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Schedule: Strategy and Business Models sessions

Want to find out how Web 2.0 gets down to business? The Strategy and Business Models track will explain how to create viable business models and successful product strategies for both internet startups and enterprise companies. Learn how to apply the latest techniques and technology for growing your business, and attracting and retaining customers online. See how companies are using Web 2.0 to discover new business opportunities, enter new markets, develop new products, and make real money.

Location: 2022 Level: Novice
Rob Hayes (First Round Capital), Jeff Clavier (Softtech VC), Ted Rheingold (Dogster / Catster), Thor Muller (Get Satisfaction)
If you're getting ready to start a Web 2.0 business, or you're looking for seed capital, this workshop is for you. Learn what early stage investors are looking for, how to assess and present your business for funding, and what to expect from the process. Topics include financing, marketing, revenue models, and managing all the other hats every startup entrepreneur needs to wear. Read more.
Location: 2010 Level: Novice
Dave McClure (500 Hats), Hiten Shah (CrazyEgg / KISSmetrics), Vanessa Fox (Nine By Blue)
This workshop will explain how to use a simple 5-step model for startup metrics to make better product & marketing decisions. The model focuses on measuring user activity at five basic levels of conversion: Acquisition, Activation, Retention, Referral, & Revenue. We'll also provide a basic intro SEO for Startups, and we'll do live "Startup Makeover" reviews at the end of the workshop. Read more.
Location: 2022 Level: Novice
Marc Levin (CNN), Stephanie Agresta (Weber Shandwick), Cam Balzer (Threadless), Lisa Picarille (Revenue Magazine), Sam Harrelson (Sam Harrelson Consulting), Jeremy Wright (b5media, Inc.)
Affiliate marketing is a proven way to monetize online content, and emerging publishers know it’s important to maximize relationships with merchants. Read more.
Location: 2022 Level: Intermediate
Charlene Li (Altimeter Group), Josh Bernoff (Forrester Research)
Lurching from one Web 2.0 technology to the next, with no plan or buy-in from senior executives? It's time to develop a social strategy that delivers business results. This session will lay out a framework that creates a social strategy based on meeting business objectives with real-world ROI. Read more.
Location: 2010 Level: Intermediate
Tony Hillerson (Tack Mobile), Alan Lewis (eBay), Randy Rieland (Discovery Channel), Ryan Stewart (Adobe Systems), Scott Green (Google Inc. )
As demand for innovative and custom software applications/solutions increases, so does the challenge for businesses to understand how an iterative development process should work, as well as how critical user testing and feedback is to the success and adoption of their product or service. Read more.
Location: 2010 Level: Novice
Gregarious Narain (LifeGrams), Jeremiah Owyang (Forrester Research), Brian Solis (Future Works and PR 2.0), Stowe Boyd (Microsyntax.org)
Over the past five years, blogging has gone from "fringe geeky media channel" to mainstream usage and acceptance. While blogging itself is now commonplace, other new forms of personal publishing and lightweight communication are emerging and exploding. Join us for a deep dive into personal publishing, microblogging, and micromedia. Read more.
Location: 2010 Level: Intermediate
James Beriker (Efficient Frontier)
Join a discussion on how consolidation in the ad space, including Google’s purchase of DoubleClick, Yahoo!’s purchase of Right Media, and Microsoft’s purchases of aQuantive, impacts businesses. Read more.
Location: 2010 Level: Novice
Paul Edmondson (YieldBuild), Ren Chin (YieldBuild)
This session describes how advertising revenue can be maximized on difficult to monetize sites, like social networks, through subtle change to text ad format: color, size, placement, etc. Read more.
Location: 2010 Level: Intermediate
Dan Olsen (The Lean Product Playbook)
Want to be a Product Management Jedi? Web 2.0 product managers need to master new skills to achieve success. Products with a viral nature cause the product and the marketing of the product to be closely coupled. Come learn best practices in Web 2.0 Product Management. Read more.
Location: Ballroom - 3rd Level Level: Novice
Michael Jung (Panorama Capital), Maha Ibrahim (Canaan Partners), David Hornik (August Capital), Zach Coelius (Triggit), Susan Coelius-Keplinger (Triggit), Daniel Arkind (JobScore), Bryan House (Neuralmagic), Eve Phillips (Chirp Interactive), Andy Stack (Oortle), David Li (TradeVibes)
A platform for notable companies and products to debut Read more.
Location: 2022 Level: Intermediate
Lane Becker (Get Satisfaction), Thor Muller (Get Satisfaction)
This presentation explores how innovative businesses are becoming more transparent with their audience and suggests an overall framework that both online and offline companies can use to start having a real conversation with their customers. Read more.
Location: 2022 Level: Novice
Clara Shih (salesforce.com)
Faceforce, which integrates Salesforce and Facebook, is the first social networking mash-up for the enterprise. This session will walk through the development of Faceforce and how social networking will fundamentally change how and what software businesses deploy. Read more.
Location: 2022 Level: Novice
Jeremy Liew (Lightspeed Venture Patners), Shervin Pishevar (Social Gaming Network), Siqi Chen (Serious Business), Mark Pincus (Zynga), Johan Christenson (Power Challenge)
Games are getting easier and cheaper to build as the drivers of Web 2.0 spill into the games industry. This presentation explores the key drivers of this disruption and identifies some promising paths to create large businesses out of the opportunity. Read more.
Location: 2022 Level: Novice
Liz Gannes (GigaOm / NewTeeVee), Loic Le Meur (LeWeb), Mark Goldenson (PlayCafe), John Ham (Ustream.TV)
When we give users the ability to create and distribute our own content, we don't just restrict ourselves to the one-way entertainment methods of yore. We participate, collaborate, communicate and mash up. This panel focus on interactivity and online video as they fold out over web communities, take advantage of live personal video, and incorporate favorite activities like games. Read more.
Location: 2022 Level: Intermediate
Paul Kedrosky (Venture Capitalist), Michiel de Boer (Zecco), Aaron Patzer (Mint.com), David Friedberg (The Climate Corporation), Chris Larsen (Prosper.com)
Social networking, user generated content, and collective intelligence are disrupting a traditionally conservative and closed industry. Leading Finance 2.0 start-ups, providing innovative services based on new, yet solid business models, creating unprecedented value to consumers regarding their spending, savings, and investments. Read more.
Location: 2022 Level: Expert
There is a new revolution in Latin America. The region is emerging as a bellwether player for internet trends. See how the Latinos are creating a new media environment and reshaping the society. Read more.