The Developer's Highway to Make Money Out of Application Stores

Elena Fersman (Ericsson)
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What do mobile developers want? Some maybe want to learn about new cutting-edge technologies and influence the development of new APIs. Some just want to make money from existing commercially available APIs. But not everyone wants to be tied up to only one application store – why not target several at one shot? Ericsson is supporting both types of developers: we have a playground with Beta APIs, and a distribution channel for mobile applications and widgets developed with commercial APIs. So you can both play and make money. Join the discussion to learn more.

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Elena Fersman


Elena is a product manager at Ericsson working with eStore, bringing mobile operators and mobile developers together. Elena has a master’s degree in economics and a doctor’s degree in computer science. Her current interests include combined web and telecom technologies, and tools for mobile application development.

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Vishal Gupta
05/12/2010 10:57pm PDT

Elena- Many thanks. Indeed very informative presentation…All the best with your efforts!

Picture of Elena Fersman
Elena Fersman
05/09/2010 8:06pm PDT

Hi Vishal, the presentation now is available on slideshare here:

Vishal Gupta
05/06/2010 4:58am PDT

Elena- I was wondering if we can have the slides of your wonderful presentation.


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