Myth of the Dying Mouse: Why There is No Such Thing as Convergence in Consumer Electronics

Moderated by:
Johnny Lee (Google)
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In recent years, we have witnessed an overwhelming interest in new interface technologies, from touch, motion sensing, gesture input and improvements in speech. Correspondingly, we’ve seen claims about the death of the traditional keyboard and mouse input, ushering a “new era” in computer interfaces. In this short talk, I hope to convince you why that is might be a foolish perspective to take and why our future is not one type of computing, but rather a constellation of increasingly diverse increasingly specialized computing devices.

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Johnny Lee


Johnny Lee has a PhD. in Human Computer Interaction from Carnegie Mellon University exploring a wide range of technologies to enhance the way we interact with computing devices. As a researcher in Microsoft’s Applied Sciences, he became a core contributor to the development of Xbox Kinect, a controller-free motion gaming device, which sold over 8 million units in the first 60 days. His videos demonstrating how to create low-cost interactive whiteboards and 3D displays using a Nintendo Wii remote have accumulated over 15 million views on YouTube, and his talk at TED also remains one of thier most viewed. In 2008, Lee received recognition by MIT’s TR35.

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Picture of Tantek Çelik
Tantek Çelik
10/12/2011 1:10pm EDT

The claim was made that there is no universal interface innovation/method coming up which will apply to the diversity of devices available now and expected soon.

I was surprised to hear this, because there is a simple counter-example, one that Google itself is actively developing/deploying on desktop on mobile:


Nothing was mentioned about speech – and the claims made in the talk appear to be falsifiable through that one example. What am I missing?

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