2.0 systems, applications, and standards. Helping the World to participate in their own language and cultre.

John McRee (EffectiveUI)

John McRee brings 10 years of experience to his role as a lead user experience architect for EffectiveUI. Specializing in design process management, user research, persona development, information architecture and interaction design, John creates highly engaging architecture and interaction models that drive exceptional user experiences.

John joined EffectiveUI in 2007 as an interaction designer and has worked on high-profile projects such as Herff Jones’ eDesign and ABN AMRO. In this role, he partnered with Adobe to provide UX consultation to Mercedes Benz. Most recently, he worked on Qwest Communication’s business-to-business Web portal, which has seen in an increase in site traffic and lead generation within months of its launch.

Earlier in his career, John worked as a lead interaction designer for Quark Inc.,... Read More.

Peter Merholz (Adaptive Path)

Peter Merholz is a founding partner and president of Adaptive Path, an experience strategy and design firm. He has worked with a wide variety of clients from large multi-national companies to smaller, avant-garde firms and start-ups. Peter is an internationally recognized thought leader on user experience. He co-authored Subject To Change: Creating Great Products and Services for an Uncertain World, published by O’Reilly. Peter’s thought leadership is perhaps most dubiously demonstrated in his coining of the term “blog” in 1999 when it was a nascent genre.

Eric Meyer
Eric Meyer (Complex Spiral Consulting), @meyerweb

Eric A. Meyer (@meyerweb) has been a burger flipper, a college webmaster, an early blogger, one of the original CSS Samurai, a member of the CSS WG, a consultant and trainer, a Standards Evangelist at Netscape, and co-founded An Event Apart with Jeffrey Zeldman. He wrote CSS: The Definitive Guide for O’Reilly as welll as several other books, has spoken at conferences the world over, created the first official W3C test suite, and assisted in the creation of microformats. In 2006, he was inducted into the International Academy of Digital Arts and Sciences for “international recognition on the topics of HTML and CSS” and helping to “inform excellence and efficiency on the... Read More.

Oren Michels
Oren Michels (Mashery)

Oren Michels brings more than 15 years of experience to his job as CEO of Mashery. Michels has a proven track record with experience across multiple industries. Previously, Michels was vice president of business development at Feedster, where he negotiated partnerships with AOL, Real Networks and Mitsui, and oversaw the company’s activities in China. Prior to Feedster, Michels was president of Colt HR, a leading provider of outsourced benefits administration software and services to the mid market. He also co-founded WiFinder, an international provider of directory services for wi-fi public access hotspots; served as president of, where he managed the company’s growth and helped establish it as a leading online wine auction market; served as COO of two manufacturing companies; and... Read More.

Wade Minter
Wade Minter (Custom Communications), @minter

H. Wade Minter is the chief technology officer at Custom Communications in Raleigh, NC. Previously, he was part of the founding team and CTO at TeamSnap and the engineering lead at WeaveUp and Adwerx. He is also the public address announcer for the National Hockey League’s Carolina Hurricanes and the ring announcer for GOUGE Professional Wrestling. He leads a weird life.

Ann Miura-Ko
Ann Miura-Ko (FLOODGATE), @annimaniac

Ann Miura-Ko is a co-founding partner at FLOODGATE where her investment interests include the innovations in e-commerce, security, and big data.

In addition to serving at FLOODGATE, Ann is a lecturer in the School of Engineering at Stanford University, where she got her PhD focused on mathematical modeling of computer security. She teaches High Tech Entrepreneurship with Steve Blank and is a frequent lecturer in courses such as Technology Venture Formation, High-tech Entrepreneurship, and the Mayfield Fellows Program. Many of her students have gone on to secure Angel and VC funding for their ideas.

Prior to joining FLOODGATE and her stint at Stanford, Ann worked at Charles River Ventures and McKinsey and Company.

Ann grew up in Palo Alto, California and,... Read More.

Henri Moissinac
Henri Moissinac (Facebook)

Henri Moissinac is Head of Mobile Business at Facebook and oversees the company’s
mobile strategy and operations. Henri joined Facebook from eBay, where
he led mobile and product strategy. Before eBay, he was the co-founder
and CTO of iBazar, a leading online auction company which was acquired
by eBay. Previously, Henri worked in venture capital with Atlas Venture
and began his career at Orange. Henri holds a PhD from Telecom Paris and
Ecole Normale Superieure, France.

Marcus Nelson
Marcus Nelson (, @marcusnelson

Marcus Nelson is a recovering entrepreneur, adviser to startups, and Director of Product Marketing for His many hats at the company include social media engagement, user experience for product trials, strategic partnerships, and small business marketing. In his spare time, Marcus rummages through Omniture, massages test & target variances, and occasionally looks for lift in form completes & sales conversion.

Past adventures for Marcus include co-founding UserVoice, a customer feedback service, Superstarch, a web strategy & design consultancy, and developing a hyper-local citizen-journalism blog called CitizenWausau. In the ’90s, Marcus and his twin brother Angus, smuggled Bibles into the former Soviet Union, joined J.Crew as catalog models, and later founded the first Internet cafe in Wisconsin.

Marcus is very active on Twitter,... Read More.

Conleth O'Connell
Conleth O'Connell (Open Text)

Conleth O’Connell, Ph. D., principal technologist at Open Text, is responsible for driving the Enterprise 2.0 group vision for innovative technology and solutions.

Prior to Open Text, Dr. O’Connell was chief technology officer at Vignette Corporation. He joined Vignette in 1996 as one of the company’s first engineers and helped develop Vignette’s initial product offering. Prior to becoming CTO, Dr. O’Connell held multiple engineering and architect roles and influenced the company’s support for open standards by participating in various standards committees including the W3C (World Wide Web Consortium) and OASIS. Dr. O’Connell participated on the XML 1.0 recommendation committee and co-authored the ICE syndication protocol that was further revised under OASIS.

Dr. O’Connell joined Vignette from HaL Computer Systems... Read More.

Tim O'Reilly
Tim O'Reilly (O'Reilly Media, Inc.), @timoreilly

Tim has a history of convening conversations that reshape the industry. In 1998, he organized the meeting where the term “open source software” was agreed on, and helped the business world understand its importance. In 2004, with the Web 2.0 Summit, he defined how “Web 2.0” represented not only the resurgence of the web after the dot com bust, but a new model for the computer industry, based on big data, collective intelligence, and the internet as a platform. In 2009, with his “Gov 2.0 Summit,” he framed a conversation about the modernization of government technology that has shaped policy and spawned initiatives at the Federal, State, and local level, and around the world. He has now turned his attention to implications of the on-demand... Read More.

Dan Olsen
Dan Olsen (The Lean Product Playbook), @danolsen

Dan Olsen is a product management consultant, speaker, and author. At Olsen Solutions, he works with CEOs and product leaders to build great products and strong product teams, often as interim VP of product. He has helped product teams at Facebook, Box, Microsoft, Medallia, and One Medical Group. Dan led the Quicken product team at Intuit and was CEO of TechCrunch award winner YourVersion, a personalized news startup. Dan runs the Lean Product & Lean UX Silicon Valley Meetup and is the author of The Lean Product Playbook, published by Wiley. Dan has a BS in electrical engineering from Northwestern, a master’s in industrial engineering from Virginia Tech, and an MBA from Stanford.

