Road Map for the Digital City: How @nycgov is Realizing its Digital Potential

Rachel Sterne (City of New York)
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Keynote by Rachel Sterne, Chief Digital Officer for the City of New York.

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Rachel Sterne

City of New York

Rachel Sterne is Chief Digital Officer for the City of New York, where
she focuses on improving the way that City government engages New
Yorkers through technology. Her first task in the role was the
development of a “Road Map for the Digital City,” a comprehensive plan
to realize New York City’s digital potential through enhanced Access,
Open Government, Engagement, and Industry. Prior to this role, Rachel
was Founder and CEO of GroundReport, a citizen journalism platform
that empowers reporters to publish original, intelligent reporting to
an international audience. She founded GroundReport in 2006 with the
mission to democratize the media and help the world share its stories.
Rachel is also an Adjunct Professor at Columbia Business School, and
previously worked as a digital strategy consultant and business
developer in the software industry. She attended New York public
schools and graduated magna cum laude from NYU.

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Picture of Bob Kosovsky
Bob Kosovsky
10/11/2011 3:01pm EDT

Have to admit I’m not a Bloomberg fan, but this was an exciting talk packed with fascinating information which normally goes under the surface until you need it. So much idealism (which has great resonance for me), really geared to helping the people of NYC. The thought that NYC just gave their maps away in anticipation of Hurricaine Irene was touching. Rachel should have a regular 15 minute spot on NY1. Brava!

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