Tamara Adlin

Tamara Adlin
Consultant, adlin, inc.

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Tamara Adlin is the president of adlin, inc., a user experience strategy company in Seattle. She started adlin, inc., to try to solve the real problems companies face when they try to create products people love. Her focus is on…focus! She believes that teams who can develop and stick with a crystal-clear focus on their users are in the best position to create really great products and meet their business objectives. She co-authored The Persona Lifecycle: Keeping People in Mind Throughout Product Design with Microsoftie John Pruitt, and The Essential Persona Lifecycle is hitting the shelves in May 2010. Previously, Tamara co-founded Fell Swoop, and she was a Customer Experience Specialist at Amazon.com, and before that she did user experience work at a series of startups. She has a Master’s Degree in Technical Communication from UW, and has always been fascinated with the problem of getting lots of people from different teams to communicate and work well together.


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Search acquisition and search engine optimization (SEO) aren't about getting eyeballs to show up at your site, they're about getting the *right* visitor to your site and keeping them there. Vanessa Fox is a search acquisition superstar, and Tamara Adlin is the shizzle when it comes to practical, business-driven persona methods and user experience strategies. Read more.
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