Nicole Ozer
Nicole Ozer (ACLU of Northern California), @nicoleozer

Nicole A. Ozer is the Technology and Civil Liberties Policy Director at the ACLU of Northern California. She works on the intersection of new technology, privacy, and free speech and is spearheading the organization’s new online privacy campaign, Demand your dotRights.

Nicole graduated magna cum laude from Amherst College, studied comparative civil rights history at the University of Cape Town, South Africa, and earned her J.D. with a Certificate in Law and Technology from Boalt Hall School of Law, University of California Berkeley.

Before joining the ACLU, Nicole was an intellectual property attorney at Morrison & Foerster LLP. Nicole was recognized by San Jose Magazine in 2001 for being one of 20 “Women Making a Mark” in Silicon Valley.

Nicole’s legal publications... Read More.

Ellen Pack
Ellen Pack (Elance, Inc. )

Ellen Pack is the Vice President of Marketing at Elance, the world’s leading online talent marketplace. Elance offers a fast and flexible way to hire and manage specialized talent, who are ready to work 24/7. Think designers, programmers, developers,writers, translators, and much more.

In the early 1990’s, Ellen founded, which grew into the largest internet destination for women, attracting millions of unique visitors each month. Ellen was responsible for developing and driving’s rapidly growing network of original, interactive media sites. Her leadership led to a successful IPO and later merger with iVillage in 2001 (now part of NBC).

In 2003, Ellen became a partner at a regional staffing agency in the San Francisco Bay Area. During her tenure, she launched... Read More.

Chris Palmer (iSEC Partners)

Chris Palmer is a principal security consultant with iSEC Partners, a strategic digital security company. Prior to iSEC, Chris worked for the Electronic Frontier Foundation where he provided technical management and analysis of several key EFF projects and provided technical advice to EFF (and other) lawyers. Prior to the EFF, Chris built web applications.

Mikhail Panchenko

Mike joined Flickr in July as a backend engineer. Before that, he worked on internal tools at Yahoo! Before that, he attended Washington University in St. Louis and played around with THE INTERNETS a lot. Before that… well… he sort of crawled around, drooled a lot, and was generally incoherent. Because he was a baby.

Denise Paolucci (Dreamwidth Studios)

Denise Paolucci is the co-founder of Dreamwidth Studios (, a blogging and community platform. She also serves on the board of directors of the Ada Initiative, a nonprofit working to improve the representation of women in “open stuff”. She’s been working in open source for fifteen years, and will talk your ear off about accessibility, disability, diversity, creativity, community, privacy, and knitting, although probably not all at the same time.

Neil Patel
Neil Patel (KISSmetrics), @neilpatel

Neil Patel is the co-founder of 2 Internet companies: Crazy Egg, and KISSmetrics. Through these 2 companies he has helped large corporations such as AOL, General Motors, Hewlett-Packard and Viacom make more money from the web. By the age of 21 not only was Neil named a top 100 blogger by Technorati, but he was also one of the top influencers on the web according to the Wall Street Journal.

Satya Patel
Satya Patel (Battery Ventures)

Satya joined Battery in 2007 and focuses on the Software, Consumer Internet and Digital Media markets. He is on the boards of BlueKai, BrightEdge, ChoiceVendor, Freewheel Media, LiveIntent, and Lotame and is a board observer for Angie’s List and Bazaarvoice. Satya’s prior experience spans more than a decade in online media and software, both in operating and investing roles. Before joining Battery, Satya spent several years at Google, most recently as Senior Product Manager for AdSense. Beginning in 2003, he helped to build the AdSense business through various partner development and product management activities. Before Google, Satya was a Senior Product Manager at DoubleClick, leading the company’s efforts in the search marketing business. Satya also worked on various product and operational initiatives for the Read More.

Tobias Peggs

Tobias Peggs is the General Manager at OneRiot, the realtime search engine company. Prior to OneRiot, Peggs led strategic initiatives at Netdecisions where he directed cross-functional teams in the US, UK and India. He has spent 10+ years in both consumer web and enterprise software industries. Peggs holds a PhD in Search Algorithms from Cardiff University, UK and obtained a First Class Hons Bachelor’s degree in Civil Engineering from Loughborough University. He currently lives in the San Francisco Bay Area. Contact him via email at or on Twitter @"TobiasPeggs":

Heidi Perry
Heidi Perry (ShareThis), @heidiperry1

Heidi represents the voice of the customer for over 400 million people and publishers reached through the ShareThis network, and is responsible for product, publisher and brand marketing. Prior to ShareThis, Perry was the VP of marketing for social/casual gaming publisher PlayFirst, where she helped define early social gaming and social media practices and introduce casual games to millions of women online. Perry has also specialized in driving adoption, engagement, and new revenue models for consumer Internet businesses such as Vivaty, Yahoo! Games and Viacom’s Heidi started her career in interactive consultancy USWeb/CKS, and she holds an MBA from Oxford University and a BBA from Emory University.

Natalie Petouhoff
Natalie Petouhoff (Ex Forrester Research), @drnatalie

Dr. Natalie was a Social Media and Web 2.0 Analyst at Forrester Research. Her focus was on creating customer-facing strategies that incorporate traditional CRM and Customer Service interactions with social media and enterprise 2.0 capabilities to truly create organizations that are based collaborativeness, open, honest and authentic communications that increase transparency and trust.

Natalie’s newest research is on The ROI of Of Social Media. In this research, the unexpected and surprising finding was that social media is a very effective business transformation tool. When deployed properly, it is one of the most effective organizational transformation tools ever. It easily garners CxO support, alignment among generally desparate silo’d departments and a true commitment to doing things right.

The premise of the research looks at... Read More.

Eric Picard
Eric Picard (Microsoft), @ericpicard

Eric Picard is the Advertising Technology Advisor to the Advertising Platform Engineering team at Microsoft, where he works on long term vision and coordinates between the business and technology teams. Eric has held several pivotal advertising technology roles at Microsoft where he covered several key areas, including working on the long term ad platform and product strategy – determining what the end-state of Microsoft’s ad platforms and other advertising offerings should look like. He also managed emerging media planning, and the advertising technology acquisition planning from 2005 through 2007. Formerly, Eric was founder and director of product management at Bluestreak, where he invented and oversaw advertising products. A frequent speaker across the online advertising industry, Eric has written a monthly column about advertising technology since... Read More.

Jeff  Pierce
Jeff Pierce (IBM Research - Almaden ), @drjpierce

Jeff Pierce manages the mobile computing research group at IBM Research – Almaden. Prior to joining IBM Research in 2006, he served time as an Assistant Professor in the College of Computing at the Georgia Institute of Technology. There he led the Personal Information Environments research group and co-directed the Adaptive Personalized Information Environments lab with Charles Isbell. His current research concentrates on understanding and supporting interaction that spans multiple personal computing devices (including smartphones, but also desktops, laptops, and other devices). In addition to having his research appear in numerous conference proceedings, journals, and books, he also shared the honor of being Time Magazine’s “Person of the Year” for 2006.

