Discussing Design: The Art of Critique

Adam Connor (Mad*Pow), Aaron Irizarry (Nasdaq Product Design)
Design & UI
Location: New York East Level:
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In this presentation we’ll discuss the importance of critique and a language for discussing design. It can be easy to complain about the way things are and theorize on the way things should be. Progress comes from understanding why something is the way it is and then examining how it meets or does not meet it’s desired goals. This is critique. Critique is not about describing how bad something is, or proposing the ultimate solution. Critique is a dialogue, a conversation that takes place to better understand how we got to where we are, how close we are to getting where we want to go and what we have left to do to get there.

The contents of this presentation will focus on:

  • understanding critique
  • best practices for incorporating critiques into a design practice
  • identifying common challenges to critique and ways to improve our ability to deliver, collect and receive critique
Photo of Adam Connor

Adam Connor


Adam Connor has spent nearly a decade in the User Experience Design world.

As a Senior Experience Designer with Mad*Pow in Portsmouth, New Hampshire, Adam combines his interaction design experience with his background in Computer Science, Film and Visual Design to create effective, efficient, and easy-to-use applications, websites, and interactive media.

When not working, Adam is likely to be found spending time with his family, collecting toys, drawing in his sketchpad or playing with a pile of Lego.

Photo of Aaron Irizarry

Aaron Irizarry

Nasdaq Product Design

Aaron is a user experience/interaction designer for IGN Entertainment in Costa Mesa California, where it is always right around 70 degrees and sunny. 

Aaron has a background in visual design and has been handcrafting pixels since 1998. Overtime Aaron grew increasingly interested in the overall experiences that users were having with the sites and applications that he was working on. He now focuses on creating well-rounded experiences and trying to save the world one user at a time. He shares his thoughts and experiences along the way on his blog www.thisisaaronslife.com.

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