Hands-on HTML 5

Dion Almaer (Set Direction), Ernest Delgado (Google, Inc.), Ben Galbraith (Google), Joshua Marinacci (PubNub)
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The Ajax revolution saw a sea change in web application development. By taking advantage of long-dormant browser capabilities, we were able to take our craft to new levels with HTML5—reinventing well-established genres, challenging desktop applications, and jump-starting a renaissance in web start-ups. This workshop will go through the new capabilities in HTML5 and show you how to build amazing applications today.

We will cover:

  • HTML5 Canvas and SVG
  • HTML5 video and audio
  • Storage: databases, localstorage, etc.
  • AppCache
  • Web Workers
  • Ton of new HTML Elements (new inputs! new validation! more!)
Photo of Dion Almaer

Dion Almaer

Set Direction

Dion Almaer is the founder of a brand new company named Set Direction where he has the pleasure of working with Ben Galbraith. The pair co-founded Ajaxian.com together and they are now focused on helping developers deliver fantastic experiences and working to set the direction of the software industry as a whole.

Dion has been a technologist and a developer writing Web applications since it took over from Gopher. He has been fortunate enough to speak around the world, has published many articles, a book, and of course covers life the universe and everything on his blog at almaer.com/blog.

He has been called a human aggregator, and you can see that in full force if you follow him on Twitter @dalmaer.

Photo of Ernest Delgado

Ernest Delgado

Google, Inc.

Ernest is an engineer at Google working with the communities around Google Chrome, Google Chrome Extensions and Google Chrome OS. He loves playing with HTML5 features and solving web performance related issues. Prior to Google, he was working as a Front End Engineer at Yahoo! trying to become a JavaScript guru. Ernest is originally from Barcelona and currently resides in San Francisco.

Photo of Ben Galbraith

Ben Galbraith


Ben Galbraith is the head of product and developer relations for Google’s Developer Product group. Prior to Google, Ben has alternated between entrepreneurial and executive roles across companies in many industries, such as Mozilla, Palm/HP, and Walmart. He lives in Palo Alto with his wife and eight children.

Photo of Joshua Marinacci

Joshua Marinacci


Josh Marinacci is a blogger and co-author of Swing Hacks and Building Mobile Apps with Java for O’Reilly Media. He is currently the technical marketing manager for PubNub. He previously was a researcher for Nokia, worked on WebOS at Palm, and JavaFX, Swing, NetBeans, and the Java Store at Sun Microsystems. Josh lives in Eugene, Oregon and is passionate about open source technology and great user experiences. Ask Josh about HTML Canvas, mobile apps, and visual design. Or 3D printing and wearable computing. Or just ask him to rant about Java.

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Picture of Dion Almaer
Dion Almaer
05/03/2010 3:55pm PDT

Hi Elaine,

You can view the slides at:


A bulk of them are also at:


Thanks for the interest!

Picture of Elaine Rudis-Jackson
Elaine Rudis-Jackson
05/03/2010 10:06am PDT

As I couldn’t attend all of this session I would love to see links to the sites/slides. Thanks!

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