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Web 2.0 Expo San Francisco 2008 Sponsored Sessions

Location: 2014 Level: Novice
Jeffrey L. Garon (Etelos, Inc. ), Rene Bonvanie (Serena ), Polly Sumner (Salesforce.com), Ray Solnik (OpSource, Inc.)
Entrepreneurs from leading Web App companies will discuss the challenges and opportunities that the Web as a platform brings. Come learn from their experience and vision, and get answers to questions you have about the Web as a platform, like "How is Opportunity Computing expanding the Web as a platform, and how can I take advantage of it to increase my probability of success?" Read more.
Location: 2016 Level: Novice
Jim Gargan (IBM), Gregg McKnight (IBM Modular Systems Development)
An introduction to the newest infrastructure innovation from IBM for the Web 2.0 build out environment. Solving the challenges of dense environments through optimized power and cooling technologies which reduce the cost to acquire and operate a massive scale out data center. Read more.
Location: 2018 Level: Novice
Rob Bagby (Microsoft)
Come learn how to take advantage of the next generation of Microsoft’s web-centric technologies to develop tomorrow’s applications today. In this demo-driven session, you will learn how the Entity Framework allows you to expose an application-centric view of your data. Read more.
Location: 2014 Level: Novice
Sanjay Uppah (Citrix Systems, Inc.)
Web 2.0 applications are business critical, often generating a major portion of the revenues for several companies. This talk will focus on web Application Delivery Controllers that can yield lightning fast response times, protect against application attacks, accommodate sudden traffic spikes and optimize the infrastructure to support Read more.
Location: 2016 Level: Novice
Dave Wolf (Cynergy)
You have the next great idea. Now it’s time to build it. Great ideas don’t sell themselves. How do you create passionate users? With rich, interactive, and sticky User Experiences that engage your users and keep them. Join us to see incredible User Experiences designed for both startups and market leaders and learn how incredible experiences have won markets. Read more.
Location: 2018 Level: Novice
Dave Carter (Awareness, Inc.)
What do you need to consider in order to bring “Web 2.0 technology” and more importantly “Web 2.0 thinking” into your Enterprise? This session with Dave Carter, CTO and Founder of Awareness, Inc., will explore how to learn from Web 2.0 homeruns such as FaceBook, Digg, and LinkedIn. Read more.
Location: 2014 Level: Novice
Scott Fegette (Adobe Systems Inc.)
It’s not enough to be a strong visual designer these days- web design has increasingly become a more technical discipline. In this session, we’ll explore the current standards and best practices for web design, along with a sneak peek at how the upcoming release of Adobe Dreamweaver will address some of these growing concerns facing today’s web professionals. Read more.
Location: 2016 Level: Novice
Lori Mac Vittie (F5 Networks)
Web 2.0 is all about community, sharing, and personalized experience—all of which have the potential to drive your applications to grow quickly to meet the demands of the users. In this session, we will examine some of the application delivery principles that you can use to build an architecture that can scale and grow as your application demands increase. Read more.
Location: 2018 Level: Novice
Clinton Dickey (Microsoft)
A discussion on the emerging importance of self-help components on the web, and how Microsoft's Automated Service Agents can provide a new paradigm in customer care and how people find the information they need. Read more.
Location: 2014 Level: Novice
Vince Casarez (Oracle)
To increase the power of enterprise mashups, IT and business users need to expand the scope and include the intellect captured by popular Web 2.0 technologies. This session uncovers how social enterprise mashups can enable valuable on-the-fly information exchanges and develop new ideas to create competitive advantage. Read more.
Location: 2016 Level: Novice
Gina Poole (IBM Software Group), Rod Smith (IBM Emerging Internet Technologies )
Web 2.0 is changing the way companies think, work, and run their businesses. From mashups to social networking, these new tools and principles can help improve employee effectiveness, solve business problems, and change the model for smart, social business interactions. Hear what IBM is doing internally, and how they’re helping organizations realize the value of Web 2.0 in the enterprise. Read more.
Location: 2018 Level: Novice
David Rivas (Nokia)
With the evolution to Web 2.0, mobile has advanced from limited access and mobile-specific technologies into a rich platform for interacting with web-based content and services. Bringing internet services to mobile adds value beyond what can be delivered in a desktop environment: access to services is no longer tied to any physical location, time, or particular device. Read more.
Location: 2014 Level: Novice
Marshall Kirkpatrick (Little Bird), Danny Kolke (Etelos, Inc. ), David Recordon (Facebook), Artur Bergman (Fastly), Joseph Smarr (Google)
The debate over identity, data and authentication is gaining ground in the social networking world. The more difficult discussion regarding enterprises and Web 2.0 has yet to start. Businesses realize that they must protect the data of their company, employees and customers. Read more.
Location: 2016 Level: Novice
Taewoo Danny Kim (Springnote)
What happens when you have faster-than-DSL ubiquitous wireless access to the Web and millions of device-savvy consumers? In this session, we'll take a look at Springnote, an online notebook application by Openmaru, and examine how web apps are transforming all our activities at schools, work, and in our daily lives. Read more.
Location: 2018 Level: Novice
Angus Logan (Microsoft // Windows Live)
Are you a web developer interested in attracting 400M+ engaged users with over 30 billion relationships? Need to access over four billion photos? Ever wanted to include instant messaging experiences in your site, or easily add video streaming? How about mapping? We’ve only started. Read more.
