CSS3: Ripe & Ready to Respond

Denise Jacobs (PapillonEffect Consulting)
Design & UI, Development
Location: New York East Level:
Tags: mobile, html5
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Maybe you’ve wanted to dive in to CSS3, but have held back because you just didn’t think it was ready. Don’t be fooled, CSS3 isn’t the future, it’s the present, and is ripe for the pickin’ and is ready to respond to display your sites in multiple devices right now. This workshop will touch upon the gamut of CSS3 properties from colors, web fonts, and visual effects, to transitions, animations and media queries. If you aren’t yet using CSS3, this workshop will give you the inspiration and resources to go forth and implement the new properties with confidence.

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Denise Jacobs

PapillonEffect Consulting

Denise R. Jacobs is a web industry veteran with over 14 years of experience, ranging from software localization project management, enterprise website implementation, and web design/development technical training. Currently, she is finally doing what she likes best: being an Author, Speaker, Web Designer, and Consultant. Denise wrote The CSS Detective Guide and is a contributing author to Interact with Web Standards: A holistic approach to Web Design. Denise is passionate about teaching novices about the web and giving people the knowledge, tools, resources to feel more empowered around their websites through consulting, writing books and articles, leading workshops and trainings, and presenting at conferences. Denise also develops curricula for the Web Standards Project Education Task Force (WaSP InterAct), and is a member of the Social Media Club South Florida organizing committee. Denise was nominated for .Net Magazine’s 2010 Best of the Web “Standards Champion” award.

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Picture of Karin Tracy
Karin Tracy
10/12/2011 11:49am EDT

I really enjoyed this session and learned a lot; however, I think the timeslot was off. The audience was pretty dead first thing in the AM and the talk was fairly technical. I filled 3 pages with notes, but I think others might have benefitted from a more energetic talk first before diving into class specifications!

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