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Moderated by:
Tom Coates (Thington Inc.)
Alok Deshpande (Loopt), Michael Higgins (Rhiza Labs), Jenny Lam (Jackson Fish Market), Brett Lider (Google, Inc.)
Design & User Experience
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Is it more than just a big iPhone? Thousands of apps have been created for the new tablet device. Some companies have chosen to stay on the web while some have poured resources into a native app. What are the design considerations? How are the apps different from their iPhone and Android cousins? Join four iPad app designers as they discuss their product and the thinking behind it.

On the native app-side this panel will feature Alok Deshpande, of Loopt’s Pulse and Jenny Lam of A Story Before Bed. In the web app corner we will have Brett Lider, the designer of GMail for the iPad.

Photo of Tom Coates

Tom Coates

Thington Inc.

Tom Coates is the co-founder of Thington Inc. – a new Internet of Things start-up launching soon. Before that he was co-founder of small agency Product Club and Head of Product for the Yahoo incubator Brickhouse where he developed the pioneering location sharing project Fire Eagle. He writes, talks and thinks about many areas of technology, including the web of data, social software and network-enabled physical objects.

Photo of Alok Deshpande

Alok Deshpande


Alok heads up mobile product development at Loopt. Equal parts developer and product thinker, Alok’s responsibility is creating a fun to use product that is well engineered.

Prior to co-founding Loopt, Alok studied computer science at Stanford University. He worked in several design and development capacities with various startups and student organizations.

Photo of Michael Higgins

Michael Higgins

Rhiza Labs

Mike oversees Rhiza Labs’ technology research and product development. He combines his experience in product design and development with his research background to make sure the most cutting-edge technology is available in our Information Commons-based products. The best way to do this is to lead by example, so Mike spends much of his time programming, adding new features and improving existing ones in Rhiza’s portfolio.

Before starting Rhiza Labs, Mike worked for MAYA Design. He has published papers in pervasive computing, distributed systems, information visualization, and user experience design. He has contributed to the design and development of numerous products.

When not hacking or pondering the future of information technology, Mike likes to travel to offbeat places. He also enjoys feeling guilty about not keeping up with his writing and sketching projects. He loves his wife, cats, and public transit, and maintains a website devoted to the latter.

Photo of Jenny Lam

Jenny Lam

Jackson Fish Market

Jenny co-founded Jackson Fish Market in 2007 with partners Hillel Cooperman and Walter Smith. Since its inception JFM has shipped 12 hand-crafted consumer software experiences, including Thrilled for You, They’re Beautiful!, Invitastic, and What a Lovely Name. Their latest product is A Story Before Bed, a service that marries e-books with online video to bring far away relatives closer to the children they love.

Before striking out on her own with Jackson Fish Market, Jenny was Creative Director of the Windows User Experience team at Microsoft. Jenny also teaches and serves on the advisory board for Portfolio Center School for Design in Atlanta, and is actively involved with both local and national organizations to foster the next generation of creative design talent headed for the tech industry.

Photo of Brett Lider

Brett Lider

Google, Inc.

Brett is a user experience designer on Google’s Mobile Team, leading the design efforts for Gmail and Google Buzz. In this role, he faces a variety of product design challenges: both web and native app UI, cross-app integration and consistency, and designing to push the limits of current mobile browser technology. He has been at the company for five years and has been part of teams that received Google’s Founders Award, the company’s highest internal prize. Brett is also credited with discovering the ideal bicycling commuting route from San Francisco to Mountain View.

Brett has a bachelor’s degree in cognitive science from the University of Virginia.

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