Brian Pokorny
Brian Pokorny (DailyBooth)

In March 2010 Brian Pokorny became the CEO of Dailybooth. Brian Pokorny was previously a general partner at SV Angel, where he focused on consumer-Internet investments within social media, mobile, and real-time data companies. Brian is an angel investor in Twitter, Square, Tweetdeck, Dailybooth, Bump, Blippy, Milo, Posterous, Chomp, Formspring, OMGPOP, and has advisory positions with Ooyala, Stitcher, and Rupture. Prior to SV Angel, he was a founding team member and partner at Baseline Ventures, a leading seed-stage investment firm, and earlier spent 3.5 years at Google in Sales and Content Partnerships. Before this, he had various roles within sales operations and finance at Juniper Networks, TIBCO Software, and Applied Materials. Brian graduated with a degree in Operations and Management Information Systems... Read More.

Sean Power
Sean Power (Watching Websites), @seanpower

Sean Power is a consultant, analyst, author, and speaker. He is the co-founder of Watching Websites, a boutique consulting firm focusing on early stage startups, products, and non-profits as they emerge and mature in their niches. He has built professional services organizations, and traveled across North America delivering engagements to Fortune 1000 companies. He helps executives understand their competitive landscape and the future of their industry. He has done technical editing for Troubleshooting Linux Firewall for Addison-Wesley, and co-authored Complete Web Monitoring with Alistair Croll for O’Reilly Media.

Sean has had first-hand experience creating and implemented social computing strategies with larger companies like MTV and smaller startups like Akoha. He is active in the social computing space, using Twitter and blogs as his communication... Read More.

Ilana Rabinowtiz
Ilana Rabinowtiz (Lion Brand Yarn Company), @Ilana221

Ilana Rabinowitz is the V.P. of Marketing of Lion Brand Yarn Company, a 132 year old brand. She started a website for the company in 1996 that has won several awards including the Webby and receives 2 million monthly visits. Her development of digital marketing initiatives includes an e-newsletter with over 1 million subscribers, a podcast that was awarded the P.R. News Platinum Award for best podcast/videocast in 2008, a corporate blog recognized as best blog by PR News in 2009, and a Forrester Award. A Facebook fan page, launched in June, 2009, has over 105,000 “likes”.

Sam Ramji
Sam Ramji (Cloud Foundry Foundation), @sramji

A 20-year veteran of the Silicon Valley and Seattle technology scenes, Sam Ramji brings a wealth of business, product, and open source experience to the CEO role at the Cloud Foundry Foundation. Previously, he led strategy for API powerhouse Apigee, designed and led Microsoft’s open source strategy, and drove product strategy for BEA WebLogic Integration. Sam is a member of multiple industry advisory boards.

Victoria Ransom
Victoria Ransom (Wildfire Interactive), @wildfireapp

Passionate about growing and marketing innovative companies, Victoria has been an entrepreneur since her early twenties and has developed three companies, all of which are successfully operating today. At Wildfire Interactive, Inc., Victoria oversees the strategic development and general management of the company while also collaborating with her team across the full spectrum of business levers.

As CEO, Victoria has led Wildfire to profitability in just one year and has built a client list that includes major brands and agencies including Facebook, Pepsi, Unilever, Sony, AT&T, Ogilvy, Publicis and Fleishman Hillard. Thousands of small and medium-size businesses all use Wildfire’s turnkey marketing solutions. Wildfire is a two-time winner of the fbFund; investors include Facebook, Accel Partners and the Founder’s Fund.

Prior to founding... Read More.

Cordell Ratzlaff
Cordell Ratzlaff (Kapitall)

Cordell leads Kapitall’s interaction design and user experience. He is passionate about creating products that people fall in love with. He has designed a wide assortment of software applications and hardware devices for all types of people—from six-year-old girls to astronauts.

During a nine-year career at Apple, Cordell led Apple’s Human Interface Group, which designed major releases of the Macintosh operating system from Mac OS 8 through Mac OS X. As a Creative Director at Frog Design, Cordell designed compelling products for companies such as Disney, Hewlett-Packard, Microsoft, Yahoo!, Intel, Johnson & Johnson, and DaimlerChrysler.

Born and raised in the Midwest, Cordell has spent the past 25 years enjoying the California sunshine.

Keith Redfield
Keith Redfield (Juniper Networks)

Keith Redfield joined Juniper Networks in 2005 as the Director of eSupport and Global Support Technology and has over 25 years in the high tech industry including over 15 years designing and implementing assisted and self service strategies for complex network and telecommunications products. Keith is responsible for customer self-service and collaborative-service initiatives and the infrastructure supporting Juniper’s award-winning global support operations. Keith has previous experience across a wide range of the technology industry – from a “garage” startup to one of the largest companies in the industry.

Rich Reimer
Rich Reimer (Grouply)

Rich is the Chief Operating Officer and co-founder of Grouply. Rich has over 15 years of sales, marketing, and management experience in high-tech companies. Prior to Grouply, Rich held executive positions at Siebel Systems, Blue Martini Software, and Oracle Corporation. Prior to Siebel, Rich held sales and marketing positions at General Electric and Bell Atlantic. Rich received his Bachelors degree in Electrical Engineering from the University of Michigan, his Masters in Electrical Engineering from Columbia University, and an MBA from Harvard Business School, where he was a Baker Scholar.

Emily Richards
Emily Richards (ArtisTech Media)

CEO of ArtisTech Media, Emily Richards, is an independent musician and entrepreneur. Ms. Richards has been a leader in the digital music space for more than a decade. Prior to co-founding ArtisTech Media in early 2009, she served as the President of MP3tunes from its inception in 2005 to September 2008. With 11 self-released albums, Ms. Richards was the most downloaded pop/rock artist on and headlined its 50-city international tour in 2000. Ms. Richards worked as a CPA for Pricewaterhouse Coopers from 1993 to 2004, while simultaneously managing her music career. Ms. Richards is the artist ‘Snowflake’ on ccMixter, and in October of 2009, Creative Commons transitioned operation of to ArtisTech Media.

Eric Ries
Eric Ries (Lessons Learned), @ericries

Eric Ries is an entrepreneur and author of the New York Times bestseller “The Lean Startup” and the popular entrepreneurship blog Startup Lessons Learned.

He co-founded and served as CTO of IMVU, his third startup. In 2007, BusinessWeek named him one of the Best Young Entrepreneurs of Tech. In 2009, he was honored with a TechFellow award in the category of Engineering Leadership. He serves on the advisory board of a number of technology startups, and has consulted to new and established companies as well as venture capital firms. He is currently serving as an entrepreneur-in-residence at Harvard Business School and a Fellow for IDEO, the design consulting firm.

His Lean Startup methodology has been written about in the New York Times,... Read More.

Francois Rocaboy (pearltrees), @frocaboy
- tech-culture blogger - Founder and CMO of pearltrees
Cary Rosenzweig
Cary Rosenzweig (IMVU, Inc.)

Cary began serving as the CEO of IMVU in November 2007. Previously, he served as either CEO or Chief Marketing Officer at four other technology startups, including (acquired by CNET) and (acquired by Autobytel). Cary was VP and General Manager at Intuit, responsible for QuickBooks Payroll, which he grew from $100 million to $200 million over a three-year period (2003-2006). Cary began his career in marketing and brand management at Procter and Gamble, where he was Tide Brand Manager. He then went to Clorox, where he rose up the marketing ranks before becoming General Manager of the Clorox Pet Products Company.

Cary earned an A.B. in International Relations from Stanford University and an M.B.A. from the Stanford Graduate School... Read More.

