Unstuffing Taxonomy: Structuring Data for Great User Experiences

Amy Decicco (Gilt Groupe)
Design & UI
Location: New York East Level:
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Everyone has data, and more often that not, it’s messy. Whether it’s a
poorly organized file system, an intranet that no one uses, or an
unnavigable CMS, uncontrolled data makes finding things difficult and
unpleasant. In e-commerce, messy product categorization isn’t just
annoying, it impacts site usability, conversion, and the bottom line.
This talk will go over what taxonomy is, what it can solve and what it
can’t, things to consider when building a public-facing taxonomy and
the tools to support it, and how Gilt Groupe improved the user
experience through better product classification, meaningful faceted
navigation, and other forms of data management.

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Amy Decicco

Gilt Groupe

Amy is a Taxonomist at Gilt.com where she introduced the concept of user-facing taxonomies, and creates, manages, and maintains the taxonomies for Gilt.com, Gilt Taste, and Park & Bond.

Prior to the gig at Gilt, Amy was a taxonomist at Etsy.com and an archives and research librarian at National Public Radio in Washington DC. She has a Masters in Library & Information Science from Drexel University.

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Picture of Amy Decicco
Amy Decicco
11/28/2011 11:40am EST

Slides are here: www.slideshare.net/amydecic...

And a little context here: tech.gilt.com/post/10285583...

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Maria Lissette Ganoza
10/19/2011 12:50pm EDT

Hi, I just wanna to know if you have the slides or maybe a video of this expo, please. thanks Lissette

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