The UX-Driven Startup: Crafting an Effective Experience Vision

Alexa Andrzejewski (Foodspotting)
Design & User Experience
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You have a great idea, a sophisticated technology and a product that meets an unmet need—but what will using your product or service feel like? What kind of experience do you want to create? While these questions may seem squishy, having a concrete answer can have tangible effects on your product and set it apart among competitors.

Whether you have an established product or an idea you can’t wait to get off the ground, this session will equip you to craft a concrete experience vision that can drive development and ensure that the experience surrounding your product is not accidental. User Experience is about more than usability and user interface elegance, it’s about having this kind of vision and making it real through purposeful design.

Drawing on her experience as a user experience designer for Adaptive Path and founding her own startup, Foodspotting, Alexa will introduce you to tactics developed to help transform their “adaptive learning platform” into a “motivating, social world of learning” and to get people excited about “spotting foods” long before a single screen was designed.

Through examples from real projects and step-by-step instructions, you will learn how to:

  • Craft a set of experience principles that can inform decision-making.
  • Create an “artifact from the future” that captures the imagination and articulates what your product will be like when it’s complete.
  • Map out the ecosystem in which your product exists.
  • Tap into metaphors and make believe to frame your thinking and inspire ideas.
  • Tell your product’s story clearly using fuzzy, low-fidelity sketches.
  • Assemble an experience poster that brings it all together.

You will leave this session equipped to create an experience vision for your startup and to put it to use to help you and your team make purposeful strategic and design decisions.

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Alexa Andrzejewski


Alexa Andrzejewski is the founder of Foodspotting, a visual local guide that makes finding and sharing food recommendations as easy as snapping a photo. Foodspotting, an angel-backed startup, has received attention from the Techcrunch, Mashable, The Wall Street Journal and CNN blogs and was named one of Time Magazine’s 50 Best Websites of 2010.

Before launching Foodspotting in January 2010, Alexa was a User Experience Designer for Adaptive Path, where she helped both startups and established companies create great experiences that improve people’s lives. From redesigning MySpace to conducting the research that underlies the Palm Pre, Alexa has helped clients reimagine products from the ground up.

Following in the footsteps of Adaptive Path colleagues who’ve started their own UX-driven ventures, Alexa looks forward to drawing upon her interest in how companies can achieve business goals and improve people’s lives by appealing to core motivations and needs.

Through speaking, writing and teaching, Alexa strives to advance experience-minded thinking and methods to all who will listen. Recent appearances include WebVisions, Big Omaha, SXSW, the Web 2.0 Expo in San Francisco and New York, UX Week and LIFT in South Korea.

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Picture of Alexa Andrzejewski
Alexa Andrzejewski
05/04/2010 12:16pm PDT

Thank you Michael, and everyone who joined! Here are the slides and “notecards” from today’s presentation:

Picture of Michael Boor
Michael Boor
05/04/2010 10:06am PDT

Thanks for a very well-rounded and insightful presentation, and for not having to read more powerpoint! Great drawings fit the presentation perfectly.

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