Joshua Ross
Joshua Ross (Fleishman Hillard)

Joshua Michéle Ross is Senior Vice President of Digital Strategies and Futures with Fleishman Hillard, a global communications firm. Josh is focused on how technologies enable social transformation, innovation and opportunity within business. Prior to FH, Josh was Vice President with O’Reilly Media where he delivered strategic consulting, speaking engagements and hands-on innovation labs to help companies get to the future first.

Joshua has been a guest lecturer at Harvard University and a regular speaker at conferences related to technology and digital strategy. He is a regular columnist on and blogger on O’Reilly Radar, and has appeared on NBC and CBS Evening News as a commentator on the impact social technologies are having on business. His writings have also appeared on... Read More.

Ilja Rotelli
Ilja Rotelli (Wizards of the Coast), @neutralground

Ilja was born and raised in Italy, and he worked and played in the hobby games industry for most of his not-so-adult life. He joined Wizards of the Coast in 1998, and spent the majority of his career building offline and online communities for Magic: the Gathering and Dungeons & Dragons.

Since 2003, he’s taken the position of Director of Wizards Web Studio, as the lead internet strategist for the company.

Some of the projects he oversees are,,, the social network Wizards Community, and the Faceboook game Dungeons & Dragons: Tiny Adventures.

Ilja was recently taken to lunch at Olive Garden, and he’s considering therapy to recover from the traumatic event.

Alex Russell

Alex Russell is a Staff Software Engineer on Chrome team at Google where he designs new features for the Web Platform and leads Chrome’s Standards work. He’s a member of ECMA TC39 , the committee standardizing JavaScript, and is an elected member of the W3C’s Technical Architecture Group where he works to improve the state of API design for the web.

His recent projects include Web Components, ES6 features including Classes and Promises, and Service Workers. Previously he helped build Chrome Frame and led the Dojo Toolkit project. Alex plays for Team Web.

Chris Saari

More than 14 years working as an engineer and leader in Silicon Valley at companies including Apple, PointCast, Netscape / Mozilla, Macromedia and Yahoo on products including Mozilla/Netscape, Dreamweaver, Flex Builder 2 and Yahoo! Messenger.

Alon Salant
Alon Salant (Carbon Five)

Alon Salant is a founder and owner of Carbon Five, a software development firm dedicated to delivering high value software through an agile collaboration with its clients. Alon has over ten years experience delivering web applications to his clients. His areas of expertise include Agile Coaching, software design, automated testing and rubber-hits-the-road software development. He has written articles and book contributions for O’Reilly and spoken at JavaOne, CodeCon and Bay Area-based user groups on technology and process topics. He holds a degree in Mathematics from the University of Pennsylvania.

Ingrid Sanders
Ingrid Sanders (TARGUSinfo)

Ingrid leads business development for AdAdvisor® a verified audience targeting solution by TARGUSinfo®. Working closely with leaders throughout the digital ecosystem, she provides strategic support to agencies, demand-side platforms, ad networks, ad exchanges, publisher optimizers, website analytics and site optimization platforms seeking to effectively leverage 3rd party data.

Ingrid joined TARGUSinfo from Active Network, where, as General Manager Online Advertising, she was responsible for the profitability of media properties. Previously she worked with search marketing firm Acronym Media to launch new practice areas in online advertising, affiliate marketing, and website analytics. Ingrid also held the position of Director, Strategy & Research, for and spent four years working in Milan, Italy, where she lead multi-national digital marketing programs for... Read More.

Giorgio Sardo
Giorgio Sardo (Microsoft Corporation), @gisardo

Giorgio Sardo is a Sr. Technical Evangelist at Microsoft, focused on HTML5 and Internet Explorer. He loves working with the community, pushing the limits of technology and solving complex challenges. In 2006 he won the Imagine Cup worldwide championship with a futuristic project; one year later he has been nominated Best Consultant of the Year from the British Computer Society. Early 2009 Giorgio moved to the Microsoft headquarters in Redmond to focus on the future of the Web. Giorgio is a popular speaker worldwide and in the last 5 years he has presented at many conferences about HTML5, the Web and Mobile Platform. He is the mind behind many beautiful HTML5 applications and games at

Ken Schafer
Ken Schafer (Tucows)

Tucows, one of the original Internet services companies now operates four distinct online services. OpenSRS manages over 9 million domain names and millions of email boxes through a reseller network of over 9,000 web hosts and ISPs in over 100 countries. Hover is the easiest way for individuals to manage their domain names. YummyNames owns premium domain names that generate revenue through advertising or resale. is an online video network building on the foundation of

Prior to joining Tucows in 2006 Ken had spent eight years as a consultant helping dozens of companies develop their Internet strategies.

Ken conceived and oversaw Sony Music Canada’s early online initiatives. From their first site in 1995, Ken’s team built a global web presence for 25 Canadian... Read More.

Toby Segaran

Toby Segaran is the author of the O’Reilly titles “Programming Collective Intelligence”, one of the top-selling AI books, “Programming the Semantic Web” and editor of “Beautiful Data”. He frequently speaks on the subjects of machine learning, collective intelligence and freedom of data at conferences worldwide.

He currently holds the title of Data Magnate at Metaweb Technologies, where he works on large-scale data reconciliation problems. Prior to Metaweb he founded Incellico, a biotechnology software company, which was acquired in 2003.

Toby holds a B.Sc in Computer Science from MIT and is deemed a “Person of Exceptional Ability” by the USCIS. He loves applying data-analysis algorithms to everything ranging from pharmaceutical trials to online dating to financial risk models.

Dharmesh Shah
Dharmesh Shah (HubSpot)

Dharmesh Shah is founder and Chief Technology Officer of HubSpot, an Internet marketing software company dedicated to helping small businesses leverage the Internet to get found by qualified prospects and convert more of them into leads and customers.

Prior to HubSpot, Dharmesh was founder and CEO of Pyramid Digital Solutions, an enterprise software company that was acquired by SunGard in 2005. He also runs, the top blog and online community for entrepreneurs. He is an active member of the Boston area entrepreneurial community, an angel investor in over a dozen startups and a frequent speaker on the topic of entrepreneurship and Web marketing.

Dharmesh holds a B.S. in computer science from the University of Alabama and an M.S. in the Management... Read More.

Hiten Shah
Hiten Shah (CrazyEgg / KISSmetrics), @hnshah

Hiten Shah is the founder of KISSmetrics, which uses data to help online businesses make better business decisions. A recognized authority on data-driven marketing and entrepreneurship, he founded marketing consultancy ACS and Crazy Egg, an analytics tool that visualizes users’ experience on a website. Now with KISSmetrics he is building a data driven solution for to help online businesses make better business decisions. Hiten advises a variety of startups, including iSocket,LaunchRock, Lolapps, Recurly,SlideShare, SocializedHR and Sponge.

Luke Shepard
Luke Shepard (Facebook)

Luke Shepard is an engineer at Facebook, where he helped build Facebook Connect and continues to work on making it the most widely adopted identity system on the web. Luke loves building great products, especially if they are built on top of an open foundation. He serves as Facebook’s representative on the board of the OpenID Foundation, where he focuses primarily on user experience. More recently, he is an author on the OAuth 2.0 draft. Previously, he worked at, and has a degree in computer science from the University of Chicago.

