When Actions Speak Louder than Tweets: Using Behavioral Data for Decision-making on the Web

Jaidev Shergill (Bundle.com), James McClamroch (Microsoft)
Location: Riverside Ballroom
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We are at a turning point on the web: Where we were once merely satisfied with people’s opinions or anecdotes about their favorite restaurant, band or financial product, we now realize that the web is overflowing with opinions— and many of them are very difficult to trust or apply to our own lives. Even if they’re our friends, which of our friends should we trust? And how do we know that one decision a person made might, in turn, be the right one for me? In this session, we’ll discuss how data can help bridge this gap between “opinions” and “actions,” and how the web can help build better recommendation tools that people trust. Jaidev Shergill, CEO of Bundle and James McClamroch, GM of business development and partnerships for MSN and Bing, will discuss how their own work with data is shedding new light on decision-making online.

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Jaidev Shergill


Jaidev is Founder and CEO of Bundle.com, a socially informed money management company backed my Citi, Microsoft and Morningstar. Bundle.com allows users to compare their spending and saving habits to other people like them (filtering age group, income range, household status and zip code) and manage their money by connecting to all their financial accounts. Further, Bundle.com allows people to share their insights, savings tips, and other comments on Facebook, Twitter and the Bundle.com site.
Prior to founding Bundle.com in 2009, Jaidev worked for Citigroup on the Growth Ventures and Innovation team. He was President and EVP of Citi Ventures, where he was responsible for equity investments and strategic venture partnerships with promising start-up companies that could deliver value to customers.

Jaidev started his career at First USA Bank, a Delaware-based credit card company, building cutting-edge risk management models.
Jaidev received his Bachelor of Science in Engineering at Northwestern University in Evanston, Illinois and his MBA at INSEAD in Fontainebleau, France.

James McClamroch


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