The Art and Science of Seductive Interactions

Stephen P. Anderson (PoetPainter)
Location: New York East
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A while back, LinkedIn experimented with a feature: a little meter above the users’ information, showing their profile’s “percentage completed.” Suddenly, more users filled out their profiles. The feature didn’t have a clever interface, a sophisticated information architecture, or show any technical prowess. It just leveraged basic human psychology.

As designers, we work hard to provide powerful features in our applications, but if users don’t take advantage, it’s all waste. We have to extend our designer’s toolkit, leveraging the latest thinking from behavioral economics, neuroscience, game mechanics, and rhetoric.

Stephen will guide you through specific examples of sites who’ve designed serendipity, arousal, rewards, and other seductive elements into their applications, especially during the post-signup period, when it’s so easy to lose people. He’ll demonstrate how to engage your users through a process of playful discovery, which is vital whether you make consumer applications or design for the corporate environment.

Using the Mental Notes card deck (more info here:, participants will start with a site that is perfectly “usable,” and take it to the next level by exploring how things like feedback loops curiosity and social proof could make a site more seductive.

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Stephen P. Anderson


Stephen P. Anderson is an internationally recognized speaker and consultant based out of Dallas, Texas. He recently published the Mental Notes card deck to help product teams apply psychology to interaction design. Between public speaking and project work, Stephen offers workshops to help businesses design fun, playful and effective online experiences. He’s currently writing a book about “seductive interactions” that will be published in 2011.

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Picture of Jean-Marc MARTIAL
10/05/2010 7:42am EDT

What to say but just fantastic presentation !! I’m completly in line with Stephen’s approach. Looking forward to meet him again. thanks for the mental notes cards – Just brilliant !

Doug Wojciechowski
09/27/2010 12:22pm EDT

Stephen provided us with an amazing presentation. I learned a ton and look forward to learning more from him in the future. Thanks for your mental notes sample pack as well as your great insight Stephen! Excited to put the mental notes to great use on current and future projects. I enjoyed the energy and music during our brain storming sessions as well as the beautifully designed slides.

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