Aliza Sherman is considered a Web pioneer for her work in the early 90s when she founded the first full-service, women-owned Internet company – Cybergrrl, Inc. – and the first women’s technology networking organization – Webgrrls International – in early 1995. Aliza has been speaking around the world about the Internet, online community, Web marketing and social media for over a decade, including at the Women’s Forum in Deauville; the American Travel Writers Society in Santiago, Chile; and BlogHer in Chicago. Fast Company magazine recently named her one of the Most Influential Women in Technology.

Rajen Sheth
Rajen Sheth (Google, Inc.)

Rajen Sheth is responsible for development and management of enterprise products at Google, primarily Google Apps — messaging and collaboration products for businesses. He brings to Google several years of experience in delivering innovative products to enterprise customers. Rajen joined Google from VMware (a subsidiary of EMC) where he managed the award-winning ESX Server datacenter virtualization software line. He helped drive the rapid growth of the VMware platform, and led the integration of the VMware and EMC product lines.

Previously, Rajen was a lead engineer at Zaplet, a Kleiner Perkins startup creating an e-mail based collaboration platform for the enterprise. He also held program management positions at Microsoft within the Windows and Hotmail groups. Rajen graduated from Stanford University with a... Read More.

Clara Shih
Clara Shih (Hearsay Labs), @clarashih

Clara helped kick off the Social CRM movement in 2007 with her Faceconnector application, which integrates Facebook and Salesforce CRM. She is author of the newly released bestseller, The Facebook Era: Tapping Online Social Networks to Build Better Products, Reach New Audiences, and Sell More Stuff about Facebook and Twitter for business, which has been featured in The New York Times, Entrepreneur Magazine, CRM Magazine, and is being used as a textbook at Stanford and Harvard Business School.

Clara recently left her position as Product Line Director of the AppExchange at to found Hearsay Labs, which provides social media tools enabling sales, marketers, and IT to manage customer engagements across Facebook, Twitter, and their own websites. Clara has also worked at... Read More.

Darian Shirazi

Darian Shirazi is the CEO & Founder of Fwix, which is organizing the world’s information by location. Prior, he was an early employee on the engineering team at Facebook. Darian studied Philosophy at the University of California, Berkeley prior to dropping out to start Fwix. He also advises several early stage startups including Udemy and Mall World on Facebook.

Ayat Shukairy
Ayat Shukairy (Invesp)

Ayat Shukairy is co-founder of Invesp, a conversion rate optimization company, and a frequent speaker at industry events such as Search Engine Strategies and Internet Retailer. Shukairy focuses on landing page optimization, website usability and analytics and has led over 100 conversion optimization projects for companies including,,, and Shukairy’s work has helped generate an average 35% improvement in conversion rates and online revenue for Invesp clients. She is currently co-authoring a book on conversion optimization with O’Reilly Publishing.

Ahmed Siddiqui
Ahmed Siddiqui (Go Go Mongo!), @siddiquiahmed

Ahmed Siddiqui is the Founder of Go Go Mongo, a children’s brand designed to inspire children to eat healthier through fun mobile games.

Leveraging his background in Business Analytics at IBM, he developed his concept for adaptable learning and won the top award at the Bay Area Startup Weekend.

Ahmed’s mission is inspire children to reach for cauliflower and beyond through games and technology. Ahmed has an MBA from Babson College, and his undergraduate degree is from the Carlson School of Management, University of Minnesota.

Brian Singerman
Brian Singerman (Founders Fund)

Brian Singerman is a Principal at Founders Fund. He came to the Founders Fund from Google, where he founded the iGoogle team in 2004, after serving in a variety of development and executive positions. Before joining Google, Brian was an engineer for There, an online, virtual world startup. At Founders Fund, Brian seeks out new investment opportunities such as Clickable, the company whose innovative tools have made online search significantly more efficient for advertisers and agencies. Before joining the Founders Fund team, Brian was an active angel investor in his personal capacity, and backed companies including Imvu, SideReel, Loomia, PBWiki, and heroku. Brian graduated from Stanford University with a BS in Computer Science.

Rashmi Sinha
Rashmi Sinha (SlideShare, Inc.)

Rashmi Sinha is cofounder and CEO for SlideShare, the world’s largest professional sharing site. SlideShare is growing rapidly (more than 28 million monthly uniques) letting everyone from marketers, speakers and educators share and connect with others.

Before SlideShare, Rashmi cofounded another startup – MindCanvas – a gamelike survey platform. Rashmi has a PhD from Brown University and
has experience working with search engines and recommender systems at UC Berkeley. She is a frequent speaker at conferences such as Web
2.0 Expo and Future of Web Apps. She writes a blog at about running a startup and social software.

Chris Slowe (

Employee at reddit since the early start-up days, and currently lead developer (of a team of four programmers, one community manager, and several million users with strong opinions).

Adam Smith
Adam Smith (Xobni), @asmith

Adam Smith co-founded Xobni Corporation. Adam served as a Program Manager at and as a Developer at Vecna Technologies. He served as a Consultant of Siteadvisor before and after acquisition by Mcafee Corporation. His efforts were focused on the application of machine learning to email. He has been working in the email space for seven years. He is interested in machine learning, data mining, and large scale systems. Mr. Smith is a computer science graduate of The Massachusetts Institute of Technology and started his Master’s Degree at MIT doing research in the Networking and Mobile Systems research group.

Mark Smith
Mark Smith (Dreamwidth Studios), @xb95

Mark Smith began volunteering with in 2001. He joined the staff in 2004 and concentrated on backend development, where he contributed heavily to systems such as Perlbal (load balancer) and MogileFS (distributed file storage).

He has since worked for companies such as Six Apart, Mozilla, and Google on tasks from systems administration to software development to site architecture.

Mark resides near San Francisco, CA, USA with his partner and two children.

Michael Smith
Michael Smith (The Association of Former Students of Texas A&M), @21897851

Mike Smith has been developing websites for 13 years and is currently webmaster for The Association of Former Students at Texas A&M. has over 115,000 members within the overall Texas A&M former student population of 350,000+. Prior to his work at The Association, he worked on, a leader in call measurement and monitoring services for yellow pages and directory publishers. He has led design and development for two web companies and specializes in database driven websites and web operations management and strategy. He also served as an officer in the United States Navy for six years as an analyst and briefer.

Steve Souders
Steve Souders (SpeedCurve), @souders

Steve Souders works at Google on web performance and open source initiatives. His books High Performance Web Sites and Even Faster Web Sites explain his best practices for performance along with the research and real-world results behind them. Steve is the creator of YSlow, Cuzillion, and SpriteMe. He is co-chair of Velocity and co-founder of the Firebug Working Group. He taught CS193H High Performance Web Sites at Stanford, and frequently speaks at conferences including OSCON, The Ajax Experience, SXSW, and Web 2.0 Expo.

Stephan Spencer
Stephan Spencer (The Art of SEO), @sspencer

Stephan Spencer is VP of SEO Strategies at Covario, an industry leader in paid and organic search software and services for Fortune 500 companies. Covario recently acquired Netconcepts, the company that Stephan founded in 1995. The combined company has nearly 100 customers in key industries such as high tech, financial services, ecommerce, retail, consumer electronics, media, life sciences, and consumer packaged goods.

Stephan is the inventor of the automated pay-for-performance natural search technology platform GravityStream, now re-branded as Organic Search Optimizer, which powers the natural search channel for online retailers such as Cabela’s, Northern Tool, Campmor and Woolrich.

