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Ted Drake (Yahoo!), Nate Ebrahimoon (Yahoo! )
Design & UI, Product Management
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In the good ol’ days we could document accessibility bugs by detailing the offending HTML, CSS, and JavaScript code. Copy and Paste were our best friends. But what do you do when dealing with an iPad application riddled with unlabeled buttons and empty web views?

The Yahoo! Accessibility Lab’s team has been using a variety of multi-media techniques to ensure our mobile applications are as accessible as our web sites. Find out how we are using Flip cameras, ScreenFlow, Skype, and other multimedia tools to test our applications, document the bad experiences, and follow through on the bugs.

This has been especially helpful with engineering teams distributed across the United States, Europe, India, and Asia. Our bug response time has dropped significantly and products are being launched with greater accessibility.

Ted Drake


Ted Drake, a member of the Yahoo! Accessibility Lab, has helped build various Yahoo! products over the past five years. He has also spoken about accessibility and engineering at conferences around the world.

Photo of Nate Ebrahimoon

Nate Ebrahimoon


Nate Ebrahimoon manages the Yahoo! Accessibility social streams. All three of these services were born into Nate’s arms, and in one year have become the premier source of content around the experience of living life with a disability.
Nate is focused on breaking the separation between the disabled and non disabled through the use of social media.

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Narayanan Ramakrishnan
10/10/2011 6:25am EDT

Hey Nate/Ted,

I can’t attend the session but I am interested in Assistive Technologies and Accessibility. Would love to catch up for coffee while you are in NYC and talk more. I am currently building Open Captions – – which gives the user the ability to select words in closed captions (of YouTube videos) and see the American Sign Language representation of the word. Let me know if its possible to have a 15-20 minute chat sometime.

-nadu @naduisms

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