FUSE Labs: Remixing Social Search

Matt MacLaurin (Microsoft FUSE Labs)
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Social Search is getting some buzz , but it’s hard to pin down exactly what we mean when we say social search. Is it searching my social network? Using my social network to search the web? Searching for new friends? Social search is clearly going to be a big deal, but where we’re going to be in 3 years with social search is very hard to define.

Microsoft FUSE Labs is focused on the vast possibilities those questions raise about social search and what they suggest in the ever-changing web landscape. The lab is exploring multiple combinations of social media and search to unearth new ways of engaging with the huge amount of data on the web. FUSE is working with Bing and others to take a step beyond presenting content in a simple list and toward an experience that gives you new views of your online social media, new tools for exploring those conversations, and new ways to automatically gather relevant information as you explore your social networks.

Matt MacLaurin, director behind FUSE Lab’s real-time social efforts, will present several new, previously unseen projects from FUSE that show different ways to combine the best of social networks and search. He’ll discuss the challenges of sheer volumes of data; talk about different technical and experience architectures, and show how FUSE is defining social search in a meaningful way for Microsoft.

During this session, you will:

  • See a new vision for how search integrates with social networks
  • Get a first look at several new projects from FUSE labs in social and search
  • How the challenge of the massive amounts of real-time data can be met and utilized
  • Understand why FUSE is working to extract more value for the user with personal trends and making real-time connections
  • Sponsored by Microsoft- FUSE Labs

Matt MacLaurin

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