RIA Problems You Never Knew Existed

Kevin Hoyt (Adobe Systems, Inc.)
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Whether you are using web standards such as HTML5, Adobe Flash and Flex, or Microsoft Silverlight, when building an Rich Internet Application (RIA), you are ultimately talking about putting more business logic on the client. While you may make the first few steps of this transition successfully, what happens as you need to scale? Rendering a few tabs isn’t a problem, but what happens when you have hundreds of tabs? Moving a few hundred records may seem quick and snappy, but what happens when you need to deliver hundreds of thousands or millions? Everybody versions their code, but what about the underlying APIs, and how does that impact operational efficiency? Come join the discussion about the perils of success.

Kevin Hoyt

Adobe Systems, Inc.

Kevin Hoyt is a Platform Evangelist with Adobe Systems, Inc. Passionate about engaging user experiences, you’ll most often find him meeting with customers, speaking at conferences, presenting online seminars, or just enjoying the chance to share ideas and brainstorm with other developers. When not on the road, Kevin enjoys spending time with his family, photography and general aviation.

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Nelson Segura
05/10/2010 4:24pm PDT

There were some interesting ideas presented in this session. A lot of food for thought for those of us developing enterprise level apps that need to handle hundreds of thousands of records.

Picture of Drew Lawton
Drew Lawton
05/07/2010 5:01am PDT

This session was useful for me just from a perspective of coining terms. I knew how to solve some of these problems, but now I have a better way of explaining them and how to avoid them

Tim Woods
05/06/2010 6:39am PDT

The session was pretty boring, low on quality detail, and I nearly fell asleep. Not really sure what you would expect to have got from a session like this. The best piece was the difference between XML, JSON and Binary data sizes, but that’s not really anything new.

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