In addition, Stephan is an author of The Art of SEO, published in October 2009 by O’Reilly and co-authored... Read More.

Rob Spiro
Rob Spiro (Aardvark)

Rob Spiro is the co-founder of Aardvark, a fifteen-person startup in San Francisco working on Social Search. As assistant curator of birds, he leads user research and product design. Previously, Rob worked in consulting and co-founded Mifly, a mobile software startup. Rob holds a BA in History from Yale.

Aaron Springer
Aaron Springer (iStockphoto)

Aaron Springer was iStockphoto’s first full-time employee. He started his career in high school doing pre-press in the graphic design industry. A self-taught technologist, he holds a BFA degree and considers himself a left-brain right-brain person. Aaron joined iStockphoto in 2003 and spent the first three months answering customer and contributor e-mails and phone calls because he wanted to understand what the community needed before he started evolving the site. His primary goal in his current role as vice president of research and development is to create unique and creative solutions to critical problems, doing lots of analysis and leveraging the unique strengths of iStockphoto team members along the way. His greatest challenge at iStockphoto is “synthesizing the diverse needs of many audiences,... Read More.

Catherine "Cat" Spurway

Responsible for strategically aligning opportunities, resources and divisions as well as overseeing the entirety of PointRoll’s market-facing brand positioning and communications programs, as the Vice President of Strategy and Marketing Catherine leads strategic business, client, and marketing efforts that span product and partnership development, market education, and internal team development. The driving force behind PointRoll’s innovative and effective marketing approach, Catherine strategically built the company’s marketing team in 2006 before turning the tables and working directly with PointRoll clients to further their digital goals as the Regional Director of Sales for the Southeast. Catherine successfully established and built out PointRoll’s Southeast sales office in Atlanta, leading the team in providing compelling and measurable rich media video, social and mobile programs to clients including BBDO,... Read More.

Brad Stone
Brad Stone (New York Times)

Brad Stone joined The New York Times in December 2006. He covers Internet trends and consumer technology from the newspaper’s San Francisco bureau. In addition, he contributes to the Times’ technology blog, Bits. From 1998 to November 2006, Mr. Stone served as the Silicon Valley Correspondent for Newsweek magazine, writing for the technology and business sections of the magazine and authoring an online column, Plain Text, on our evolving digital lifestyles. Originally from Cleveland, Mr. Stone graduated from Columbia University in 1993 and lives with his wife, Jennifer Granick, and their two daughters.

Jessie Stricchiola (Alchemist Media, Inc.)

Jessie Stricchiola is a search industry veteran and founder and CEO of the highly-respected SEO firm Alchemist Media, Inc., consistently recognized by BtoB Magazine as one of the top search marketing vendors in the US. Jessie lectures extensively on all matters related to SEO and search at leading industry conferences worldwide, including ad:tech, SMX, Incisive Media’s Search Engine Strategies, O’Reilly Media’s Web 2.0 Summit, Webmaster World’s PubCon,, Stanford’s Web Publishing Workshop and others. She is one of the original nine founders of SEMPO (Search Engine Marketing Professional Organization), serving two years on the Board of Directors for the organization while chairing the Membership Committee. Jessie is widely recognized for identifying and publicizing the first case of PPC click... Read More.

Danny Sullivan
Danny Sullivan (Search Engine Land)

Widely considered a leading “search engine guru,” Danny Sullivan has been helping webmasters, marketers and everyday web users understand how search engines work for over a decade.

Danny’s expertise about search engines is often sought by the media, and he has been quoted in places like The Wall St. Journal, USA Today, The Los Angeles Times, Forbes, The New Yorker and Newsweek and ABC’s Nightline.

Danny began covering search engines in late 1995, when he undertook a study of how they indexed web pages. The results were published online as “A Webmaster’s Guide To Search Engines,” a pioneering effort to answer the many questions site designers and Internet publicists had about search engines.

Danny currently heads up Search Engine Land as editor-in-chief, which... Read More.

Adam Taisch
Adam Taisch (Sprout Builder)

As VP of Business Development Adam heads up the sales and business development activities for the company. He served a quick stint at Xerox before becoming the 198th employee at Yahoo! in 1997. In 7 years at Yahoo! Adam was in Operations, Sales, Business Development, Sales (again) and Product. Most recently Adam worked for Webloyalty where he helped acquire then run business development for Lift Media. With three kids under 5 years of age Adam has no free time but if he did he would rock climb, practice photography and be a part time sushi critic.

Omar Tawakol
Omar Tawakol (BlueKai)

As Chief Executive Officer at BlueKai, Omar is responsible for the overall management, growth, and vision for the company’s groundbreaking exchange business. Prior to founding BlueKai, Omar was the Chief Advertising Officer of Medio Systems, the leading provider of mobile search and advertising solutions for carriers such as Verizon and T-Mobile. He joined Medio from Revenue Science, where as Chief Marketing Officer and General Manager he was instrumental in founding and growing the company’s leading behavioral targeting businesses, which provide services for many of the largest Internet publishers. There he was actively involved with key industry leaders in defining standards for behavioral targeting.

Omar earned Master of Computer Science and Industrial Engineering degrees from Stanford University and a Bachelor of Engineering degree from Read More.

Jamie Taylor
Jamie Taylor (Metaweb)

Jamie started one of the first ISPs in San Francisco so he could get a better Internet connection at home.
He finally got a real job as CTO at DETERMINE Software (now a part of Selectica) helping create order in the unstructured world of Enterprise contract management.
He is now helping to organize the world’s structured information in Freebase by watching over data operations at Metaweb. And somewhere along the line he received a Ph.D. from Harvard University in Behavioral Economics.

Kelly Thompson
Kelly Thompson (iStockphoto)

Kelly Thompson serves as the chief operating officer of iStockphoto, overseeing the global strategy and operational leadership of iStockphoto’s products, services, technology and sales.

Kelly has served in several roles at iStockphoto, most recently, executive vice president. In his initial role as vice president of marketing in 2004, he propelled the company from a few thousand photographers and thousands of clients to a worldwide presence with half a million clients, making microstock a compelling new business for Getty Images to acquire. With a degree in computer science, Kelly is still a programmer at heart, despite his business acumen, and has been the driving force behind many iStock innovations, such as the patent-pending CopySpace™, which many in the industry are now trying to duplicate.

Prior... Read More.

Rebecca Thorman
Rebecca Thorman (, @alice

Rebecca manages community and PR at the start-up company in Madison, Wisconsin. is changing the way consumers shop for and purchase Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG) like toilet paper, and provides eCommerce and interactive marketing services exclusively to the CPG industry. The company’s eCommerce platform allows CPG manufacturers to create branded storefronts that make it easy for the mainstream consumer to buy all of their household goods online. Alice has been featured on CNN, Rachael Ray, The Today Show, and more, due in large part to’s social media efforts. The Alice co-founders Brian Wiegand and Mark McGuire have an entrepreneur track-record that includes three previous start-up successes including their last company which sold to Microsoft. Rebecca’s favorite... Read More.

Chris Tolles (Topix)

Chris Tolles: CEO
Chris came to Topix from Spoke Software, a business social networking company, where he was a co-founder and VP of marketing. Before Spoke, Chris was a Director of Marketing at AOL/Netscape for AOL Music, Netscape Search and Directory Products. Chris was a co-founder and VP of Marketing at NewHoo, and led the sale of the company to Netscape. After the acquisition, NewHoo was relaunched as the Open Directory Project at Netscape and became the world’s largest human edited directory of the web, and is still used by companies like Google, Alexa and AOL. Previous to NewHoo, Chris held a variety of sales, marketing and management positions at Sun Microsystems. Chris graduated from the University of California at... Read More.

