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As the web becomes more social, companies of all sizes are choosing to do the same. Anyone at this conference will tell you: Participate in the conversation or die.

Enter the newest and hottest job description on the block: The Community Manager. But what does that role entail? Sure, the Community Manager can edit comments and moderate inappropriate forum posts but what else can she do?

She can change the entire culture of your company. She can advocate for your community. She can keep you one step ahead of your competitors. She can help you build a sustainable business… if you let her.

We’ll explore case studies from this new field and learn what it takes to be an effective Community Manager. We’ll discuss how to integrate a Community Manger into your org chart and how to gain the most from her expertise. We’ll create a list of best practices and most importantly, talk about how to apply them to every position within your company.

Hiring a Community Manager could be a great thing for your company. Imagine if you could turn all of your employees into Community Managers! We’ll work together to learn how employees in every department of your company can benefit from asking the question: What Would the Community Manager Do?

Micki Krimmel

Sugar Packet Inc.

Micki Krimmel is the founder of Sugar Packet, Inc. – a tiny company with a big mission – to fundamentally change our relationship with material items.

Micki is well known in the Web 2.0 space for her work in online community development and her popular website and video show at www.Mickipedia.com. As a web consultant and advisor, Micki helps technology startups and new media companies build sustainable communities for authentic conversation and engaged participation.

Previously, Micki worked as Director of Community for Revver.com. She also built and managed the interactive department at Participant Productions, a media company founded with the express mission to engage audiences in movements for social change. While at Participant, Micki created the company’s first online activist community and led the interactive media efforts for Al Gore’s An Inconvenient Truth as well as Participant’s other award-winning films.

Micki also spent several years as a columnist with Worldchanging.com, one of the web’s most popular resources for news and information about sustainability. She has been featured in countless online and print publications including SXSW World, .net Magazine and Wired Magazine. Additionally, Micki will appear in the November 2008 issue of Oprah Magazine as part of her participation in the Women Rule Women’s Leadership Program.

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Micki Krimmel
04/03/2009 11:23am PDT

Thanks for the feedback! I tried to upload the slides with my notes as well but I couldn’t get it to work on Slideshare. If I have some free time next week, I’ll give it another shot.

Picture of Megan Murray
Megan Murray
04/03/2009 10:51am PDT

Got a lot from this talk. Good specific info which is what a lot of us are looking for. Would love to hear about how this is done inside an organization as well.

Eric Chelini
04/01/2009 4:57am PDT

Nice Presentation!

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