Evolving the Social Web with OAuth 2.0

Luke Shepard (Facebook)
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OAuth has paved the way for seamless web experiences where users can flow data across sites without sharing their passwords. Now, social experiences are moving away from a single webpage across the whole web, and to mobile devices – and the protocols that support them are changing as well. In this session you’ll learn how OAuth is evolving and get an in depth look at how to get started quickly with OAuth 2.0. Code samples included.

  • Why OAuth
  • Differences from OAuth 1.0a
  • Who’s using it
  • How do I use it? (with code examples)
  • Still evolving, here’s where to keep up to date
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Luke Shepard


Luke Shepard is an engineer at Facebook, where he helped build Facebook Connect and continues to work on making it the most widely adopted identity system on the web. Luke loves building great products, especially if they are built on top of an open foundation. He serves as Facebook’s representative on the board of the OpenID Foundation, where he focuses primarily on user experience. More recently, he is an author on the OAuth 2.0 draft. Previously, he worked at Amazon.com, and has a degree in computer science from the University of Chicago.

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Paul McKeever
05/09/2010 9:17pm PDT

Thanks for a clearly presented session. I found it interesting, useful and straightforward.

I thought the material was explained clearly for those who were non-technical, setting out the context and thinking. There was also enough depth for those who wanted to get their hands dirty too.

Can’t wait to see Facebook using OAuth 2.0 :)

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