How to Make Cloud Computing into Smart Computing - Sponsored Session

Jason Hoffman (Joyent, Inc.)
Focus on Cloud Computing, Sponsored
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Many businesses are challenged when trying to make the reality of cloud computing meet the promise of cloud computing. They hope to eliminate the hassle of managing infrastructure, gets rid of up-front capital costs, and make it possible to scale applications worry free— but they hit roadblocks not the way. Jason Hoffman, CTO of Joyent, will explore how some companies are beginning to get smart and avoiding spending time or money on infrastructure problems that aren’t key to their business. What does it mean to be smart? It means building out infrastructure that provides real resource pooling— not high-volume hardware virtualization, it means architectures that scale vertically in an instant to meet spikes in demand, it means beginning to think of the data center as a single, programmable computer for application developers.

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Jason Hoffman

Joyent, Inc.

Jason is the Founder and Chief Scientist at Joyent, and served as it’s CTO for the company’s first 6 years. Having moved on from direct management of our product, engineering, operations and support groups, Jason’s group is responsible for research and advanced development, technical outreach, evangelism, consultative efforts for partners and business units, and manages Joyent’s intellectual property portfolio including involvement in open source projects, licensing, technology transfer, assessments of potential partnerships, mergers and acquisitions. He was once referred to as a “Renaissance engineer” by ZFS creator Jeff Bonwick, and has always used “computers” to solve real problems: Starting with ab initio molecular orbital calculations using VAX/VMS machines, and moving on to small molecule design and protein docking while earning a BS and MS in Chemistry and Biochemistry at UCLA and a PhD in Molecular Pathology at The Burnham Institute and UCSD School of Medicine. Jason taught at the university level for more than a decade, is a prolific speaker and author and a highly-regarded expert on scalable systems. He serves as the Outside Director of the WordPress Foundation, frequently blogs at Joyeur, and most often can be found on twitter when not flying across an ocean in an aisle seat. He lives in San Francisco with his wife and daughters.
Jason is a systems scientist with BS and MS degrees from UCLA, and a PhD from UCSD, and is an expert in scalable architectures. He has applied his knowledge and experience from the Web to Games to Computational Chemistry, Proteomics and Cancer biology.

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Lance Rigdon
05/04/2010 7:03am PDT

Interesting presentation. Short on recommendations.

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