Monetizing the Refresh – Advertising and the Realtime Web

Moderated by:
Brad Stone (New York Times)
Anamitra Banerji (Twitter), Tobias Peggs (OneRiot), Eric Picard (Microsoft), Brian Pokorny (DailyBooth), Christina Wodtke (Wodtke Consulting)
Focus on Real-time
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Serving contextual ads against traditional search results pages is a proven model. However, recent research indicates that users of realtime search engines search many more times per day, per query than they do on a traditional engine, constantly seeking the latest information related to their search query. This offers many more opportunities to serve ads to the same user – a scenario that the current system isn’t built for. New realtime monetization models are needed to fully maximize yields while serving the needs of both consumers and advertisers.

Panelists from Microsoft, MySpace, OneRiot, Twitter and an Angel Investor will come together to discuss various realtime web monetization strategies, outlining new systems created specifically to capitalize on the realtime web. What works, what doesn’t? How can content producers reach users of realtime web applications — those featuring search as well as other forms of realtime data (such as streams)? How can developers of those applications monetize in a manner that also adds direct value to their users? What methods are user-friendly while still yielding high Click Through Rates (CTRs) that are highly qualified and well targeted? Attendees will leave this panel with a better understanding of viable realtime web business models and how to maximize a world of new advertising opportunities.

Photo of Brad Stone

Brad Stone

New York Times

Brad Stone joined The New York Times in December 2006. He covers Internet trends and consumer technology from the newspaper’s San Francisco bureau. In addition, he contributes to the Times’ technology blog, Bits. From 1998 to November 2006, Mr. Stone served as the Silicon Valley Correspondent for Newsweek magazine, writing for the technology and business sections of the magazine and authoring an online column, Plain Text, on our evolving digital lifestyles. Originally from Cleveland, Mr. Stone graduated from Columbia University in 1993 and lives with his wife, Jennifer Granick, and their two daughters.

Photo of Anamitra Banerji

Anamitra Banerji


Anamitra Banerji is part of the product management team at Twitter with a focus on advertising products. Before joining Twitter in March 2009, Banerji was the Director of Product Marketing and Management at Yahoo! Inc. working on a variety of search and display ad offerings. He started his internet career at Overture working on search distribution strategy and planning. Banerji holds an MBA from Cornell University and a bachelor’s degree in engineering from the National Institute of Technology, Jamshedpur.

Photo of Tobias Peggs

Tobias Peggs


Tobias Peggs is the General Manager at OneRiot, the realtime search engine company. Prior to OneRiot, Peggs led strategic initiatives at Netdecisions where he directed cross-functional teams in the US, UK and India. He has spent 10+ years in both consumer web and enterprise software industries. Peggs holds a PhD in Search Algorithms from Cardiff University, UK and obtained a First Class Hons Bachelor’s degree in Civil Engineering from Loughborough University. He currently lives in the San Francisco Bay Area. Contact him via email at or on Twitter @"TobiasPeggs":

Photo of Eric Picard

Eric Picard


Eric Picard is the Advertising Technology Advisor to the Advertising Platform Engineering team at Microsoft, where he works on long term vision and coordinates between the business and technology teams. Eric has held several pivotal advertising technology roles at Microsoft where he covered several key areas, including working on the long term ad platform and product strategy – determining what the end-state of Microsoft’s ad platforms and other advertising offerings should look like. He also managed emerging media planning, and the advertising technology acquisition planning from 2005 through 2007. Formerly, Eric was founder and director of product management at Bluestreak, where he invented and oversaw advertising products. A frequent speaker across the online advertising industry, Eric has written a monthly column about advertising technology since 1999. Eric’s primary goal is to define the future of advertising technology at the ecosystem level: trying to set in motion the forces of evolution that will change advertising forever.

Photo of Brian Pokorny

Brian Pokorny


In March 2010 Brian Pokorny became the CEO of Dailybooth. Brian Pokorny was previously a general partner at SV Angel, where he focused on consumer-Internet investments within social media, mobile, and real-time data companies. Brian is an angel investor in Twitter, Square, Tweetdeck, Dailybooth, Bump, Blippy, Milo, Posterous, Chomp, Formspring, OMGPOP, and has advisory positions with Ooyala, Stitcher, and Rupture. Prior to SV Angel, he was a founding team member and partner at Baseline Ventures, a leading seed-stage investment firm, and earlier spent 3.5 years at Google in Sales and Content Partnerships. Before this, he had various roles within sales operations and finance at Juniper Networks, TIBCO Software, and Applied Materials. Brian graduated with a degree in Operations and Management Information Systems from Santa Clara University.

Photo of Christina Wodtke

Christina Wodtke

Wodtke Consulting

Christina Wodtke has led redesigns and initial product offerings for such companies as LinkedIn, Myspace, Zynga, Yahoo, Hot Studio, and eGreetings. Christina has founded two consulting startups, a product startup, and Boxes and Arrows, an online magazine of design. She also cofounded the Information Architecture Institute. Nowadays, she works with startups and entrepreneurs, sharing her strategies for success and inspiring them to pursue big goals and outlandish dreams. Christina is the author of “101 Theses on Design,” Information Architecture: Blueprints for the Web, and Radical Focus_, her new book about OKRs. Currently, Christina teaches at California College of the Arts and Stanford Continuing Education. She speaks everywhere from conferences to universities to boardrooms and opines across the Internet but most often on "_Eleganthack":

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