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Nate Bolt (Bolt|Peters)
Design & UI, Product Management
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It used to take days to set up a single day of product usability research. Between the manual labor of finding and qualifying users, organizing the process, and finally moderating and analyzing sessions, it was one of the most time-consuming and expensive tasks in interface development. With the creation of web-based tools for user research, there is now an abundance of ways to quickly observe and gather real-world behavioral data from users. Unfortunately, there is also an abundance of ways to collect garbage. We’ll cover a fast overview of the tools and methods that are worthwhile, the five basic categories all UX research tools fall into, and the right way to use these tools. Detailed info at http://remoteresear.ch

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Nate Bolt


Nate is the co-founder and president of Bolt | Peters, co-author of Remote Research, designer of Ethnio, and animator of dinosaurs explaining information architecture.

After creating and directing the User Experience department at Clear Ink in 1999, which included the construction of Natural Environment and Remote Observation laboratories, Nate began working with the team at B|P to conduct hundreds of UX research and design projects for Sony, Oracle, HP, Greenpeace, Electronic Arts, and others.

Nate speaks regularly in academic and commercial settings – SXSW, UX London, CHI, UX Week, U.C. Berkeley, and the Urbal Libraries Council where he gave a keynote on the future of library user experience. Working with faculty at the University of California, San Diego, he created a dee titled “Digital Technology and Society,” which focused on the social impact of technology. He also completed a year of communications studies at the Sorbonne in Paris, where he was jailed briefly for playing drums in public without a license. He’s an invited photographer at Phoot Camp, has photos featured in San Francisco Magazine, Pictory, and 7×7, and manages a healthy Instagram addiction.

  • Visa
  • IBM
  • HP
  • Microsoft Corporation
  • dynaTrace
  • EffectiveUI
  • Elastic Path
  • FireHost
  • IBT
  • Litle & CO
  • Plimus
  • Quest Software
  • Research In Motion
  • SoftLayer
  • Yottaa

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