Scaling with Continuous Deployment

Brett Durrett (IMVU, Inc.)
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Continuous Deployment takes continuous integration one step further, where every commit goes live to production servers. When this process is described it is frequently met with skepticism around site reliability and the ability to scale a business this way, but at IMVU it works, it scales (with challenges) and it is embraced by the entire organization. Continuous Deployment offers a substantial advantage, providing the ability to quickly react to new business opportunities.

At IMVU the time from an engineer committing code to it being live on the production cluster is approximately 20 minutes. Every commit is pushed live with no interim staging or QA deployment. A common misperception is that this will only work at a small scale, but IMVU has a technical staff of 50 and has grown a business to a $40MM run rate with 10MM monthly uniques.

Success with this system requires both a sophisticated automated testing system and a fail-safe monitoring system that can detect a regression and revert it before it has material customer impact. IMVU adopted this continuous deployment system well after launch, requiring changes to processes, systems and culture. Examples are provided for all components of this system, how IMVU succeeded in the transition and the new challenges faced as the system scales with the organization.

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Brett Durrett

IMVU, Inc.

Brett G. Durrett is the VP of Engineering and Operations at IMVU, a leader in virtual goods with over 45 million registered users and a catalog with more than 3 million user-generated virtual items.

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