Kevin Townsend
Kevin Townsend (Science + Fiction)

Kevin Townsend is a 25-year veteran of the Entertainment and Marketing industries. In 2002 he
founded Science + Fiction and has been one of the pioneering evangelists in the Branded
Programming industry for over a decade. Science + Fiction has become the leader in the
branded programming world, producing the smash hits “The Rookie” (based on the hit Fox TV
show “24”) and “In The Motherhood”, one of the most watched Online programs in 2008,
among other shows. Science + Fiction’s ability to unite the entertainment and marketing
industries at the core of their respective strengths, creative development, has made S+F the go-
to studio for advertisers and distribution channels... Read More.

Lois Townsend
Lois Townsend (Hewlett Packard Consumer Support)

Lois Townsend manages the Social Media Strategy team for HP’s consumer support global operations. A 25 year HP veteran, Lois focused on using the web to deliver support for the last 10 years. Today, her team sets the strategy and delivers social media capabilities to millions of HP consumer customers. She says, “Social media empowers our customers, lets them tap into the expertise and knowledge of the ‘virtual HP community,’ and gives HP the chance to hear directly from customers, everyday.”

One of her recent achievements was leading the team that launched the HP Consumer Support Forum in November 2008. Since its inception the Forum has broken all known benchmarks and exceeds the forecasted usage by more than 50 percent. After the original English... Read More.

Adam Trachtenberg
Adam Trachtenberg (LinkedIn)

Adam Trachtenberg is the Director of the LinkedIn Developer Network,
where he oversees developer relations and marketing for the LinkedIn

Before LinkedIn, Adam worked at eBay as a Director of
Platform Product Management and Senior Manager of Developer Relations
and Innovation. Prior to eBay, he co-founded and served as VP for
Product Management at Student.Com and

Adam is the author of PHP Cookbook and Upgrading to PHP 5, published
by O’Reilly Media. He lives in San Francisco, California and has an BA
and MBA from Columbia University.

Paul Trani
Paul Trani (Adobe Systems Incorporated)

Paul Trani is a passionate 15 year veteran of the interactive design and development scene as well as a respected speaker as Adobe’s Flash Platform Evangelist. Paul has spent many years working for award-winning agencies as well as being an Adobe Certified Instructor, courseware developer, and trainer. Prior to joining Adobe, Paul led a team of interactive designers and developers at Starz Entertainment producing multi-million dollar web and mobile campaigns.

Paul maintains a blog at and can be followed on twitter “@paultrani”;

Russ Unger

Russ Unger is an Experience Design Director in Chicago where he leads teams and projects in design and research. He is co-author of the books A Project Guide to UX Design, Designing the Conversation, and Speaker Camp for New Riders (Voices That Matter). Russ is also working on a book on guerrilla design and research methods that is due out, well, sometime.

Russ is co-founder of ChicagoCamps, which hosts low-cost, high-value technology events in the Chicago area, and he is also on the Advisory Board for the Department of Web Design and Development at Harrington College of Design. Russ has two daughters who both draw better than he does and are currently beginning to surpass his limited abilities in coding.

Jessica Vascellaro
Jessica Vascellaro (Wall Street Journal)

Jessica Vascellaro is a reporter for the San Francisco bureau of The Wall Street Journal. In this position, she is responsible for the paper’s news and feature coverage of Google, Yahoo, Facebook and Internet startups. Later this summer, she will take a new post as Deputy Bureau Chief of the Media Bureau of the Wall Street Journal, reporting on technology and media from New York.

Ms. Vascellaro joined the Wall Street Journal in 2005, after graduating from Harvard College. She is a frequent guest on radio and cable television and on WSJ’s live online video shows, The Hub and Digits Live.

Ms. Vascellaro started her career in 2003 as an intern reporter for the Associated Press and was named executive editor of the Harvard... Read More.

Jeff Veen
Jeff Veen (True Ventures), @veen

Jeff Veen is a design partner at True Ventures, where he spends his time helping companies create better products. He does this as an advisor, as well, for companies including, Medium, and WordPress. Previously, Jeff was VP of design at Adobe after they acquired Typekit, the company he cofounded and ran as CEO. He was also one of the founding partners of the user experience consulting group Adaptive Path. While there, he led Measure Map, which was acquired by Google. During his time at Google, Jeff redesigned Google Analytics and led the UX team for Google’s apps. Much earlier, Jeff was part of the founding web team at WIRED magazine, where he helped build HotWired, Web Monkey, Wired News, and many other... Read More.

Tristan Walker
Tristan Walker (Foursquare Labs, Inc), @tristanwalker

Tristan Walker is a student at the Stanford University Graduate School of Business and is vice president of business development for Foursquare.

Ekaterina Walter

Ekaterina Walter is a marketer, thinker, speaker, and connector. As a Social Media Strategist for Intel, Ekaterina works at the intersection of high tech and integrated marketing—driving campaigns and helping colleagues to leverage new media in support of business goals. She is aggressive in pursuing corporate challenges and is passionate in transcending cultural boundaries along the way. She believes that building relationships with customers should be at the core of any business and that social media provides a perfect opportunity to do so. Ekaterina’s work experience also includes Accenture, Wells Fargo, and Wedbush Morgan Securities. You can find her on Twitter @"ekaterinawalter":

Alice Wang (Burton Group)

Alice Wang is a director for Burton Group’s consulting service. She covers identity and access management, governance, provisioning, federated identity, role management, operations and process improvement, data management, and security and risk management. Prior to joining Burton Group, Alice performed duties as a systems engineer, project manager, and industry consultant at Sun Microsystems and PricewaterhouseCoopers. With over 10 years of experience, Alice has assisted Fortune 500 companies with designing and / or implementing large scale IT projects and authored numerous technical whitepapers. Alice is also ITIL Foundation, JAVA Programmer, and Solaris Systems Administrator certified.

Ge Wang
Ge Wang (Stanford University, Smule)

Ge Wang is the Co-founder, CTO, and Chief Creative Officer of Smule (a.k.a. SonicMule, Inc.), a developer of interactive sonic media. Smule’s mission is to intensely explore expressive audio, enabling creativity for a wide population and new social interactions. Smule’s bestselling iPhone apps include I Am T-Pain, Leaf Trombone World Stage and Ocarina. Concurrently, Dr. Wang is an assistant professor at Stanford University in the Center for Computer Research in Music and Acoustics (CCRMA). He is the chief-architect and co-creator of the ChucK audio programming language, and the founding director of the Stanford Laptop Orchestra (SLOrk) and the Stanford Mobile Phone Orchestra (MoPhO).

Lori Anne Wardi

Lori Anne Wardi is a Director at .CO Internet SAS, the Administrator of the .CO top-level domain. .CO is the online space where possibility meets opportunity – giving individuals and organizations exciting new choices in branding their online presence with a truly global, recognizable and credible domain name.

