Conleth O'Connell

Conleth O'Connell
Principal Technologist, Open Text


Conleth O’Connell, Ph. D., principal technologist at Open Text, is responsible for driving the Enterprise 2.0 group vision for innovative technology and solutions.

Prior to Open Text, Dr. O’Connell was chief technology officer at Vignette Corporation. He joined Vignette in 1996 as one of the company’s first engineers and helped develop Vignette’s initial product offering. Prior to becoming CTO, Dr. O’Connell held multiple engineering and architect roles and influenced the company’s support for open standards by participating in various standards committees including the W3C (World Wide Web Consortium) and OASIS. Dr. O’Connell participated on the XML 1.0 recommendation committee and co-authored the ICE syndication protocol that was further revised under OASIS.

Dr. O’Connell joined Vignette from HaL Computer Systems where he led product development efforts and participated in the Davenport Group, a consortium that created an SGML distribution format for online documents called the DocBook DTD that he co-authored.


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Conleth O'Connell (Open Text)
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