How Plato and Jerry Maguire Got the Importance of UGC Before We Did

Vince Broady (@thisMoment)
Location: Riverside Ballroom

Did you know that the concept behind social media and UGC campaigns actually has roots in Ancient Greece? Around 400 B.C., Plato introduced the process of “dialectic” (arriving at a conclusion via conversation) as an improvement on rhetoric (persuasive, one-way speech). In a similar vein, social media (the conversation) can be considered an improvement on traditional advertising (one-way message) in modern-day marketing.

A related concept emerged in 1996, when Jerry Maquire uttered the now-famous line: “You complete me.” Jerry was quite astute in characterizing the end result of authentic UGC campaigns: the brand experience is ultimately made complete when consumers participate in the message by sharing their own personal stories about the brand.

In this presentation, we’ll use Plato’s & Jerry’s concepts to look at how major brands such as Disney, Toyota, Buick and Kohl’s are leveraging cutting-edge social-media platforms and authentic UGC campaigns to engage consumers in powerful conversations that complete the brand experience.

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