Location: 2014 Level: Novice
Ori Amiga (Microsoft)
Today we live in a world of the web and a world of devices… an era in which the web is at the center of our experiences – experiences delivered not just through the browser on the PC but also through a wide diversity of increasingly powerful devices. Read more.
Location: 2016 Level: Novice
Shankar Iyer (WebEx), Raghu Raghavan (Act-On Software, Inc.)
Learn about WebEx Connect, Cisco/WebEx's SaaS-platform for developing collaborative applications that are at the center of emerging distributed, global value chains. Learn from WebEx Connect developers how to build applications for WebEx Connect that showcase some of the unique features of the platform. Read more.
Location: 2018 Level: Novice
Rene Bonvanie (Serena ), Christopher Keene (VMware)
Not many concepts/ technologies have received the kind of hype that Web 2.0 has been subjected to. Observers have even gone ahead and called Web 2.0 the SOA of the Internet. Not only does this hype show no signs of abating but today companies from Intel to Wells Fargo are figuring out how they can create an enterprise that collaborates, innovates freely and “breathes.” Read more.
Location: 2014 Level: Novice
Kathy Mandelstein (IBM Software Group)
Communities, collaboration, awareness, simple and open access to data, multiclient support, massive scale, and continuous evolution... We expect these from the Web, why shouldn't we expect them from our software development tools? We should. Learn about the IBM Rational Jazz Platform, inspired by and built on the Web. Read more.
Location: 2014 Level: Novice
Danny Kolke (Etelos, Inc. )
We’ve all heard of Utility Computing, and are familiar with its limitations for developers. What developers need to get to revenue fast goes far beyond the current capabilities of utility computing. Opportunity Computing gives developers the tools, partnerships, API support and go-to-market capability that they need to be successful as a business. Read more.
Location: 2016 Level: Novice
Web 2.0 brought a lot of new social networks to the Internet and to company environments. The foundation of a social network is to encourage and motivate people to make quality contributions to the content offered. This would not only make proper justification to it, but also add value to it. Read more.
Location: 2018 Level: Novice
Lenn Pryor (Nokia)
Much has been written about Nokia transitioning from a handset company to become more of an Internet company. Lenn Pryor will put the ongoing transition into context, provide examples of the evolving range of Nokia solutions, and explain how people in the Web 2.0 sphere can benefit from this development. Read more.
Location: 2014 Level: Novice
Duane Nickull (Adobe Systems), Claude Courbois (The Nasdaq Stock Market, Inc. ), Carnet Williams (Sprout), William White (Yahoo!), Robert Blatt (AOL)
Come see, hear and talk about what some of the most innovative companies are doing with Adobe’s RIA technologies. The session will consist of demonstrations and discussion on how these new technologies will drive the web forward. Duane Nickull, Adobe Senior Evangelist, will host the event with the following companies participating: Read more.
Location: 2016 Level: Intermediate
Jason Vasquez (Walt Disney Internet Group)
This talk will showcase the Web 2.0 themes across several new products including the new Disney.com, Disney Fairies, and the new Family.com. Read more.
Location: 2018 Level: Novice
Lyle Fong (Lithium Technologies)
You want your Web 2.0 site to be Facebook for the Enterprise, but what if no one comes? Hear how leading companies have used lessons learned from online gaming to create critical mass and establish thriving customer communities. Read more.
Location: 2014 Level: Novice
Alex Bard (AOL - Goowy Media), Tariq Krim (NetVibes), Hooman Radfar (Clearspring Technologies, Inc.), Gary Benitt (AOL - Goowy Media), Rooly Eliezerov (Gigya Inc.), Ganesh Sivaraman (Nokia, Inc.)
Widgets are portable bits of code that are used for consumption of content and expression of your identity across the Web, desktop, and increasingly mobile. Widgets include games, stock tickers, slideshows, utilities, music players, and more. If 2007 was the year of the widget, 2008 is the year of the widget growing up. Read more.
Location: 2016 Level: Novice
Rik Temmink (Tele Atlas), Clayton Morlock (Tele Atlas), Maureen Backe (Tele Atlas)
Tele Atlas is a leading global supplier of digital map data and dynamic content to Internet, Wireless, and Navigation markets. Hear how Tele Atlas, its partners, and the large end-user community are working together to produce the next generation of digital map content. Read more.
Location: 2014 Level: Novice
Neal Sample (Yahoo!)
In this session Neal Sample will talk about Yahoo!’s approach to developing open platforms that enable developers to create websites and applications that can deliver more relevant, compelling and engaging experiences for users. Read more.
Location: 2016 Level: Novice
Ori Amiga (Microsoft)
Today we live in a world of the web and a world of devices… an era in which the web is at the center of our experiences – experiences delivered not just through the browser on the PC but also through a wide diversity of increasingly powerful devices. Read more.
Location: 2014 Level: Novice
George T. LeBrun (O'Reilly Insight Group), Joshua-Michéle Ross (OReilly InPractice)
Companies wanting to be successful on the social web will be listening to their customers in ways they never imagined and every operating group within an enterprise will see its business rules significantly change as we move deeper into the networked economy. Hear real-world experiences highlighting the successes and failures of traditional businesses that are trying to getting right. Read more.