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This interactive workshop helps presenters to develop presentations that engage their audience and turn them into participants. Presentations are collaboration between the presenter and the audience and never has the collaboration been more important or the ability to develop and deliver clear, concise and compelling stories been so critical. In this workshop, you’ll be given a set of tools for developing presentations that guide you through the process. You will learn how to build visual aids in a way that help the audience’s ability to process information. You will learn how to frame and craft your story so that it captures minds and imaginations. Using the principles in her book slide:ology, Nancy Duarte combines lecture with interactive exercises that will transform the way presenters express themselves and create stories that resonate.

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Nancy Duarte

Duarte Design

As CEO of one of the largest woman-owned businesses in the Silicon Valley, Nancy has worked with the top brands and thought leaders in the world helping them develope their presentations. She has recently distilled over 20 years of experience into a visually rich book called slide:ology.

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Picture of moya watson
moya watson
04/20/2009 9:19am PDT

i’m writing a five - or six - part blog series on the web 2.0 expo 2009, and this workshop was so inspiring with the mix of self-discovery plus solid business tips that i had to dedicate an entire post to it—

Web 2.0 Expo 2009 – Part 1: Sense of self

thanks nancy, -m

Paul May
04/09/2009 8:06pm PDT

Good material, but ironically I thought her storytelling elements, and more emotional content, felt forced.

Paula Tesch
04/07/2009 8:59am PDT

Hello, everyone!

Thanks so much for your kind words about Nancy’s presentation. Just wanted to let you know that Nancy is not currently distributing her slides.

However, much of the content in the presentation is in her book, slide:ology, which you can purchased on Amazon. (

Thanks, again!

Picture of Janetti Chon
Janetti Chon
04/07/2009 2:49am PDT

Hi Nancy, I’ve got requests for your slidedeck and can’t ID it on our presentation page or Slideshare. Would you care to share it with folks?

Thanks, ~ Janetti Chon Community Manager, Web 2.0 Expo

Dug North
04/07/2009 12:15am PDT

This was my favorite session of the entire conference. Useful and inspiring.

Picture of Ashwin Lulla
Ashwin Lulla
04/05/2009 6:12am PDT

Does anyone have the slides for this presentation?

Anne Marie Levis
04/03/2009 12:33pm PDT

I thought this was the best session of my conference attendance. I learned lots of great things, I was touched emotionally and I was inspired to do better things in this world (including presentations). That says something!

Picture of Megan Murray
Megan Murray
04/03/2009 10:49am PDT

Really enjoyed this session. Now if to see if I can persuade a change back at the office….

Picture of Mark Scrimshire
Mark Scrimshire
04/03/2009 10:02am PDT

excellent. Thought provoking. Makes me realize how big a mountain there is to climb in changing culture away from projecting a Powerpoint Report on screen.

Brian Hawkins
04/03/2009 7:59am PDT

Wonderful presentation. Learned a lot and very enjoyable! Highly recommend this for anyone who ever speaks in public.

Philipp Smirnov
04/01/2009 2:27am PDT

Great workshop, thanks! Practical and useful even for the experienced presenter or slides designer.

Will be your slides available online?

Jennifer Nelson
03/31/2009 3:03pm PDT

I am going to change the world. Yes, it was a great presentation, and better than just a great presentation it motivated me to move even further into telling the Story, not just the facts. I work with K12 teachers, and this is what we should be bringing to students today. NOT teach 7 bullets on a line, 7 lines on a slide.

Thanks for the frame I need to bring it to others!

Picture of Miguel Cavalcanti
Miguel Cavalcanti
03/31/2009 2:20pm PDT

The workshop was great. Great content and delivery. I’ve learned a lot today, with actionable stuff. My next PPT will be much better. Tks Nancy!

Picture of Aaron Kim
Aaron Kim
03/31/2009 11:28am PDT

Great session indeed. The before and after slides were very powerful.

Picture of Ashwin Lulla
Ashwin Lulla
03/31/2009 9:41am PDT

This is one of the best and most useful session you will ever attend in a conference. Very interactive and essential for everyone out there in the big bad corporate world. Looking forward to attend another of her training workshops

Picture of Jon Gelberg
Jon Gelberg
03/31/2009 4:24am PDT

Great presentation! Feel like going back to the drawing board!

Picture of Stéphane Cohen
Stéphane Cohen
03/30/2009 2:15pm PDT

Too bad we cant attend several workshops at the same time…

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