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Content Syndication with Case-Hardened Web Badges

Location: 2010 Level: Intermediate
Presentation: external link

Everybody loves a friendly little Web badge. During this session, Kent Brewster—technology evangelist at Yahoo!, and creator of case-hardened JavaScript—will walk you through the major challenges in creating secure interactive badges that can be included in your user’s pages with a single line of JavaScript. You’ll walk in with a laptop and a network connection, and walk out with a working badge that can be immediately syndicated on your server.

Some highlights:

  • Standards: we’ll use DOM manipulation only; no document.write. (Yes, these guys work on an iPhone.)
  • Speed: we’ll build it with a single HTTP call; no support libraries.
  • Security: we’ll anonymize it so it works without a single global variable.
  • Respect: we’ll leave global events, like onload or onmouseover, for the rest of the page.
  • Proxy-free: once the badge is running, we’ll communicate only between the client and the data server, for minimum bandwidth consumption.

If there’s time:

  • We’ll talk about when NOT to use this method: sometimes Flash is the way to go.
  • Right, this is all about broadcasting your own content. How would you go about hosting user-created badges on your own site?

Got questions before the session? Please see kentbrewster.com/case-hardened-javascript for answers!

Kent Brewster

Yahoo!, Inc

A seven-time Hugo and one-time Nebula Award loser, Kent Brewster is pretty sure that the Internet is his generation’s revenge for not being allowed to go to the Moon. When not building prototypes for Yahoo, he blogs at Brewster’s Field Guide to Web 2.666.