At .CO Internet, Lori Anne is responsible for overseeing the company’s marketing, business development and global communications efforts. She brings close to 20 years of diverse business experience to her role at .CO Internet. Prior to joining the company, she founded and managed several businesses, including Dream Big Media, Inc., a digital asset strategy consultancy in New York City. Before launching her entrepreneurial career, Lori Anne practiced law for five years at Proskauer LLP, a... Read More.

Rebecca Weeks Watson
Rebecca Weeks Watson (gWallet, Inc.)

With nine years of experience launching digital media startups and monetizing online content, Rebecca Watson is one of the leading young visionaries in Silicon Valley. She leads Business Development for gWallet, a network that helps publishers and social game developers monetize their audience through new advertising formats. Previously, Rebecca was the director of business development at Real Girls Media where she helped launch the company’s owned and operated site and led all syndication, licensing, content sourcing and partnership development. Additionally, she founded the Real Girls Network, a premium advertising network connecting women’s sites with Fortune 500 brands. Rebecca regularly speaks at conferences including CES, Ad-Tech, We Media, BlogWorldExpo, and Digital Hollywood. She’s written over 85 articles for iMediaConnection and is a monthly... Read More.

Kevin Weil
Kevin Weil (Twitter, Inc.), @kevinweil

Kevin Weil specializes in the technology behind distributed systems, parallel processing, and analytics, especially in the context of large datasets. He currently leads the analytics team at Twitter, using Hadoop and other big data analytics tools to crunch Twitter’s massive data set and apply those learnings to improve the product. Prior to Twitter, he was the first employee at next-generation web media startup Cooliris, backed and incubated by Kleiner Perkins. At Cooliris, he innovated on user growth and advertising-focused analytics on a server cluster running Hadoop, Pig, and Hive — open-source implementations of the Google technology stack that are central to companies like Facebook, Yahoo, and A9. Mr. Weil has also worked at municipal wireless network provider Tropos Networks, where he optimized the performance... Read More.

Jeff  Widman
Jeff Widman (, @jeffwidman

Jeff Widman (@jeffwidman) founded (@glue) with the goal of being the best Facebook Fan Page tacticians in the world. In four months, they quadrupled traffic from Facebook—>, and in one week they grew Failbooking from 16K fans to 41K fans —with ZERO ad spend. Other clients include Microsoft, Intel, Kiva, SlideShare, Reddit, etc. Jeff originally started marketing on Facebook back when it was only open to college students, and he’s been cited as an expert by AOL Small Business, Wired Magazine, MarketingProfs, InsideFacebook, etc.

Eric Wilhelm (

Eric is the founder and CEO of, a DIY project-sharing website. He earned his Ph.D. in Mechanical Engineering at MIT, and is a co-founder of several companies including Squid Labs, Potenco, MakaniPower, and OptiOpia that are respectively involved in innovation research, distributed human-energy, high-altitude wind, and vision measurement and correction.

Josh Damon Williams
Josh Damon Williams (Hot Studio, Inc. )

At Hot Studio, Inc., Josh Damon Williams is a Director of Product Strategy and he works with clients to make cool things. As a local leader for IxDA in San Francisco, he brings some of the best thinkers in interaction design to the design community in order to talk about cool things.

Since the late 20th century, he’s designed and developed for a wide variety of digital products and platforms, contributing to the vision, design, and implementation of projects at strategic and tactical levels. His work includes projects for LeapFrog,, The World Heritage Alliance (a partnership between the UN Foundation and Expedia, Inc.),, Cisco Systems, Warner Music Group, and Architecture for Humanity.

Prior to rediscovering San Francisco, Josh studied film in Los... Read More.

Christina Wodtke
Christina Wodtke (Wodtke Consulting), @cwodtke

Christina Wodtke has led redesigns and initial product offerings for such companies as LinkedIn, Myspace, Zynga, Yahoo, Hot Studio, and eGreetings. Christina has founded two consulting startups, a product startup, and Boxes and Arrows, an online magazine of design. She also cofounded the Information Architecture Institute. Nowadays, she works with startups and entrepreneurs, sharing her strategies for success and inspiring them to pursue big goals and outlandish dreams. Christina is the author of “101 Theses on Design,” Information Architecture: Blueprints for the Web, and Radical Focus_, her new book about OKRs. Currently, Christina teaches at California College of the Arts and Stanford Continuing Education. She speaks everywhere from conferences to universities to boardrooms and opines across the Internet but most often on "_Eleganthack":

Dave Wolf
Dave Wolf (Cynergy), @davewolf

Dave Wolf is Vice President of Sales and Marketing. Whether traveling around the world driving strategy and developing new business for the company or on the stump stateside talking to press, analysts and conferences, Dave delivers Cynergy’s user experience thought-leadership far-and-wide.

In earlier lives, he held engineering and marketing management positions at Microsoft and Sybase, where he was responsible for enterprise software development and strategy. Officially based in Cynergy’s Capitol Hill headquarters in Washington, DC he is on the road more than he is in the District, espousing Cynergy’s passion for devising incredible new ways for all of us to experience and interact with software. You can reach Dave at

Baoshi Yan
Baoshi Yan (Engleasy), @baoshi

Baoshi Yan is a co-founder of Engleasy. A researcher in speech and language technology, his passion is creating killer apps for language education using speech and language technologies. He holds a Ph.D. in Computer Science from the University of Southern California.

Paul Yiu
Paul Yiu (Bing)

Paul Yiu is the group program manager behind Bing’s real-time and social efforts.

Tania Yuki
Tania Yuki (comScore, Inc.)

Tania Yuki manages comScore’s Video Metrix product, and is responsible for ensuring that online video measurement supports the growth and balances the needs of the online video and advertising industry.
Prior to joining comScore, Tania was Head of Content for a leading global online video network and IPTV platform KIT digital (previously ROO Media), overseeing content acquisitions, digital strategy and programming optimization for key publishing clients and content partners in North America, the UK, and emerging markets. She has also worked in Australia in interactive and digital media for Foxtel and began as an attorney who specialized in media and internet law in her hometown of Sydney, Australia.
Outside of comScore, Tania is also co-Founder of wimLink,... Read More.

Raven Zachary
Raven Zachary (Small Society)

Raven Zachary is President of Small Society, working with big brands, established companies, investors, and startups on iOS strategy and product development for the iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. Raven directed the Obama ’08 for iPhone application for the Obama Campaign in 2008, and has worked with companies such as Whole Foods Market, Zipcar, Amazon, and The Democratic Party on iOS application initiatives. He is the founder of iOSDevCamp, an not-for-profit iOS developer conference. Raven is regularly quoted by the press about the iOS market and is a frequent conference speaker on the topic.

Todd Zaki Warfel (Messagefirst), @zakiwarfel

Todd Zaki Warfel is a Principal Design Researcher and founder of Messagefirst, a Philadelphia-based design research consulting firm, where he blends research and design to evolve products in innovate and beautiful ways. Todd is a dynamic speaker and storyteller by nature. He’s rarely short on details. He is an active member in a number of industry communities and organizations, including the Information Architecture Institute, IxDA, and UPA.

Todd’s clients have included Albertsons, AT&T Wireless, Bankrate, Bank of America, Citibank, Comcast, Cornell University, IntraLinks, The Hartford, LA Times, Motorla, Palm, and SBC.

Todd currently lives in Philadelphia and blogs at His upcoming book ‘Practical Prototyping’ will take a hands-on approach, enabling you to develop prototypes with minimal muss and fuss. The... Read More.

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