How to Rise above the Noise in the Sea of Content

Paul Yiu (Bing)
Focus on Community, Focus on Real-time
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Building solid customer relationships and brand awareness through social media channels is an essential marketing objective for just about any business — but it can be difficult to rise above the overwhelming amount of social data currently out there. This issue has been compounded by the recent emergence of real-time content streams, making it more important than ever to create compelling messages that will rise to the top of the information swell, allowing you to more effectively listen and engage with users and build a credible voice in the community.

Major search engine players such as Bing are consumer tools that combine web search techniques and social streams to surface relevant content and present the information to the masses in a more digestible and organized manner. How should your company be taking real-time and social search algorithms into account when crafting social media content? How can you make your company stand out from the crowd and ensure your messages are hitting the right people at the right time?

Paul Yiu, group program manager behind Bing’s real-time and social efforts, will take you deeper down the social media rabbit hole and arm you with actionable advice about how to maximize your content for the real-time spectrum within search.

During this session, you will learn:

  • How the search industry is integrating real-time content on Twitter and Facebook and what it means for your business’ social media presence
  • How search engines define quality and relevance when it comes to social content
  • The do’s and dont’s of delivering real-time content
  • How to build your social reputation as a content provider
  • How to leverage the rise of real-time trends to create content that hits the zeitgeist at the right moments
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Paul Yiu


Paul Yiu is the group program manager behind Bing’s real-time and social efforts.

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