Be a Mobile Design Hero: Transform Your Web Design Knowledge into Mobile Design Skills

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Led by Adaptive Path’s Kim Lenox this 3-hour hands-on workshop will give insight into how user experience professionals can engage with the exciting and rapidly evolving mobile landscape.

Who is this workshop for?

Until recently, the mobile internet was a crippled user experience due to product, interface and technical constraints. Recent innovations are causing an inflection point for the mobile internet, enabling new and exciting opportunities for mobile user experience. The opportunity for user experience professionals to deliver on the promise of the mobile internet is ours for the taking. But how do folks who are well versed in creating PC-based internet experiences begin to engage with mobile?

This hands-on workshop is designed to help web design professionals answer that question as well as:

  • Learn how your current web design background can be leveraged to create compelling mobile products.
  • Provide insight into how to identify mobile internet needs.
  • Learn mobile design basics like layout, input types (including gestures), optimizing content for a mobile context.
  • Identify key interaction design similarities and differences between PC/mobile experiences.
  • Provide frameworks and design principles for creating compelling mobile internet experiences.
  • Inspire you to hop on the mobile internet wave.
Photo of Kim Lenox

Kim Lenox

Consumer Electronics Industry

Driven by a thoughtful design sense and a deep passion for creating meaningful products, Kim has spent nearly two decades focused on user experience design, management and delivery of multi-platform products and services with worldwide reach and exposure. Kim has successfully shipped products ranging from application software, children’s handheld devices, interactive TV, DVD interfaces, interactive kiosks, websites and CD-ROMs.

Kim spent the past 2 years at Adaptive Path splitting time as a client-facing experience design lead and sharing her expertise through speaking and teaching about user-centric product design. She has spoken about and taught workshops on interaction design and design process in the US, Canada and Europe including such conferences as DUX07, MIX08, MEX, From Business to Buttons and Adaptive Path’s UX Intensive and MX conferences.

Prior to Adaptive Path, Kim was an interaction design lead for Samsung Electronics America, where she researched and designed interfaces for next-generation and near-term consumer electronics products such as software applications, mobile devices, kitchen appliances and home entertainment systems. Her past clients/employers include: Adaptive Path, AT&T, Excite@Home, LeapFrog, Macrovision, NewLine Cinema, Nokia, Organic, Palm, Samsung Electronics, Charles Schwab, Sprint, UPC/Chello and a variety of bubble start-ups of dot-com lore.

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Paul May
04/09/2009 8:09pm PDT

I really enjoyed the session. The content of the talk really distilled a lot of core principles of mobile UX design. I thought the exercise was good, but I agree that it was maybe too much to get your arms around – a simpler product or service, or set of tasks would maybe have done as much to illustrate the principles while allowing all groups to get the exercise finished. All in all though, very good session.

Picture of Laura Lacy
Laura Lacy
04/06/2009 3:37am PDT

This was a good session and I liked the idea of the exercise, but I don’t think that it worked all that well. Maybe using a more simplified product for it? There was just way too much to talk about and not enough time to do it.

Picture of Kim Lenox
Kim Lenox
04/02/2009 12:24pm PDT

Thanks Sandra for the feedback. I definitely struggled with trying to capture it all in such a short timeframe. I’d love to hear more about your expectations and where it fell short (and where it worked, if at all). email: kimlenox AT gmail DOT com

Thanks, Kim

Sandra Wolfe
04/02/2009 3:50am PDT

While Kim clearly knows her subject I felt the workshop was rather scattered and needs to and more targeted and developed. I didn’t leave with an understanding of how to practically make the leap from web design to mobile design as I had hoped.

Picture of Kim Lenox
Kim Lenox
04/01/2009 3:39am PDT

Here are the references and some great resources to check out. These are included in the slides as well.

References Tomi T. Ahonen, communities-dominate.blogs.... Matt Jones & Gary Marsden, (2006) Mobile Interaction Design DotOpen, Mobile 2.0 Ecosystem Barbara Ballard, (2007) Designing the Mobile User Experience Cameron Moll, (2005 & 2009) Mobile Web Design Rachel Hinman, Mirjana Spasojevic, Pekka Isomursu, PC Internet Deprivation Study Dan Saffer, (2008) Designing Gestural Interfaces

Resources – Look for Jenifer Tidwell’s talk on Mobile Design Patterns – mobile book list

Picture of Kim Lenox
Kim Lenox
03/31/2009 4:46pm PDT

Yes, workshop slides will be posted soon!

Matt Paul
03/31/2009 4:20pm PDT

Sorry I missed this workshop! Any chance the slides or materials are available online? Thnx!

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  • LithiumTechnologies
  • Nokia
  • nomee
  • Qtask
  • Rackspace Hosting
  • Remy
  • TamTamy
  • Vignette
  • Yola (fka SynthaSite)
  • Znak
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