Laws of User Experience (UX): Making It, or Breaking It, with the “UX Factor"

Anthony Franco (EffectiveUI), Kelly Goto (gotomedia, LLC), Christopher Bevel (FedEx Services), Adam Burrell (Navy Federal Credit Union), Paul Levine (National Geographic), Drew Onufer (National Geographic)
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Whether you want to sell more software, improve customer relationships, increase employee efficiency, add brand value, or increase revenue, the “UX Factor” needs to play a large role in your company’s design and business strategy. This fast-paced workshop will help you cost-effectively and efficiently put UX theory into practice.

Armed with their personal experience, insider stats, and research techniques used to attain the “UX Factor” in their projects and organizations, Kelly and Anthony will define the criteria behind custom usable software and demonstrate real-world examples of socially enabled experiences that are good for business.

Anthony and Kelly’s points on UX will then be brought to life on stage through a panel of real-world examples, including: National Geographic, FedEx, and Navy Federal Credit Union. Each will share details on their UX strategy and how it has influenced their business.

You will leave this workshop with techniques for attaining the ‘UX Factor’ and proof of how UX impacts your company’s bottom line. Some of the takeaways include:

  • Fundamentals of building a UX-based culture, team and process
  • Techniques for incorporation of iteration into your design process
  • Utilizing the UX Factor to merge design, development and strategy
  • Learning real-world solutions for prototyping and rapid testing
  • Building contextual personas and segmenting by behavior not demographics
  • The business bottom line and why UX is important to your organization through the eyes of both practitioners and client
Photo of Anthony Franco

Anthony Franco


Anthony Franco is the president of EffectiveUI, the leading provider of rich Internet, desktop and mobile applications for Fortune 1000 companies. He has an extensive background in providing award-winning RIAs and user experience consulting to enterprise companies. An industry veteran with more than 10 years of experience, Anthony began developing RIAs for Warner Brothers in 1998. He has also authored several industry white papers and articles, including an Adobe Flex business guide published by O’Reilly Media. EffectiveUI’s client portfolio includes Ford Motor Company, GE, Adobe, United Airlines, NBC Universal and Discovery Networks.

Photo of Kelly Goto

Kelly Goto

gotomedia, LLC

As an evangelist for design ethnography, Kelly Goto is dedicated to understanding how real people integrate products and services into their daily lives.Goto is a sought-after international keynote lecturer and author on the topics of web and mobile strategies, usability, and design ethnography. Her book, Web Redesign 2.0: Workflow that Works has been translated into 14 languages and is an established standard for workflow methodologies and user-centered design principles worldwide.

Kelly is principal of gotomedia, LLC, a global leader in research-driven, people-friendly interface design for web, mobile and product solutions for clients including Seiko Epson Japan, Adobe, VeriSign, Nokia, WebEx and CNET. For the past 20 years, she has worked in the digital media industry launching brands and initiatives for Toyota, Paramount, Infiniti, Sony Pictures, Warner Bros. Online, and Wells Fargo Online. Kelly’s focus on cross cultural studies, mobile devices and interfaces have cumulated in the formation of a global research network with partnerships based on Finland, Spain, New Zealand and China.

Kelly is a former President of the AIGA Center for Brand and is a member of San Francisco’s Bay CHI Usability Organization. She is also the editor of, a highly regarded online publication focusing on mobile user experience. When not tethered to her laptop, Kelly enjoys spending time with husband Skip and new daughter Kirin, working virtually and living free.

Christopher Bevel

FedEx Services

Chris is part of a new user experience team formed to measurably improve digital user experiences in the FedEx software and e-commerce offerings. Our Digital User Experience team’s mission is to be a change agent for creating a UX-orientated culture among our stakeholders through repeatable processes and strong advocacy, while reducing cost of user interface research and design throughout the organization.

Chris is an HFI Certified Usability Analyst and has experience in user-centered design strategy, user research and usability testing methodologies, process/task analysis, market and analytics research, and competitive benchmarking.

Photo of Adam Burrell

Adam Burrell

Navy Federal Credit Union

Adam Burrell is the Sr. Innovations Technologist, Delivery Channels at Navy Federal Credit Union. With $39 billion in assets and 3.4 million members, Navy Federal is the world’s largest credit union with branch offices located worldwide. At Navy Federal, Adam has been one of the principal strategists behind the Credit Union’s recently launched mobile banking initiative. He is also the lead UX Architect on a team that is tasked with the redesign of the entire Navy Federal online experience. Before joining Navy Federal, he worked as a software engineer/architect in support of the US Navy designing and implementing collaborative solutions. Adam’s current role includes the design and socialization of numerous initiatives including social media and gen-Y channel strategy. As part of the channel strategy group, Adam is working with a team to capture a vision for the member experience 5 years from today.

Paul Levine

National Geographic

Paul Levine heads up National Geographic’s Global Media’s Interactive Platforms division, which includes the company’s mobile, games, maps and interactive publishing businesses. Paul is also responsible for Global Media’s corporate strategy and business development organization, which encompasses digital media, entertainment and film, kids, travel, mobile, music, maps, magazines, books and television. He also drives and manages M&A and strategic alliance activities. An industry veteran with 20 years of experience, Paul has extensive knowledge of traditional and new media and video and content distribution across all platforms. Paul is an expert on branding strategy and implementation and has successfully spearheaded numerous branding campaigns for organization such as National Geographic and AOL.

Drew Onufer

National Geographic

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Tim Woods
05/06/2010 7:01am PDT

Three hours! Are you kidding me. It was way too slow, and drawn out – I got bored. I feel these workshops are not well organized, they should be sorted, sharper, and more to the point.

Picture of Carlos I. Gutierrez
Carlos I. Gutierrez
05/01/2010 4:26am PDT

Looking forward for this session!

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