Cloud 101: Basics of using and controlling cloud-based applications

Alex Kilpatrick (Tactical Information Systems), Mary Haskett (Tactical Informations Systems)
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Virtually everyone has heard of “the cloud” but there are many misconceptions about how cloud-based applications work, and how the cloud itself is managed. This talk will present the basics of the Amazon cloud, concentrating on the differences between cloud-based management and conventional server management. Topics include cloud storage, cloud instances and provisioning, cloud pricing, database instances, and cloud security. Additionally, the talk will cover the unique characteristics of a cloud-based application compared to conventional applications. At the end of the workshop, participants will understand the basics of cloud-based applications and management, with a strong foundation to begin the deployment of their own cloud-based applications.

Photo of Alex Kilpatrick

Alex Kilpatrick

Tactical Information Systems

Alex is the CTO afor Tactical Information Systems (TIS). TIS is building a cloud-based platform for biometric matching, to allow for the rapid development of a wide variety of consumer biometric applications. Our first product is WanderID, a web-based solution using face matching to identify people with cognitive disabilities who cannot identify themselves.

Alex was an Air Force officer for 12 years, primarily working in R&D. In the past 5 years, he developed numerous biometric applications deployed in the Middle East, and traveled extensively to Iraq, Afghanistan, and Jordan.

Photo of Mary Haskett

Mary Haskett

Tactical Informations Systems

Mary Haskett is a co-founder and CEO of Tactical Information Systems (TIS), a company developing a unique approach to biometric matching as an Internet cloud-based service, allowing the use of this technology in a wide variety of new consumer applications. She drives the business strategy and marketing direction, as well as manages the day-to-day operations of the business. Tactical Information Systems is her third venture.

In 1998, Ms. Haskett founded HCI Training, Inc., an Austin, Texas-based training development company she ran profitably until it was acquired by Ideal Innovations, Inc. in 2007. HCI Training was also bootstrapped and growth was funded through revenue.

After the acquisition by Ideal Innovations in 2007, Ms. Haskett was asked to stay on as the Vice President of Software and Training for I-3 to lead system integration teams responsible for providing comprehensive biometric solutions to both U.S. and foreign governments. She was responsible for managing the first satellite office of I-3, growing from 4 people to 20 people with a project budget of $15M. As part of this effort, she led a program to integrate Iraqi refugees into the company, as well as assist their assimilation into US culture. Her tenure with I-3 resulted in exposure to the cultures and related needs of a variety of clients, including customers and end-users in Iraq, Kurdistan and Afghanistan. She has deployed to Iraq and Afghanistan on a number of occasions, and was responsible for deploying the National Afghanistan biometric database system.

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