Personal, Relevant, Connected: Designing Integrated Mobile Experiences for Apps and Web

Albert Shum (Microsoft), Paula Guntaur (Microsoft)
Design & User Experience
Location: Empire East
Tags: mobile
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How should UI designers bring to life their ideas for mobile experiences? Should we think in terms of standalone apps on a platform or also for web flexibility? How do you integrate the user’s experience to flow seamlessly between Apps and the Web? When developing Windows Phone 7, our team created a design language codenamed Metro which uses content, typography and motion to define it’s visual identity. The Metro principles can be used to develop integrated apps on devices as well as beautiful web experiences. For example, you can take pictures with your phone’s camera and immediately go see them on the web without losing context making the experience feel personal, relevant and always connected. The focus on the user’s content with our signature motion and type helps unify the experience regardless of how and on which platform it was built.

In this session, Albert Shum, Studio GM and Paula Guntaur, Lead Designer of Windows Phone 7 will run through our design thinking and process plus share our tools to take your apps to the next level of web integration.

Photo of Albert Shum

Albert Shum


Albert Shum directs the Mobile Design team at Microsoft, in Seattle and Redmond. The team consists of interaction, visual, motion, industrial and brand designers along with user researchers and design program managers working in a open studio. Our team collaborates with our engineering and business partners to create integrated mobile experiences for our consumers. Prior to Microsoft, Albert led the convergence of technology and sports incubation efforts at Nike developing resulting with the digital Nike+ experience.

Albert has a Master’s of Product Design from the Stanford University, a Bachelor of Science Mechanical Engineering from the University of Waterloo, and the General Management Program from Harvard Business School. In his spare time, Albert is training to try and finish this summer’s Stage 17 up the Tourmalet.

Photo of Paula Guntaur

Paula Guntaur


Paula Guntaur is a Mobile UX Design Lead at Microsoft, in Seattle. Before falling in love with the mobile device world, Paula was a designer for Microsoft Office 2007 and 2010 where she worked with the Office team on reinventing ui paradigms such as the ribbon in Office 2007 and the new file tab in Office 2010. She has a Master’s of Interaction Design from the Umea Institute of Design in Sweden, a Bachelor of Environment Design from the University of Quebec in Montreal, and an Industrial Design Degree from Dawson College in Montreal. She spends her spare time mentoring students from her former universities, kickboxing in Seattle and wine tasting all over the West Coast.

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Mark Goodger
09/30/2010 12:00pm EDT

Clearly a sponsored session – should have been noted as such.

Catherine Auriana
09/29/2010 6:27am EDT

Pure pitch for Windows 7 Phone. Disappointing.

Picture of Bob Kosovsky
Bob Kosovsky
09/29/2010 3:43am EDT

Sorry, but this was a deceptive description. To me the session felt purely as a shill for Windows 7 Phone. Even people in the audience were continually saying “I didn’t know this was a session sponsored by Microsoft.”

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