Building Event Based Systems for the Real-Time Web

Paul Dix (InfluxDB)
Focus on Real-time
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This technical talk will cover in detail the tools and design patterns for building a real-time event based system. Primarily this means using AMQP as a messaging back end to build services that interact based on updates in data. The list of topics the talk will cover are:

AMQP (exchanges, queues, routing keys)
Jim Brewer’s CAP Theorem
Eventual Consistency
Distributed Computing via AMQP
Data is your API
Building loosely coupled Systems

These tools and concepts enable construction of highly scalable and complex event drive systems. This is useful for building systems that have heavy data processing needs as well as applications that have high traffic or applications that drive events based on user interaction.

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Paul Dix


Paul Dix is the author of the upcoming book “Service Oriented Design with Ruby and Rails” to be published by Addison Wesley. In the past he has worked at Google, Microsoft, McAffee, Air Force Space Command, and various startups filling positions as a programmer, software tester, and network engineer. He has been a speaker at RubyConf and multiple regional Ruby conferences on the subjects of machine learning, collaborative filtering, service oriented design. He is the author of the open source Ruby libraries SAXMachine, Feedzirra, and Typhoues. Paul has a degree in computer science from Columbia University.

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Michael Raczynski
05/06/2010 6:48am PDT

Best session a tech-guy like me has attended at the conf!

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  • Ericsson
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  • Berlin Partner
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  • The Planet

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